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Primary Arms 1-6X Scope with Patented ACSS 5.56 / 5.45 / .308 Reticle "Advanced Combined Sighting System" PAPS1-6X

Primary Arms 1-6X Scope with Patented ACSS 5.56 / 5.45 / .308 Reticle "Advanced Combined Sighting System" PAPS1-6X

Manufactured by PRIMARY ARMS

Primary Arms 1-6X Scope with ACSS 5.56 Reticle - PAPS1-6X - Primary Arms

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Description and Specifications

The Primary Arms 1-6x24 SFP scope features the patented ACSS reticle providing quick ranging, wind holds and moving target leads for .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, and 5.45x39, in an easy to use sighting system. The brightness knob to the left side of the tube illuminates the center reticle through 12 brightness settings. The second focal plane design gives you quick target acquisition at 1-5x power. The ACSS reticle provides quick ranging, wind holds and moving target leads in an easy to use sighting system at 6x power. This tough scope is waterproof, fog resistant, and covered by a 3 year warranty. Flip up caps are included, and a “cat tail” scope lever is available from 3 Gun Stuff (product code GS-460).
Primary Arms
Battery Type
1x CR2032
Eye Relief
4.5 - 4
Anodized - Matte Black
1x - 6x
6063 Aluminum
Ocular diameter
ACSS Standard 5.56 / 5.45 / .308
Capped Turrets
Click Value
1/2 MOA
Exit Pupil Diameter (mm)
10mm at 1X, 4mm at 6x
Field of View (@ 100 yards)
115.0 low - 19.2 high
Finger Adjustable Turrets
Tube Diameter
Zero Reset
Zero Stop
Mounting Length (in)
17.4 oz


Review Summary
(Based on 151 Reviews)

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0


Reticle great, scope only good.
Mike from MA wrote on September 21, 2016:

I own two other PA optics (4-14x44 mil dot, multi-reticle RDS w/ 5x magnifier) which have seen years of moderately rough use, and are good scopes for the money. Purchased the 1-6x a year ago, intended for an 18" heavy barreled AR intended to throw heavy 5.56 out past 500 yards. With a year of use at closer distances, I'm overall only partially happy with the scope for what I paid for it, but I find myself considering a step up, potentially to another brand rather than paying $1k for the Primary Arms 1-8x. The reticle works out as far as I've been able to shoot the rifle, and does so for 55gr, 62gr steel core, 62gr lead, and 69gr, keeping all handily on a 10" target. The scope is durable enough, though this one hasn't had an impromptu "drop test" like the other two have. I have two problems with the scope, though, which are pretty major. Eye placement is ABSOLUTELY CRITICALITY with it, and slight differences in eye placement will render the scope unusable. It makes it impossible without an adjustable stock (thanks, MASSachusetts) to share the rifle with anyone shorter than I am. The eye box is substantially smaller than some other, cheaper scopes. Clarity of the optic is not great. Past 350, several other comparably-priced scopes have been easier to see detail with, to the point where I found myself wishing for a good, clear 1x with a good, clear, fixed 5x magnifier. I might buy again, as I do have another rifle that needs a similar scope, but I have two other setups that need glass, and I will be leaning toward fixed 1x w/ magnifier and fixed high magnification (10x-ish) instead of this. The sweep of magnification range doesn't seem to me to justify the loss of clarity over other optione. Now, if we could just get Primary Arms to throw this reticle on some more scope options...

Optic comparison
JFGC from FL wrote on September 10, 2016:

I’ve been in the firearms industry for a very long time. Hope this review helps. Besides, when bullets start flying all this and that, goes out the door. I purchased the Millett 1-6x24 DMS, Primary Arms 1-6x24 ACSS reticle, and Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24 Throw Down PCL. Glass quality is a must for me, and it was a great day for comparisons in S. FL. due to clouds changing the ambient light. The Bushnell wins in the glass category by having true clear colors, while the others have a more yellow tone (very minor) when looking thru them. I tested them on power range 1x to 4x in order to keep them all the same plane. Second place glass is the Primary, and then the Millett. All there have great glass but Bushnell is the winner, but also note that at one power it has the most distortion on the outer edges of the glass. Also feels more like 1.5 not a true 1x like the other two. All three are mounted on ARs, and due a great job of CQB to medium to long range target acquisition. No red dots for me. Ocular adjustment, lighted reticles, and the ability to hit close and far with these scopes makes them far superior to a red dot. All three do an excellent job of giving you precision aiming at long range. #1 Reticle design goes to Primary arms, #2 Millett and 3rd Bushnell. Turret click adjustments and returning to zero are great on all three. It is a matter of taste if you like cap or exposed turrets. Millett’s locking turrets is a great answer to this dilemma. We’ve come a long way with quality, price and warranty when it comes to scopes. We the consumer are the winners since making a buck is harder these days, and these are affordable optics, so you can’t go wrong with any of these three. If I had to pick one…Primary Arms.

The ACSS Reticle is Awesome!!
Kenneth from FL wrote on August 31, 2016:

I've got the 1-6 ACSS on my Adams Arms SF308 and I love it! Easy to use, well built and extremely well thought out! I love the ACSS reticle, it has to be one of the best combat optic option available, why else would industry giants like Trijigcon adopt it? I'm sold. Easily ringing steel targets at varying ranges all day! I just saw that they now offer a 1-8 scope with the ACSS reticle, which I think I'm going to purchase also. I figure I'll stick the 1-6 on one of my ARs and then the 1-8 can sit on top of my new favorite 308. Oh and the Aero Precision ultra lite mounts are awesome too. Rock solid and feather-lite! Love them and for under $100 they're the best value on the market. Primary Arms service is great and their shipping is fast & affordable. Thanks guys, keep doing what you do.

Fantastic value!
Paul from NC wrote on August 13, 2016:

Outstanding design and quality for a budget-priced scope. My 4th PA scope, and staying happy. Put a lot of 5.56 with it still holding zero and runs of original battery. The only wish is for smaller red dot. Moving up to PA 1-8x without any hesitation. Get it and love it. Happy Shooting!

No need to spend more
Josh from NM wrote on July 31, 2016:

Clear glass, fast up close, useful reticle for distance. True 1x. Am able to shoot with both eyes open pretty easily. The illumination knob sometimes ghosts into my vision, so it would be nice if that were perhaps a little lower profile. After zeroing, I was able to regularly hit hog-sized targets at 750 yards. I'm not a super avid shooter, so the scope at exceeds my abilities, at least. Zoom adjustment is firm, which is good because it doesn't move around. I'd recommend a zoom lever for fast manipulation.

great scope
paul from OK wrote on July 21, 2016:

Ran a Run'n Gun with this scope and beat the crap out of it. Scope was completely submerged in water at one point during a deep creek crossing. I used the primary arms mount for my AR. Scope held zero just fine and was a breeze at both the 300 and 500 yard targets. No issues at all with the scope. The scope caps on the other hand are not worth their weight in water. In fact, during the race both of them came off so many times that I just let them somewhere on the trail. Reticle is great and easy to use. Mine works best with 62 gr bullets. I would buy another one if I get another AR

Great scope
Rev. Phil from KY wrote on July 09, 2016:

