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Primary Arms 4-14X44mm Riflescope - ACSS HUD DMR .308/.223 Reticle

Primary Arms 4-14X44mm Riflescope - ACSS HUD DMR .308/.223 Reticle


Primary Arms 4-14X44mm Riflescope - ACSS HUD DMR .308 Reticle

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Description and Specifications

Specifically designed for .308 loadings!
The Primary Arms Mil/Mil 4-14x44 Front Focal Plane HUD DMR features the patented ACSS HUD/DMR reticle that stays true through the scope’s entire magnification range of 4x through 14x. The revolutionary HUD/DMR features quick ranging, wind holds and leads using .308 chambered rifles. No math needed, no digging through the data book! A side mounted parallax adjust knob keeps the reticle parallax free and the target image sharp at extended ranges. This tough scope is shockproof, waterproof, and fog resistant, and comes with a 3-year warranty. The illuminated center reticle features 6 brightness settings with an “off” notch between each setting. Optional sun shade PA4-14SS sold separately. A “cat tail” scope lever is also available from 3 Gun Stuff (product code GS-440).

Note: While PA4-14XFFP308 does offer BDC compatibility for some .223 Remington loadings, for guns chambered in .223/5.56 NATO we recommend the new PA4-14XFFP-ACSS-HUD-DMR-5.56 optic.
Primary Arms
Battery Type
1x CR2032
Anodized- Matte Black
4x - 14x
Objective Diameter
Ocular diameter
Click Value
0.1 Mil
Exit Pupil Diameter (mm)
11.2 - 3.3
Field of View (@ 100 yards)
27.2 ft low - 7.85 ft high
Finger Adjustable Turrets
Focal Plane
First Focal Plane
Gas Purged
Nitrogen Purged
10 yards to Infinity
Total Elevation Adjustment
30 Mils
Total Windage Adjustment
30 Mils
Travel per Rotation
6 Mils
Tube Diameter
Zero Reset
Mounting Length (in)
1000 G
3-Year Warranty
24 oz.


Review Summary
(Based on 142 Reviews)

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0


Update 450 yards
Keith from GA wrote on July 18, 2016:

Used with Freedom Munitions 178 gr Hornady AMAX on a small propane tank (about 12in x 12in) at 450 yards. Bracketed between 400 and 500 yard marks with a small offset for winds. Nailed It! Then my son did, and then my brother. AWESOME!

Extremely hard to beat esp. for the price!
Al from FL wrote on July 17, 2016:

Very clear, Love the chevron. Have about 150 rounds down the tube on my 308 with this scope. Very satisfied, have another brand on my 22-250 at almost twice the price, and I like this scope a little better. I looks a bit busy when you first look through it, but don't let that worry you, i don't see any of it when I shoot. Very few long distance shooting ranges in Fl, so I am limited to 200 yards but very Pleased!

Great scope for the price
Bryan from TX wrote on July 13, 2016:

Put this on my ar-10 build with the aero precision ultra light scope mount. Took me about 6 shots at 50yds to get it dialed in. Then immediately went out to 100yds and put the next 4 shots inside the 10 ring. Great scope for the price, really clear, and I had no problems seeing where each shot hit at 100yds. I had my reservations about it being a "cheap scope" but it's as good as some higher priced scopes I've shot. I'm pretty excited about taking it out beyond 200yds.

Spot On
Peter from CA wrote on July 03, 2016:

Rifle:Remington 700 5R. Bullet: SMK 175gr HPBT. Went to zero the rifle at 100 yards. Local range has steel targets every 100 yards from 200-600 yards. After I zeroed in at 100, I used the BDC and it was spot on. Didn't miss a shot consecutively from 200-600. Used Burris Low Rings.

Awesome for price
No B.S from VA wrote on May 27, 2016:

If you were wondering about buying this scope go ahead and buy it you will like it I am very pleased with it the glass is very clear everything works really good the Chevron takes a little getting used to for groups but it's not bad lineup with Federal gold medal match 175 grain shoot it out to 200 yards able to hit 4" Circles cannot wait to try it at further distances

Amazing Scope - especially for under $300
Keith from GA wrote on May 25, 2016:

I was skeptical because of the "Made In China". However, there were so many great reviews that I decided to give it a try. I mounted one on my M1A and LOVED it. Unfortunately I've only been able to shoot out to 200 yards (that is as far as my personal range goes). I decided to get one to mount on my Ruger 308 as well. The only tweak (or option) that might be in order is covered turrets, because with a 200 yard zero and all the other info on the reticle you should be able to set it and forget it.

