Diamondhead USA 15" VRS T-556 KeyMod Handguard

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Manufactured by Diamondhead USA
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Accessory AttachmentKeyMod
FinishHardcoat Anodized
Gas System LengthExtended Rifle
Handguard Length15.00 in
ManufacturerDiamondhead USA
MaterialAluminum - 6061

Great rail so far! little hiccup during instillation with the shims but still 7/10.


Overall this is a great rail and i highly recommend it, especially when on sale! Installation was a tad tough with the shims but a tiny dab of glue held them in place while i slid it on. I did have some issue with it heating up way more than my previous hand guard, I was in the shade but it was also 108 degrees outside so that may have been a factor. I'd still buy it again though!

Great deal but leaves a little to be desired

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Well you can't beat the price on the 15 inch version but I will say that it seems these were blems at one time. The one I received has what look like vise marks along one side for about 3 inches and there are sanding, grinding, and CNC bit chatter marks all over it. The anodizing is great but you can see all these machining marks through it. It is definitely a lot lighter than my VRS T-556 and as such it flexes a lot more. If I pinch the front of the hand guard and the barrel compensator together, the hand guard flexes an easy 1/8th inch to bottom out against the bottom of the gas block. And the rear tabs to align the upper have a lot more side to side play than my VRS-T. The upper rail length is 15 in. and the bottom rail length is 16-1/2 in. Overall a keeper for use as 3-gun type hold and shoot, but I would not use it for bipod or bench resting on the hand guard.

I'm fully satisfied with mine.

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I paid full price for the non-keymod version, which was well crafted but chunky. I was thrilled to buy the keymod version from Primary Arms. I now have slots galore, it's lighter, and for the cost, I'd recommend buying one even if you don't have anything to put it on. The given length is for the top rail, not overall.


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They look and feel fantastic when the fit, but due to the extrusion method used to form them they come out lopsided about half the time, based on the two I bought. One fit perfect and looks great but the other one was deformed and would not line up. Contacted manufacturer for a replacement but they refused unless I return the defective one. Two months and twelve dollars later I have a new one ready to try again.


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I purchased a 15" version for a 223 Wylde build.

<br>I really like the way this handguard fits your hand.

<br>Assembly was a little tricky with the two shims, nothing too bad though.

<br>My rig does flex a little, but so do my AP guards.

<br>It does not flex enough to contact anything though as someone else posted.

<br>Over all I am completely happy with my purchase

Love it but.....

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Loved the feel of the handguard.<br>Good Price but the 15" cant hang rigid enough to rest your barrel on a bipod. my first one flexed and the barrel would tap the bipod hardware. <br>Not a true free float. I contacted diamondhead and they sent a replace ment. The same thing happened. The shorter versions may be fine but the 15.5" version cant stay rigid enough<br><br>Good luck

Trick Handguard!

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I bought this handguard a couple of weeks ago during a sale. For the insane price of $69.99. Wow! Just don't see that too often. It's my 2nd VRS T Handguard. Fit and finish is what you'd expect from Diamondhead. And Primary Arms had my order out the door within a day. Package was well done and all arrived safely. Thank you PA, a job well done!


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I bought this rail for a project gun I have been working on for sometime on the day before Thanksgiving, I received it the Monday after. I have had my eyes on this rail for sometime for the price I got it at I feel guilty!!! Great people at Primary Arms!