I'll get my one disappointment out of the way first. I have heard of all the great reviews on customer service, fast shipping and all. This was my first order from Primary Arms. I made my order Wednesday the 29th and my order wasn't even packaged until the Friday July 1st. With my two day shipping it turned into 6 long days with the 4th of July weekend. None the less, to the scope review. I wanted a budget good quality scope as a temporary stopgap until I get the funds to upgrade to a higher quality scope. That being said, I still wanted quality, and after I did my research that was the Primary Arms 1-6X ACSS. Man, am I glad that I picked this! First off the glass is clear. I was looking at the Leopold VX-R Patrol and I can't tell the difference. No really, it's that clear! No "fisheye", clear to the edges, reticle is clear, crisp and well defined. My reticle is daylight visible in bright sunlight at level 10, ay setting 11 still no " blooming ". After playing with it in the house and yard in different lighting conditions, even low light/night. I'm impressed with the performance. In ow light, with the reticle set at level 2, and the scope set at 1X, it makes for a good red dot sight. Oh, it's a true 1X, unlike the Leopold VX-R Patrol. All controls are tight, with good firm clicks and tactile feedback and audible clicks. Off to the range! I set up the bench and follow the instructions for sight in and it was easy peasy, afew rounds and I was zeroed. I did " the box" and it came right back to my zero. Sence I had mounted in in the American Defense Recon mount, I wanted to see it's repeatability. I shot 2 rounds, dismounted the scope and remounted it and fired 2 rounds and repeated that six times, I was in the 2 MOA that that ammo and Rifle was capable of, pencil barrel M193. I fired 100 rounds and both scope and mount held zero. As for upgrading the scope, now I don't know. I love the reticle! It was easy to range targets at unknown ranges, making good hits out to what was 375 yards. If I do upgrade it will most likely be the Trijicon ACOG TA31 with ACSS reticle, or the new premium 1-8X Primary Arms ACSS reticle scope! OK, OK....I do have acouple of other small grips. The lens covers aren't the best, but good and come free with the scope. At least I didn't have to go looking for something right off. The other? Boy is this a heavy scope! It's over a pound! No a deal breaker, after all I knew this and bought it anyway. The scope looks and seems well made, it's easy to use and I love the reticle! If I upgrade to the Trijicon ACOG TA31 ACSS reticle, this scope and mount will be moved to another Rifle. It's a keeper! Buy it! The quality is excellent! Way better than the price would indicate. I'm not lying when I say I can't tell a difference between the Clarity between the Leopold VX-R Patrol and the Primary Arms 1-6X ACSS! The Primary Arms is true 1X and it's a 6X at the top, whereas the Leopold VX-R Patrol is marked 1.25X but really is 1.5X and it's only 4X at the top.

Easy 5 Stars!! Highly Recommend for ANY shooter
Tristan from CA wrote on July 05, 2016:

I bought this as scope for my AR-15 (custom built), and I absolutely love it! I took it to a 100yard indoor range to zero, and after that the thing absolutely RIPS!! No idea why people are knocking it saying it can't shoot accurately after 300yds, I was knocking 10" steels at 420 yards with no problem. I placed 19th out of 84 shooters in a carbine match that is run and gun with steels stretching all the way to 420 yards. It's an epic scope, those who knock it are probably weak with their shooting fundamentals and should improve those before blaming the scope! Highly recommend checking it out! Bravo PA!!

Awesome scopeAlso Ranging MOA would be a added benifit with this reticle4hunting
Pat from FL wrote on June 29, 2016:

Bought two of these for my twin 11 year old girls that shoot almost every weekend. I moved them up to the AR15 plateform from the AR15/22 after years of only letting them shoot with iron sights. I was amazed at the clarity of the glass for the money and the ranging reticle is Awesome. After years of using a ACOG for my AR someone used the kiss methode on a ranging reticle. keep it simple stupid. It works. As far as the red dot my first daughter shot 8 in a row with a 4 moa group at 100 yards on 1 power first time shooting a AR15. My second daughter shot 6 in a row. This scope is amazing for the money a red dot and 6 power scope all in one with ranging. cant say enough about it only wish Primary arms will come out with a higher end model for the big boys with glass that wont fisheye on 1 power with MOA hash marks on the left for ranging fences and hogs things like that but still have the standard human range hash marks on the right. I have used one of them on my 300 blk out on hogs it Rocks. If primary arms does do MOA hash mark in 2 feet and 4 feet increments so 2 hash marks per 100 yards 2 increments for each 100 yards to 800 yards on the left side there would be no need for caculations on most things i range example like hogs 2 feet and 4 foot fence no need to caculate in MOA example 48 inches or 4 feet x 100 devided by MOA example a fence 48x100=4800 divided by 8 MOA = 600 yards when hunting takes to much time and i dont bring my spotter to call out when huntinng and dont want to carry a range finder. I find i can round off most things i range in 2 feet 4 feet and 6 feet and there ranging reticle on right is about 6 feet. average adult white tail deer 6 feet. It would defently cross over this scope for ranging when hunting aswell as a combat reticle adding 2 feet and 4 feet Hash marks for ranging as well. Just some ideas for Primary Arms. Thanks for the awesome products and way above and beyond customer service first class all the way!!!

Worth the wait!
Toney from FL wrote on June 10, 2016:

I've been waiting for the Gen 2 to become available and I'm glad I did. While waiting I purchased the Vortex Strike Eagle and was my 1st of 3 1-6x power scopes. The Primary Arms ACSS reticle is very easy to learn and just need to get some range time. I did read an article that the Primary arms and the Vortex are identical in every way but the reticle itself and i can confirm they are. It doesn't bother me because If one reticle suits you better than the other you at least have options and if your looking for a throw lever i suggest the Vortex SV-4 very nice and fits perfect.. I really like the overall build and reticle plus at the price lets me put more into a mount. I'm positive I'll be purchasing more P/A scopes and the ACSS reticle is one of the best out there and how can you beat the price.

My 1-6x
Brian from CA wrote on June 03, 2016:

I only do reviews on exceptional products. I have had my 1-6x for over a year. No, I don't do any real serious shooting. I use it for competition and it get banged around quite a bit. It stays true no matter what kind of abuse it has gotten.I don't need another but the thing is so good that I am tempted to by another...and the price is pretty darn good for the glass. The glass is pretty clear. I am a fan.

Retired Paramedic/Assistant Chief Nashville Fire EMS from TN wrote on May 27, 2016:

Got this Scope on a Colt CRX16 after sighted in ,put 3 shots @ 100yrds a quarter touch all three the tightest group I had ever shot 200yrds automatic 300yrds on target ,that's as far as Gallatin Gun Club has. Gary buy one the best deal ever.

Primary Arms 1-6X Scope with ACSS Reticle
Duane from OR wrote on April 01, 2016:

Purchased this scope back in mid-2015 but did not get it on my rifle until early 2016. I chose this over the Vortex because I loved the reticle and it was bit less expensive as well. Can’t beat it for the money and figured I would not have to worry about the warranty never used one on a scope yet. Then it happened I was out at the range and the guy next to me was flipping hot cases into my lap. I jumped up and my scope turret got bashed pretty hard on my stool as I made my way out of range of the hot cases. No problem when I went to shoot it it held zero but when I went to remove the turret cap it would not budge. So after arriving home I wrapped the turret cap in leather and applied the channel locks. It screwed right off as did the entire turret with it. So I managed to screw my first scope up. I sheepishly called customer service a week or two later and explained my ignorant act. I was then asked to take pictures and email them which I did. Next day I got an email and told to send it in. Got it back in less than two weeks all fixed no charge. So no worry about the warranty and it’s the best scope of its type for the money as well. Hard to beat that kind of customer service it is. ;^) Lucky me and thanks Primary Arms

Excellent Optic!
Zach from GA wrote on February 18, 2016:

I've had this optic for over a year now and love it. Since that time this optic has taken a beating. It's been out in freezing conditions as well as intense heat. It's been thrown down, smacked, bumped into things, heavily rained on, and through about 1,000 rounds of 5.56. This optic has kept zero the whole time. After everything I've done to this scope I would trust it with my life. The reticle design is brilliant. Up close I pick up the horseshoe quickly. Out at distance I range targets lightning quick. I used to use MOA for ranging and a good shot would take me a few seconds to set up after I figured out how many MOA tall a target was then referenced my DOPE for a 5'10" target. Now with the ACSS there's no need for me to carry or memorize equations or sheets because it's built into the optic. I absolutely love this scope and would recommended this to others (As I've already done many times over). If I was to deploy I would be running this optic on my rifle instead of an ACOG. Hate me if you want, it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. However, the optic isn't perfect and I won't pretend that it is. My biggest complaint is the weight. I run an AR with a lightweight barrel and with this optic and the primary arms mount my rifle feels a whole lot heavier. My second complaint is the BDC of the reticle. I run 75 gr rounds out of a 16 inch stainless steel barrel and the BDC is not correct for my rifle at all. Luckily I have a chronograph and everything else I need to get the DOPE for my rifle. With an app called Strelock Pro (which has this optic's reticle built in) I can see exactly what distance each tic mark of the scope really is for my gun. (I will concur that I had a very similar experience at 300 yards that another reviewer talked about. The ACSS at 300 yards was about 19 inches off for me as well) However that being said I believe that no BDC is perfect. If you want to make this optic work at distance then buy a $100 chronograph and stick to a specific load. My third an last complaint is that the 1x setting of the optic isn't exact. When running the optic at 1x with both eyes open either my aiming eye will see a slightly blurred target or my other eye will. However, I wouldn't expect a perfect 1x for this price range. Overall I have been very satisfied with this optic. I haven't played with the turrets enough to say if they actually adjust 1/2 MOA each click so I wont comment on it. I've been happy with this scope and since that time I've come to own 2 scopes and 3 red dots from Primary Arms. Primary Arms has always gotten my orders sent to me quickly and always wrote back to my emails within hours. I hope this review has helped you better make an informed decision.

Nathan from FL wrote on February 18, 2016:

Short and sweet, this scope is awesome. Glass is clear and the reticle is very nice. Dont let the price fool you, this scope is well built and could easily be mistaken for a far more expensive one.

Super Clear 1x6 & the ACSS Reticle Killa!!
Mike The HogANator from TX wrote on February 05, 2016:

1 negative, really heavy! Also wished they would make a hunting acss for the 1x6. Being able to range hogs, coyotes, etc. would be very nice. imo.. This is my 1st 30mm scope, so it looks huge on my custom AR. Super fast shipping (as always) Next Day delivery w/ 2 day priority shipping. I was really shocked at the quality of this optic. Crystal clear glass, positive knobs & a clean matt finish. Seems to be a true 1x far as I can tell. #10 & #11 settings are perfect on a clear sunny day. However, I just ran the reticle "Blacked out". Mounted mine w/ the Nikon P Series 30mm Cant. mount. No Bore sight on my custom flat top AR, 16" Wylde barrel & the scope was hitting dead center, 4" low at 25y. 4 clicks up & I was 2" low, dead center. (scope tracked very well) I used the top of acss post & punched out bullseye at 25y. Stepped out to 100y & with a few adjustments was grouping sub MOA w/ both 55grn 556 & 223. (dead center/bullseye) My vision isn't the best, easy focus adjustment corrected that. I'm not used to seeing a heat mirage threw my glass. Most optics this price range are not as clear. I'll be easily popping hogs & coyote on the run, close or at long distances w/ confidence. Special thanx to Jeff & Brett for immediately answering my questions. PA's customer service is top notch! Owned the PA Gen.1 Comp M3 Red Dot for 4yrs now w/ zero issues as well.. I'll only buy Optics from PA. Mike "The HogANator"

Excellent value, price and performance
Robert from FL wrote on February 05, 2016:

This currently is the scope on my SCAR 17 and after 2-3,000 rounds of precision shooting out to 600 yards I am confident that I can accurately put rounds on target. I am still a novice with holds and bullet drop, but once I warm up and reacquaint myself it becomes almost intuitive with the reticle design. The only criticisms I have are that I would prefer turrets like the Schmidt and Bender I previously used with the mils marked out so I could adjust the POA for different weights and bullet types without needing to re zero and I was not aware there was a coating on the rear objective until I used alcohol wipes to clean a smudge and it became worse. I would still say if you are looking for a budget optic spend a little more and get this over the cheap, non US made brands.

Great scope
Richard from ID wrote on February 04, 2016:

Despite the couple of negative reviews I found the scope to be awesome. The glass is very clear. The accuracy is good at all magnifications. Plus its a tough scope. I think it would be a great price at teice the price.

Solid scope and mount
Joseph from OH wrote on December 25, 2015:

Scope clarity in glass and reticle are amazing for this price range. Knobs and rings new are a bit stiff, but they seem to loosen up a tad with repeated use. Obviously not a low light use, but ample bright sight picture under overcast skies. Only ding I give it is the so called manual. Explains the reticle usage fairly well, but no the scope itself (reset zero, torque specs for mounting, etc.). The PA Deluxe Extended mounts appear solid, but will graduate to a QD version in the future. Scope holds zero well with the PA mounts.

Chad from MN wrote on December 06, 2015:

Couldn't believe it was at my door as soon as it was! And the scope was solid, as was the mount!

Great Gift !!!
Doug B from PA wrote on November 19, 2015:

I received this fantastic scope as a gift. This is a crystal clear simply amazing scope for my AR10. PA knocked this one out of the ball park. Easy to understand instructions. I highly recommend this scope.

Impossible To Beat At The Price Point.....
Jim from TX wrote on October 23, 2015:

The PA ACSS 1-6x24 is the hands down title holder for me at the price point. Reticle design & illumination are superb. Glass is excellent on the higher settings. 1X has a tad of chromatic aboration on the edges of the FOV. Nothing I can't deal with..... I've owned/own optics of all shape, size, price, rank & smell. I'll keep this limited to the 1-4/6x24 Under $500 Category. A few I have/have had for a reference comparison: Vortex Strike Eagle, Vortex Viper PST, Leatherwood CMR, Falcon Menace 1.5-5x32, SWFA SS 1-4x24 Classic, Leupold Mark AR 1.5-5X20, Bushnell AR223 1-4x24 FFP. Of those seven, the only two that get in the ball park are the Vortex Viper PST and the SWFA SS Classic. Is the Viper PST better? Yes. Is it twice as good at twice the price? No. The SWFA SS Classic better at $130 more? Slightly, but the reticle's not as quick or versatile. Customer Service has always been top notch on anything and everything I've purchased from Primary Arms.

For your avg joe the zombie sniper
Rod from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

achromatic glass so no good, tracking sucks, 2nd focal plane so when you change the power from 1-6 it's changes the zero, bdc is nothing close to the sdo by trijicon, Ian a marksmanship instructor and heard about this optic thought I would try it out, definitely not a scope for anything past 100yds, at 300yds it held within 19 inches. If you plan on making the most out of your rifle do t use this scope. But for price i would go with a fixed power instead that is around the same and have a higher quality scope. So in case there's a zombie apocalypse and you keep it under 100yds then it's for you but if you want to push your AR out to 600yds keep saving that money and buy a better optic. Moderator note: I don't filter out reviews but have to add a few comments. You are making comparisons to much higher priced scopes. Yes front focal plane has advantages but nothing anywhere close to this price range in a 1-6X is not 2nd focal plane, including the new Trijicon TR25 at $1,300. Fixed vs variable is a ongoing debate but it depends on the application. Look at the reviews by the 3Gun guys. A great fit for that application. We sell fixed if that is best for a particular application but variable power scopes are far more popular in the civilian market. If you are 19 inches off at 300 yards adjust the zero as described on page two of the manual. A military reticle is set for a specific platform and has only one zero point. The ability to fine tune for the specific weapon is one of the things that makes the ACSS so versatile. If you follow the zeroing instructions It is capable of hits out to 800 yard on silhouette sized steel. I guarantee it. Marshall Primary Arms.

Descent scope for the $$, reticle could be better
David Anthony from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

P.A. Got this to me with extreme speed. The scope is built well (esp. for the price) and the glass is clear. The reticle leaves my 45+ year old eyes something to be desired, unfortunately. The horseshoe is so large, it obscures the target. Something to consider on a SFP. The rear flip-cap also falls off while shooting.

Stacy Park from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Awesome scope for the price, the optic is very clear, quality materials, just quality in general. It never felt like a toy and I didn't have to worry about bumping the scope into anything during drills.

500 yards no problem
Dusty from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

I went out to my land, shooting junk, tula and monarch, 55 grain, steel .223 ammo. This scope allowed me to consistently hit a man size steel target at 500 yards, with ease, rapidly. I just did my holds and ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Primary Arms knows what they are doing. Great quality and great price.

Awesome AR optic
Leon Barnett from LA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Easy to install and sight in. Controls work well. Optics are very good with only slight loss of sharpness very near the edges. Optics seem to be a little better than my other scopes in same price range including some Nikon scopes. Only ding I'd give it is I wish the light gathering was better. Not that it was any worse than my comparable scopes but it lost ability to discern details about 5 minutes earlier than my Leupold although it is about 2 1/2 times the cost.

Aging eyes needed help
Raymond McKee from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I've only had one range trip so far and am learning the new reticle. I am pleased with the clarity of the glass and the ability to light the reticle. Next trips will be to test multiple targets at 1 power and ranging shots at 300 yards (limit of my range). This scope performs comparably with scopes costing 3 or more times in price.

Fast shipping, great value
JS from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

PA provides a quality scope, ideal for 3-gun, at a great price. I'm just getting back into shooting after years off and products like this make a big difference with aging eyes. I've only shot a few hundreds rounds with this scope so far, but it's holding zero and holding up well so far! Only complaint is even at the brightest setting, the illuminated reticle is only barely visible. Probably not an issue overall since in the bright sun, I don't need illumination but would have liked a tad more brightness anyway.

Sam Killingsworth from AL wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great scope for the money. The reticle is nice, and the glass is just as clear as a vortex. My only complaint is the illumination isn't visible in bright daylight.

Amazing Reticle
James of Montana from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I have looked at every kind of reticle system out there and could not find what I was wanting I stumbled across this scope and and spent a couple of weeks looking at every thing anyone had to say, No real bad reviews, I was sold, I have to have one and I have to say, I'm well please with my new scope. One thing though, I'm shocked that it goes for so cheap, Utterly grateful. Thanks.

All the reviews are right!
N/A from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is an incredible scope for an awesome price! If you are on a buget and want the best option out there, this scope is it. I was leary of the reticle being too "busy", but your eye is naturally drawn to the center open ring/dot design, and the ranging ability is spot on! Don't have $1000 for a 3-gun scope? This is for you.

Absolutely love this scope
SM from WI wrote on August 10, 2015:

Have not had chance to test beyond 100 yards, but excellent up to 100. Exceptional glass compared to much more expensive 1x6 scopes at a fraction of the price.

Amazing scope
Cory from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope is so awesome, at 1X you can use it as a red dot sight, and at 6X it is an amazing scope for long range use. Glass is clear and perfect.

Amazing Value
Brandon Harvey from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

I purchased this optic just in time for my first 3 gun Tac-Ops match. I wasn't confident in my ability to engage targets past 200 yards with my Aimpoint CompM2. This optic delivers in every way. I love the reticle and greatly appreciate the though that went into it's design. Using American Eagle 55gr. soft points I only had to move 4 clicks for a 100 yard zero and the BDC was right on from there. I did add a "3-gun stuff" magnification lever, also purchased from primary arms and it is very helpful to keep the weapon in firing position when you need to change mag. levels. There are only two slight issues I have with the optic: The illumination can wash out the image at higher levels and the adjustment knob is a little "mushy". My other minor gripe is that the included ocular scope cap could be a little more secure.

excellent 1-6x for the money
Bryce Lawmaster from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

glass is clear, very well built, illuminated reticle washes out a little on very bright days. couldn't be happier with my purchase and primary arms. best 1-6x scope on the market for the price.

Tim from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

Glass is clear, reticle is shockingly good. Compatability between 5.56 and .308 is really cool! Can't beat the price either! Primary Arms shipping was outstanding, as usual.

Clear as a Razor Vortex
Tim Hasselbach from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

I recently did a group order for some really top tier 3-Gun shooters here in Dallas for the PA 1-6X scopes. Every single shooter said they couldn't believe the clarity of the optics. One actually commented it was as clear as his $1400 Vortex Razor. For the money, these are excellent scopes.

Excellent scope
Bernard Collett from AL wrote on August 10, 2015:

One of the clearest scopes I have ever had! I've had much more expensive ones but I will order another one, exceptional quality!

Exellent Scope!
Jonathan Counts from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I'm very impressed with this scope. Great glass and love the ACSS reticle. I recommended this scope to a friend who was a bit concerned with the price being so low. He loves it and it saved him tons of money compared to other 1-6 scopes. Don't think twice about buying this scope. Thank you primary arms for a great product and service.

Excellent Value
Len W. from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

Bought this under my account with a different email, but I'm a definite owner. Finally got a chance to finish sighting today and obtained 1" spread from 2 shot groups at 100 yds using 69 and 75gr PPU Match ammo. I have a pic of the target but can't figure out a way to post it. At 200 yrs the spread was harder to gauge and couldn't retrieve target, but my guess is 2-3" spread, max. Rifle was a personal build using Spike's tactical barrel, AIM nitride bolt, and PSA trigger. Folks, when considering my age, use of bifocals, etc, I can assure you this is an excellent product at this price point.

Excellent scope for the price
Mark Widman from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Out of the box, I was very pleased with the quality of the glass. After mounting the scope, it was simple to zero in and has held zero very well so far (only had it on for a week or so). My first 3 gun practice run, I hit 2 6" steel targets at about 50 yds, and 2 at about 80 yds on the first shot each. Very happy!

Best bang for the buck
Frank from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

For what I paid this is a excellent scope. Zeroed in 6 rounds! Must buy if you are looking for a 1x4 or 1x6 scope. Would definitely consider a Primary arms product in the future.

BEST optic for the price
Taylor from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

While its not Zeiss quality glass, this optic is incredibly CLEAR. The turrets can be a little mushy... but with capped turrets and the BDC reticle, just set it and forget it! The tube has an excellent finish and seems surprisingly rugged for this price point. The illumination is not quite daylight bright, but definitely daylight visible at the higher settings. After taking this scope to the range several times, it is clear that this scope can be effectively and efficiently used out to 750 yds! This was the farthest target my range offered but I was able to see the impacts of the few misses I had (my fault, not the scope), and adjust very rapidly. The only suggestion I have is getting a cat-tail or zoom throw lever if you want to change magnification quickly. If you want a scope that can effectively engage targets anywhere from 25 yds, to out past 700, there is no other scope within the $450 price range that I would recommend with such confidence.

Awesome service and product.
SJgunguy24 from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

I mentioned that I was looking to pick up one of their 1-6 ACSS scopes on a forum. I was told to PM Dimitri with my email and contact info and I would be put on the list for those scopes. I know most places would say sign up on the website and that's IF they will engage customers on an online forum. I got the email and ordered right away. The devotion to customer service is what makes me return to Primary Arms every time.

Best scope ever
william gardner from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is the best scope I've ever mounted on a 7.62 battle rifle.

Cant say enough good things...
Glenn W Robinson from PA wrote on August 10, 2015:

I purchased this scope for my MicroTech XM17 (AUG) and I could not be happier. I have used it on targets from three yards out to 300 yards and I really just could not be any happier. If it were a little smaller of course that would be a plus but it is not overly large and you are getting 6x zoom. Just an excellent product.

Beyond any expectations!
SGT. Raven from NC wrote on August 10, 2015:

Holy shmoke!!! What a great scope! It's a STEAL at its listed price! Clear optics, sharp reticle, huge range of illumination. 1-6x zoom without annoying "fish eye" and true (at least, it looks like "true") 1x. Excellent fit and finish. I liked my last PA 1-4x, but this blows it out of the water; hands down. Melonite-like finish, smooth line, excellent zoom, great feel/feedback from illumination and W/E knobs. Congratulations, PA! You've got a winner (and I feel like a thief, but I'll get over it). Until next time...Happy Shooting!

Better than expected
Thomas Tanita from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

makes me want to build a better rifle to make use of this scope. The glass is very clear and the reticle is easy to pick up even without illumination.

Jeff from OK wrote on August 10, 2015:

Compared side by side with my SWFA 1-6 ($1000) and Burris 1.5-8 ($1,100). You cannot get close to this quality without spending at least twice the price. If it was priced at $500, it would be worth it.

Works for what I wanted
Michael from WY wrote on August 10, 2015:

Like the eye relief, and feel I got my money's worth. But would have liked the reticle to be a bit more clear.

Works great on a socom 16!
A.J from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Clear, bright, and easy to engage targets from 0-200 meters (the longest range I have access to.) has about 100 rounds through it, no problems so far.

What a scope...what a value
Pete from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Very clear glass, very positive clicks when adjusting really like reticle. Only shot to 300 yards so far but the bullet drop compensation works like a charm. The highest illumination (which BTW goes up to 11) is very visible on the brightest day. Highly recommend

Works as detailed
Mason McKechnie from AL wrote on August 10, 2015:

I bought the scope due to the price and reviews from other people. Happy I bought this. True 1x, optics seem crystal clear so far. Have only taken to the range once and works just as it should. Reticle is awesome and was the selling point for me. As always primary arms was on top of their stuff and shipped it out immediately with tracking and packaged well.

Wil James from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Awesome from fit and finish to positive clicks, and optical clarity to visibility of the illuminated reticle in the light. I will say that I was a major skeptic before biting the bullet and placing the order, but when it arrived I was blown away with just how well made this scope really is. As a career LEO and life long firearms enthusiast with more than my fair share of experience with high end optics. In my opinion the optical clarity and all around quality of this optic exceeds most if not all mid level optics on the market and rivals some of the higher end scopes out there today. And primary arms, you guys have a customer for life. Shipping was super fast as well. The value I and everyone who chooses to order any of these optics, is almost too good to be true. With that being said I hope you guys never raise your prices even though you easily could. Excellent job gentlemen, keep up the great work.

Clear Glass -!
N/A from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Works great @ cost for fraction of those "fancy brands"!

Worth the wait!!!!
Chris from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

I had missed out the last couple times the ACSS had come in stock. This time, I made sure I had my ducks in a row when the notices went out, and I'm glad I did. The reticle is perfect for my intended uses, the scope is a true 1x, and the glass is surprisingly clear. What may be better than the scope is the Primary Arms Customer service. Prior to, and after the sale, the customer service from Marshall and Mark has been awesome. The fist scope shipped out had a slight blemish. Marshall replied to my inquiry quickly, and had Mark follow up with me to get an exchange handled. The new/replacement scope was in the mail the same day. They even changed carriers to ensure I'd have it before the weekend, so I could get it zero'd in. Great scope, great customer service!

Worth the wait!!!
Tom from NY wrote on August 10, 2015:

First dealing with Primary Arms and their customer service (Nick) is fantastic! The Primary Arms 1-6X scope is the best bang for your hard earned buck. Haven't been able to go further than 300 yards but she is on point!

Very Happy
N/A from PA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Running this on a 16.5" DD. It does everything as it says. I had some range time last weekend and I'm really impressed. Super clear, ranging works great, everything is spot on. very happy. I definitely recommend.

Very nice AR scope
Robert Lambert from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope is by far one of the best AR scopes I've tried, very bright and clear even at low light conditions with almost perfect one to one vision on 1x, great both eyes open target acquisition. The illumination is adjustable from night vision compatibility to daytime use. Best bang for the buck I've seen.

Good product, great service.
Edward Casacia from FL wrote on August 10, 2015:

PA customer service is among the best in the business. The scope was a very good value given the price and with PA backing it up, it is a Win-Win.

The best purchase I've made for my mp-15
Kevin D. from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I'm new to the AR rifle addiction and didn't want to spend a fortune on something that isn't of good value and quality. The PAPS1-6X scope is both, at the 1X setting it works very well as a red dot sight and at the 6X setting I'm able to keep most of holes in the black of a 100 yard small bore target considering my lack of shooting skills. I will give this scope 5 stars. Kevin D.

Very Nice!! Well Done PA
Dennis Herrick from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great Battle Optic. 1/2 groups @ 100 yards. Clear Glass, Sharp Reticle, Smooth Zoom Ring Action. Buy one!! I Hope to test at longer ranges over the summer will update this review when I do. I will say it again Buy this Optic!!

Well Worth The Wait!!
John from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I waited for months for this scope to come in. I'm familiar with the ACSS reticle as I have the 4x prismatic scope on another AR. This thing is dead on. My range only goes out to 300 yards. I can hit an 8" circle target all day long at that distance. At 100 yard in knocking out the bullseye! Put it on 1x with brightness at 11 and it was like shooting a red dot. The scope is clear and holds zero. I want another one!!

very nice scope
Tom from OH wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope is awesome. The people at Primary Arms really know what they're doing. You can't get a 1-6x scope of this quality unless you pay $600-$2000. Keep up the great work Primary Arms, this is my one stop shop. I can't even remember the last time i ordered from anybody else.

Very nice!!
Bryan Carroll from MO wrote on August 10, 2015:

I was leery about buying this at first. I put it on my new Scar and am very impressed with the quality of the glass. I was going to buy a Trijicon for it but didn't really have another $1000+ for an optic and another $200-$300 for a mount. I went with the PA for cost alone and have been very happy with it. I really like the reticle. Would definitely recommend this scope to anyone. The reticle allows for CQB rapid red dot type shooting or zoom for distance shooting. A great product

1-6X Primary Arms Scope
N/A from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

What a find. I was not aware of this site, I'm sold now after recieving this scope. Great scope for the price very, very good glass, excellent reticle, and true or very close to true 6X magnification. Thanks Primary Arms.

1x6 ACSS
Jason from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope far exceeded my expectations! It tracks well has decent glass and is TRUE 1x!!! The ACSS reticle also was right on the money with 55fmj 223 on an 18 inch barrel out to 700 yards. The only complaint I have is I was limited to only getting one of these but at least I have this one. I would recommend picking this up if your lucky enough to find it in stock! Thank P A

1-6x acss scope
Brian from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

As always, from primary arms you get a great product and a fantastic price. Love this scope. At 1x it's a CQB red dot. Fast and clear. At 6x your ar becomes a DMR. I measured out to 600 yrds. Put up a steel silhouette and a 5'10" pvc pipe next to it. Range finder is right on. Put the 600 yrd cross on target and pounder that steel. Bunch of guys from the range are gonna get this because they tried mine. It truly is the best of both worlds.

1-6x on .308 socom 2
JC from NC wrote on August 10, 2015:

Love this scope perfect for my socom2 m1a and what I wanted to use it for but the only one with options i wanted for under 1200. I only found videos of it on 556 ars, so heres a video with it on a .308

3 Gun
Wayne Kent from AK wrote on August 10, 2015:

I got this scope for my 3 gun rifle. Now I can see out past 100 yards :) Zeroed easily, love the 6x power, glass is clear, reticle is outstanding. Illumination is good.

3-Gun Awesome
Thespaceghost from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Attending big 3-Gun events, I have been handicapped running a red dot on the 200-300 yd portions compared to shooters with Tac Scopes. Shot one season with a Tac Scope whose red washed out in bright sunlight and went back to the red dot. Searched all options for a new Tac Scope with good features, good clarity and $$$ value. The ACSS reticle was very intriguing to me. Finally made the plunge and it is awesome reticle and glass for the price. Think of an EoTech style dot with circle, add in bullet drop and wind compensators...and then crank it all up as high as 6X power if you want! Excellent value. Shot it first time and enjoyed it immensely. True 1X with both eyes open and up to 6X with traditional one eye shut scope alignment.

1x6 scope
butch clifford from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

took only 5 rounds to zero. at 25 yds. going back out in a day or two. soon as the weather setttles. I can tell its going to be good to work with.

1X6 w/ACSS 5.56
John from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

Excellent scope and easy to use. Very clear and easy to see all info. Quick delivery. First time hits out to 300 after sighting in.

1-6 scope
Gerard Medina from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Scope seems to hold zero and do everything it is advetised to do.Experience with custumer service at primary arms has been the best in the industry.Had a problem with the 7.62x39 version and they promptly refunded me.This version seems much more robust.

1-6 scope
jim rore from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Scope seems to hold zero and do everything it is advetised to do.Experience with custumer service at primary arms has been the best in the industry.Had a problem with the 7.62x39 version and they promptly refunded me.This version seems much more robust.

Robert Richards from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Excellent, can't find anything equal for the money.

1-6 acss
Jeff Trimble from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great scope! Very clear and accurate. Controls are solid. Still getting used to reticle, but it seems to be very close on the extended yardage markers. Have made some 350 yd uphill shots using the 400 yd cross hair. Thought it might be a heavy scope, but it balances well on my AR using the extended scope mount. Easy to get used to. Thanks for the great product !!

1-6X ACSS 5.56 Scope
Dwayne Cannon from NC wrote on August 10, 2015:

Zeroed the scope today in short order. The optic feels to be of high quality and packaging was nice. U shot with this out to the 200 can't wait to stretch it out.

1-6x ACSS Scope
RANDALL THOMAS from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Very satisfied with the scope and mount. The only problem would be not enough information on the use of the sighting system.

1-6 scope for 556
Gary Strunk from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great Scope Great service very helpful when I called about a product for my AK ,Glad I found your Web site

Allen B from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Fantastic Scope! The scope arrived in 3 days and was everything that Primary Arms said it was! I have about 200 rounds through it so far and love it!

Feels like a really quality piece
Nick from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I mouned the scope to the rails and it really feels like a substantial scope. The reticle lights up very clearly and the sighting system is easy to understand. I'm looking forward to zeroing it in.

PA 1-6x ACSS 5.56
Clays1952 from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Purchased the scope and AD Recon QD "package". Fast shipping, excellent quality, easily mounted and sighting in was fun and quick. This was my first order from PA and it will not be my last.

kenny rickman ret. SSG from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

bought it because of the price. can't say how much I would have been able to use this over my acog in Iraq and Afghanistan! combines red dot style shooting with 6x bdc/wind/ runners leads all in 1 very clear optic. I have shown many friends that have signed up for email when back in stock. none can believe the price to amount of optic you get. hands down best bang for your buck! have only shot 250-300 rds, but put it through cqb drills, and shot steel unknown dist. and movers, was clearly heads above those I was shooting with at same scenarios.

Richard Powell from WI wrote on August 10, 2015:

Very pleased, exceptional quality at a reasonable price and rapid shipment.

PA 1-6 Scope
Tom Kelly from AZ wrote on August 10, 2015:

Haven't had time to get this to the range yet, but like the reticle, the scope seems well made, but won't get to try it out for another month, but have faith in PA products, am sure this will be new coyote/SHTF scope.

mark schildknecht from WA wrote on August 10, 2015:

PAPS1-6X over a Burris PEPR over a dpms m4 556 hb. weapon is still new unfired. scope tracks nicely, redical lights up shipping with tracking number, excellent communication. Origin of maker comes off easily with dremel. Price,warranty, quality, American based company offsets country of origin. Next project wby .300 mag, she will have a new Pa4-14x ffp.

Scott from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

$1000.00+ worth of optics for less than $300.00 I see why they sell out so fast!!!

PA 1x6 scope
Don Bristow from FL wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great scope! Bought the ADM scout extended mount with it and fits my BCM upper nice! Would highly recommend this scope to anyone looking for 1x6. You would be hard pressed to find a 1x6 anywhere near this price range.

PAPS 1~6X Scope
GS Mullins from NV wrote on August 10, 2015:

I'm impressed. Solid build quality, clear glass, reticle is sharp and easy to use, adjusters are tool-less and responsive, ranging appears to be pretty accurate out to 300 yards on a 16" carbine with M193. Illumination isn't 'daylight-bright', but neither is anything else I've seen. As long as the durability is there over the long run, this is as good as it gets in a budget scope.

Very Cool
Bill from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

If you want to brag about tight groups don't buy this. If you want a scope that will very quickly go from 10 yard snap shots to 800 yard center mass shots then you have to shoot this scope. I have only taken it to 500 yards but it was dropping rounds in the 8,9 rings on B-27 silhouettes. This was only my second session with the scope, the first was zeroing at 100 yards. At 100 yards I had a clover leaf and two under that an inch away. ALL my shooting with this scope has NOT been with a bipod or bags, I simply been throwing it on top of my CamelBak The turrets click nice, the illumination is bright and can be picked up in bright day but honestly I think the black reticle is far nicer than the illuminated. I hung the silhouette at 5'11" to test the ranging scale and it is spot on , double checked with a laser range finder and it is money. This scope is clearly designed for the fighting rifle , and it has been done masterfully....bench shooters need not apply.

looks and feels great.
James A. from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

First ill start off with the only negative, the scope covers but they are free so not much of a negative. Glass looks nice and clear. The reticles looks great and even in bright daylight it is illuminated. Haven't shot it yet though so I will update if I can after.

Love this Reticle
GWP from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I was notified by email when this scope became available in October, after missing out on the first run when they sold out quickly, they are selling like hot cakes.

Money Well Spent
Frizzmmm from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Simply put, the money I spent for this scope is worth every penny. I mounted it to my Tavor with their $20 mount, and took it to the range. Set up on a 50 yard zero, and shot after shot touching or same hole. Moved to 100 yards, 75 grain Hornady bthp, 1/2 MOA results 1.25 inches above bullseye. I am every bit confident that this scope with reach out at 400+ yards with I take it for some coyote hunting this fall. I have a few small remarks: First is that at 1 power there is noticeable but not impairing lensing effect at the edges. Second is the clicks on the turret adjustments are soft and mushy. Third is that the range hud doesn't illuminate with the rest of the etchings (not entirely sure it is needed but it took me off guard) The one thing I would suggest or change is to reduce the force required to rotate the power adjustment ring.

Just incredible
Brian Golden from AR wrote on August 10, 2015:

Glass is just crystal clear! First and foremost. Seems like to get this quality of glass you have to spend $700, but here it is under $300. The reticle is just awesome and there are even more ways to get distance on targets than just the obvious. This is truly a genius conceived reticle and I am just thoroughly impressed with the construction and performance. VERY PLEASED! Wish I could have gotten another one for my AR-10!

Nice Scope
N/A from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Received scope very quickly, it was packaged very well, Scope seems very solidly built and glass has decent edge to edge clarity for price range it's in, I would compare it to a Leatherwood CMR , dot and range illumination is good, I bought this with the American Defense AD- Recon mount to put on a 20" .308 AR I'm putting together, if works as advertised this should be a good set up, everything is pointing in a positive direction, I will report back after barrel break in and range time with scope and rifle.

outstanding value and company!
N/A from GA wrote on August 10, 2015:

I was looking for something that would be good for close/medium range shooting from my first .308 AR build. I didn't mind giving up a little bit of the .308's long range capability but I wanted to have some combat range, so this seemed like a good "compromise" scope at a good price. I'm amazed. It is so much more useful and effective at long range than I thought it would be. Easy ranging using the reticle and it seems to be holding very well; just make sure you tighten and loctite the rail clamping screws (I think people expect scopes to hold zero even though they remove and reattach their scopes a bunch of times). This is much more scope than you are paying for. And PA shipped it within an hour of my order being placed. I'm very happy.

Much more than I expected
Lindsey Donges from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I was originally just looking for a decent 1-6 that would not break the bank, but this optic goes above and beyond. The design is sturdy, the glass is very clear, even in low light, and the reticle works great at 1x and 6x. It is a true 1x as well. I have purchased other 1-4 optics from other manufactures at a higher price point that have been as clear or of the quality the PAPS1-6X. Will buy again in the future. I cant say enough about this optic and the quality that goes into it.

Nice optic
Jesse Reich from OK wrote on August 10, 2015:

I'm very please with the optic. I started the process of sighting it in and think it'll be a good option in the future.

Quality with reasonable price
Robert Smith from FL wrote on August 10, 2015:

When I first opened the box, I was impressed by the quality and workmanship of the product. Also, it was a reasonably priced product.... For scopes 3 to 4 times that price. Mounting it with one of your in-house site mounts, also of good quality. I Like the one by six concept, because it doubles as a red dot . In addition Eye relief was 4+ inches, enabling me to gaze down the site with both eyes open. Effectively increasing my Field of view. Glass was clear, remind sme of higher end Nikon optics.

Really good and a little bad
Bryan Wilmot from FL wrote on August 10, 2015:

First off this scope is great for the price. Most everything on this scope is worthy of all the grand reviews. The only two complaints I have about the scope is the illumination knob is very hard to turn and the eye relief at full power zoom is very sensitive. Would I purchase again "YES

Primary arms 1-6x w/ acss
Jay DOMANTAY from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Awesome scope. Good mounts for this scope is recommended or else it doesn't work well. Accurate quick target acquisition at 50-75 yards for me. 100-200 yards accurate with time. That's the furthest I have shot. Awesome. For the price, I'll buy another one and another one.......

primary arms 1x6 scope
Ken Rose from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great scope easy to zero. From online ordering to quick delivery, great service.

Andy Reynolds from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Love it super clear. Once I sight it in at 100 yards haven't missed a target since.... really nice especially for the price..

1x6 .308 reticle ACSS scope
N/A from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great product, great price

reticle is awesome.
scott harrell from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is the best reticle I've used on a tactical ar scope. Best one ever. Not best cheap scope, but best reticle period.

Alexis Carpena from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I received the scope on time and well packed. This is a great price for this scope and I will be purchasing another one for my 308 in the near future.

Primary Arms 1-6X Scope with Patented ACSS reticl
Barnie Lowery from AL wrote on August 10, 2015:

The scope is clearer than expected. The reticle is a little smaller than I expected but is sill very usable. It mounted on my gun with no problems. I like this scope and mount. It exceeds my expectations. Great value.

Primary Arms 1-6X Scope w/ ACSS
John from NV wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is a gem and a steal at the price. Glass quality way above what I expected for $269. I feel it comparabe to the glass in any scope up to $1K. The reticle is exceptional. Very quick & instinctive for close quarters to about 50 yds. The BDC is spot on out to 300 yds (this is the farthest I've pushed it so far) and expect the same at longer distances. Illumination under clear skies in the Nevada desert is barely visible at max setting, but in these conditions I prefer the black etched reticle with no illumination. Future AR builds will have this scope. Highly recommended.

moniker from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

this thing is fast and accurate. buy it, if you can muhahahahah!

Primary arms 1-6x
N/A from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great scope!! Paired it with the primary arms deluxe extended mount. Mounted it on my AR and had it zeroed in in 15 rounds. I made hits on 12"x18" steel all day at 250yards. Also made hits out to 600 yards. I had to adjust my hold over with my ammo. I'm looking forward to testing the scope with NATO ammo. Buy with confidence. Thanks primary arms!

Primary Arms 1-6x scope ACSS
William Tucker from TN wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope is great. 2 days after ordering it was at my front door. Went to sight in the scope and it was almost zeored out of the box, took about 3 shots to be on at 100 yds. Love the ACSS reticle it works quite well. The BDC lines up and makes longer distance shots a breeze. also the close up shots are quick. I like it almost as much as i do my aimpoint pro for CQB. You get the best of both worlds (distance and close up). Would recommend this scope.

Primary Arms 1-6X Scope with Patented ACSS 5.56 /
ruger311 from CO wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great scope for the money, bobro mount is a good price with scope, great service had it in 3 days

Primary Arms 1-6X Scope with Patented ACSS 5.56 Re
RickAlford from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Friendly and helpful service with great prices. The scope and recon rings work great. I couldn't be happier.

New scope
Bob from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Works tremendous. Crystal clear, extremely pleased.

Pretty nice.
Adam from IL wrote on August 10, 2015:

So far so good.

Great Idea
RICK from VA wrote on August 10, 2015:

The reticle is a new and innovative idea. Clarity of the glass is high quality. User friendly!

Excellant Scope
Timothy Mason from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Just an awesome scope for my new GII DPMS

Great Buy!
N/A from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Scope looks great sitting on my new AR build. Its clear and bright which is the most important! Illumination, range estimation, etc. I've paid more on other builds for optics that weren't as impressive.

Great for the dollar
daryl blackburn from AL wrote on August 10, 2015:

Stop worrying about glass. Function and durability is everything in modern optics. This scobe passes.

Great Product
Jordan Haas from AK wrote on August 10, 2015:

Solid construction with great glass quality. When on the lowest power it functions as a true 1x no distortion like a 1.25x or 1.5x and the 6x is plenty of magnification to see detail out to 300 yards. Paired with the Primary Arms Deluxe mount it sits rock solid and is holding sub MOA groups. Customer Service was outstanding and they shipped promptly. Would highly recommend doing business with Primary Arms!

Great scope
Jesse Orona from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Clear glass, great reticle, positive clicks. Thought the reticle would be too busy for me, but I like it a lot. A little heavier than I was hoping for, but it feels very heavy duty. Love it.

Great inexpensive optic
Jeremy B from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

The only downside of this optic was the regret of all of the other optics I have purchased for exponentially higher cost with marginal differences. The only improvement I could recommend to PA so far would be an "auto-off" feature, since I seem to forget to turn off quite often. PA order fulfillment is unbelievably fast. If you live in FL, you'll find the UPS ground shipping is delivered in 2 days (most areas), a day earlier than fedex, and for a lot less than overnight.

Great Optic, Clear Glass, Perfect Reticle
John Musack from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

All around great optic, 6x helps a lot compared to my previous 1-4x Leupold. Love the ACSS reticle! Horseshoe is great for CQB at 1x and the BDC markings are intuitive and easy to pick up. It's a strong, robust scope and I would absolutely recommend.

great addition
Jason Stojakovich from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

As most say, super clear glass. Fast to zero using surplus ammo even. Had sub moa hits out of my 16" wylde match and suggest the scout mount. Very happy for the price. Had Not used in cqb yet but I expect easy target acquisition. Everyone at the range loved the acss and were shocked at quality vs $ fr ppl running vortex and luepolds.

Five stars - clear glass, great reticle
B-Rad from NM wrote on August 10, 2015:

Scope is well worth the $269 purchase price. Glass is very clear. There is no fisheye effect at 1x, and it appears to be a true 1x outside of 2-3 yards. The reticle is very use to use. I was shooting 3/4" groups (18" ar15 with m855) at 100 yards with ease. Pinged the 8" 225 yd gong all day. Using the reticle, I was able to make good hits all he way out to 600 yds. Illumination was not visible at the range, in bright noonday NM sun, but was not needed, as the scopes reticle stands out very well even without illumination. The one thing, and this was the only issue, I didn't like was the turrets. They do feel mushy and it's easy to make too many clicks. If you pay attention to what you're doing, this is more of an annoyance than a deal breaker. Overall, highly recommended.

Matthew Nelson from WI wrote on August 10, 2015:

I just wrote a really long review on this product but I guess it needs to be 1000 characters or less and I was way over. I guess I have to make this short. Pros: feels like an expensive scope in your hands. Performs as well as an expensive scope.Love the reticle. Extra battery in the windage knob was a nice touch. Cons: you can't impress rich people like you can with a 1500$ vortex 1-6. Rear scope cover likes to fall off. Conclusion: expect more orders from me in the future. Amazing value.

Andre from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I've been waiting to get my hands on one of these for quite some time now. For the price, great glass, clear reticle, good illumination and solid build. I look forward to getting some range time with her.

First scope...
N/A from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Got it dialed in with 10 shots. Ran it in a 3 gun match with the long shot at 400 yds. Popped the MGM on the second shot. Look forward to getting really dialed in.

Good scope
Bruce Cha from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Probably one of the best budget 1-6 scopes out there. Reticle is a little crowded for 3 gun purposes but for long range rested shots it's awesome. Highly recommended for the budget shooter. Glass isn't as clear as... Say... A Viper pst 1-4, but for the price you can't beat it.

Good value/low price
Samuel Tabar from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

I have 2 of this scope now , use for 3gun matches ACSS system is spot on. Highly recommended...get this scope when its available.....

Good clear scope.
chad anderson from FL wrote on August 10, 2015:

Really like this scope. It shipped same day. Awesome value for the $.

N/A from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

Fast smooth and easy, TX style!!

Happy so far.
William from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Took it to 40 yds (my range doesnt have 50) and got the zero close. Looking forward to taking it to 100 to dial it in then try out the ballistic markings out to 300 (again, 300 is the longest my range has). I did get an opportunity to use the range estimation for a guy standing at 300 yds and it seemed spot on. Well worth the money, comparable scopes will easily be twice the price and there are many that are twice the price with half the features.

I finally found the 1-6X scope I was looking for
Bob from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I had purchased another 1-6X and a 1-4X scope from other vemdors but quickly returned both. The 1-6X from Primary Arms is a definite keeper. Clear glass, solid click adjustments, great eye relief and a large eye box. The illuminated reticle is clearly visible in bright sunlight and works very well for fast shots at close range (like a red dot). It works just as well for for fairly precise shooting at longer range. I had no trouble at all shooting consistent 1 inch groups at 100 yds and 2.5 -3 inch groups at 200 yds even though my eyes are older. This gun won't do much better with high powered scopes. I mounted on a DPMS Oracle flat top using a PA extended mount. The height and horizontal placement was perfect. I didn't care for the factory eye scope cover and will replace with Butler Creek. The factory objective cover is fine. Do yourself a favor and buy one.

This is a must have scope.
Steve Piper from AL wrote on August 10, 2015:

Primary Arms is great to work with. All my questions answered. The scope arrive much quicker than I had expected. I read all instructions, mounted scope and zeroed at 100 yards. Great groups with 55gr, PMC. Went right to 300 yards used the ACSS reticle and banged a 20" X 18" steel the first trigger press, impressive! Moved to 400 and then 500 yards and banged the steel yet again. All I had to do was use the BDC of this reticle and wind compensation dots and was right on. One must understand, I zeroed this scope and was hitting very consistently all the way out to 500 yards in only 20 rounds. I will have to do some shorter distance work with it but I am sure it will perform well. I hope my 3 gun competition doesn't read this. This scope and Primary Arms, ROCK!

Great value - great scope
Martin from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I hesitated long and hard thinking that a $269 scope could not possible be clear, hold zero, well made, etc However, with a limited budged these days, I ordered to scope only to find I was wrong about all of my concerns. Very nice scope. Although the reticle is different, it compares to my Burris XTR II 1-5 but offers more magnification and a better magnification dial.

Incredible Customer Service
Tom from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I won't bore you with the details, but Primary Arms went out of their way to satisfy me as a customer. Will definitely be coming back as a loyal customer for my AR needs. The 1-6x scope is an excellent/quality product. Great addition to my Colt M4.

Initial inspection
N/A from WA wrote on August 10, 2015:

I received the scope a couple of days ago and was very happy to open it up and inspect the quality. General weight felt not to heavy but solid , with my ordered I had the butler creek flip up for the rear objective and the primary arms deluxe scope mount. Very happy with everything so far however I have yet to go to the range and zero the scope with my rifle, therefore I'm not sure how much this will help you all. Regardless the scope definitely seems of quality build.

Haven't had time to shoot it yet
Ducati Devil from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Appears to be a really nice scope. Like the concept of the rangefinder and integrated ballistics. Illumination is very bright on high setting. more to follow after I get a chance to shoot it. (if I can edit this later).

Tom from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I mounted this scope on my newest AR build. I was impressed with the clarity of the glass. I had 2 rifle/scope units to sight in yesterday. The first was a 2x7 Leupold. I know Leupold is Known for their quality and clarity of glass. Mine was no exception, great glass, great scope. But at 100 yards, the target was much more clear with the PA scope. The definition on the target at 100 yards was amazing. I was able to see my .22 caliber holes (once the spotter pointed them out) through the 6x scope. I could Not see the bullet holes through the 7x Leupold (.308) even when I new where they were. Very Impressed!

This is a great scope especially for this little $
Vlad from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

In this price range this scope basically has no rival, no real competition other than Leatherwood HiLux but, this scope in my opinion has a better reticle and nicer turrets. The things to know about this one are: the ACSS reticle only works at full zoom, it does not scale with zoom level, and another thing to know is that there is a spare battery inside one of the turret caps giving you an onboard backup. I highly recommend this scope to anyone looking for a combat rifle setup, its not going to give you that competition accuracy because of the 1/2 MOA adjustments but it will definitely give you a great combat optic for when quick shots on target are required. Get it, use it, love it.

Great scope and great customer service
Anastazi Sarigiannis from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is a great scope. The reitcle is the best I have seen out there on a scope in this price range. Typically you have to pay a lot more for a scope with a reticle like this, and the ACSS reticle is even better and has more features than some of the more expensive big name scope manufacturers. I also had a small issue, which Dimitri and Marshall took care of swiftly and with outstanding attentiveness and communication. THIS, is how you run a retail company!!

Great scope for the money
Mohawkchris from WV wrote on August 10, 2015:

I think in this price range it is the only scope that is 1-6x that is under 500 bucks. It has good glass and eye relief.

Great Scope
David McDaniel from KS wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope is great! And the price is very reasonable for the features and quality, especially compared to other similar scopes for $300+. ACSS reticle works great! I shot 100-600 yards a couple times at the range with my PSA Freedom 16" AR and the bdc is right on. I believe it is calibrated for a 55 grain bullet.? If you are considering buying this, do it! You won't be disappointed. I also ordered the PA basic scope mount and for $20-25 it can't be beat either. Very solid and the "locking washer" on the mount makes it nearly impossible for it to come lose. Fast shipping/quality products! Will buy from PA again! Thanks for the great service.

Great Scope - Mediocre Lense Covers
N/A from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

The unique reticle is easy to use to judge distance and holdover. At 6x I feel confident out to about 600yds. At 1x the scope can be used as a red dot. I find it easier to use for both eyes open shooting than my Aimpoint PRO. The only criticism I have is that the standard rear lens cover comes off rather than opening, and the screw used to secure the cap to the scope is stripped. Otherwise I am very happy with my purchase.

Great scope! Best in the $250 to $600 price range
Jacob Pena from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope is very very clear. I bought the 4x prism scope first, but needed a little more power so I exchanged it for this 1-6x scope. The 6x worked out perfectly. I took it to the range this past weekend and had it sighted in with in 10 min. The range I was at only goes out to 300 yards, and just like the 4x prism scope, this 1-6x scope was dead on. Next weekend I will be testing it out at my friends ranch where he has targets set out to 600 yards. I tried the 4x prism scope out to 600 yards with hornady 75gr match and it was dead on. You won't find a better 1-6x scope for less then $600, except for the new strike eagle from Vortex but I think this scope still wins because of the reticle. I just can't say enough good things about this scope and other primary arms products I'v used. Great optics at a even better price!! Save your money for ammo!! Keep it up guys!!

Great System for the Price
Jimmy from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This optic is a great for shooters just getting into 3-gun or those that are cost conscience. It is solid, holds a zero and is easy to use. Having a magnified optic makes your first few 3-gun matches much more enjoyable. I shot a few with an EOtech which would have been fine if we weren't going out to 400. The Primary Arms 1-6 can be used with both eyes open at 1 power and zooms in to make hits easier at distance. Buy the optic and enjoy.

Great Scope for the Money!
Guy P. from AZ wrote on August 10, 2015:

The ACSS reticle along with the 1-6x feature make this a very versatile scope for the money. Excellent construction and crisp, clear glass. I've only been able to test my .308 SIG 716 Patrol Rifle out to 200 yards, but the ACSS is right on at 6x. I can easily and accurately transition to 50 yards or less on the 1x setting. Love this scope!

great scope with a few small quirks
Brian petres from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

I have this scope mounted on my 16" ar and the glass is very clear and nice. Only things i found not up to par with the scope, Brightness: i wish the scope was a bit brighter as it can still be lost on sunny days. Magnification ring: i don't know if mine was a fluke or not but its very hard to turn the magnification ring on the scope. even my friend who was with me at the range said the same thing. Other than these 2 things its a great scope and i would purchase again and recommend it to anyone. If they fix these two issues i would give the scope 5 starts but right now i give it 4 1/2.