800 yards easy with 6.5 creedmoor
mo from OK wrote on April 28, 2016:

Sighted in 2 shots, I ballistic calculated my 6.5cm rounds for this scope/rifle. Went from 100 out to 800 and back using mil/mil marks, tracking is right on, no misses. I have had many scopes in this $ range or more, none had the features, quality, reliability as this scope. I have shot a number of hogs with it at longer ranges, The ranging features of the acss work great for fast distance ranging and running shots. I have over 150 rounds of 6.5cm through this with no trouble. I have it mounted with smith enterprises steel rings. I plan on buying 2 more for an AR and a keltec rfb!!! selling all my cheaper scopes "under $400" to put these on. I am hard on my guns being a farmer/rancher/guide. They get alot of abuse in no time at all, so far this thing has taken the abuse and has not left zero. I am sold

Primary Arms scopes are awesome.
Steve from GA wrote on March 19, 2016:

I purchased the Primary Arms 4x14x44 w/acss reticle to put on my Savage Hoghunter. First thing I have to say is if you are having doubts how good the optics are have no worries. I've now compared mine to several high end scopes and am very pleased with my scope. Optics are very clear . With all the features you get you cannot beat this scope. I did take a little getting use to the chevron compared to crosshairs reticle but not a big deal. The only feature that's not included on the scope is a zero stop but there is a YouTube video which shows you how to make one and where to order the parts. It cost me a total of $6.53 and now I have a zero stop. For as little as it costs this should be something Primary Arms should look into including with there scopes now. I am super pleased with the one I ordered and I am going to order one for my ar next.

this scope is impressive!!
Jason from KS wrote on March 17, 2016:

Got this scope for my ruger precision in 308. The glass is unbelievably clear! You can see bullet holes on paper at 200 yards. Got the chance to open it up to 300 yards yesterday in some crazy ks wind. Using the bdc reticle , it was a very simple matter of point, shoot and hit! 4/4 hits on a 10" gong at 300 with some cheapish military surplus ammo. I'm sure the rifle and the scope would have kept on doing their job, but round #4 landed square in the hole where the chain attached and ended the days shooting. This scope is impressive!!!!!

Blown Away, cost and quality have made a match!
Thomas from VA wrote on February 13, 2016:

I spent a long long time looking at different scopes for a .308 savage I was going to buy. I looking into many different types and finally settled on a scope with FFP. I had 2 scopes in mind, Burris and Vortex. Looking deeply into both I was going to grab the Burris for around $800, but I decided to give this scope one last, through look. I am very glad I did.... This scope is FFP, what I was looking for. The problem I had was $800 or just under $300. "You get what you pay for" held me from looking at this scope in the first place. Burris and Vortex being MOA or MIL dot, and this scope being BDC + Mil clicks on the scope at 1/10 ratio. I took a gamble and grabbed one of these, and was very highly impressed. I zeroed with 168gr factory ammo with ease at 50 yards, took it too 100 yards and had little to no problem. I changed to 175gr factory, had to re-zero again, but only took 3 shots, and then landed 10 rounds at 100 yards sub MOA. I was blown away, and now have ordered a .22 ACSS scope and plan on ordering a 5.56 ACSS for my AR. If you have any question about these style of scopes, just look at the 4-5 star reviews on every sites known. You will see how easy it is to use these, and to range targets with the ACSS style. For those who use a ballistic calculator, just remember this is 1/10 MIL clicks, elevation and windage. So if you like to hear ticks before pulling the trigger, these scopes will as well.

Best scope I've ever used
LaFayette Jenne from TX wrote on February 08, 2016:

Bought this scope for my Savage 10 FCP-SR .308 BA. Out of the box, Quality! Better than the Nikon it replaced. At the outdoor long range, way too easy to sight in. Crystal clear sight pic, glass is amazing. With in 5rnds I was chewing the center out of the target @ 100yds. 200-300yds are effortless. Plan to take it to the really long range gun range soon, to see how she does out to 800yds plus. Extremely awesome scope. Everything works great on the scope, turrets are precise, power adj firm, as well as the side focus/ parallax adj. Best FFP scope for a great price. Thank you Primary Arms LEJ

Great scope!
John from CA wrote on January 20, 2016:

Got the scope after a lot of research. Having owned PAs RDS product before i knew this scope would be good as well. Pros: You cant find any FF scope with this price tag. Also, the reticle has a lot of useful info. I actually had to use the lead points on the ACSS as the first time out with this scope, the wind were anywhere from 5-15 mph. Worked great! Glass is clear vs the Vortex Crossfire ii i had with me. Clearity is about the Nikon p/m series. Cons: Only con i found was after zeroing, i couldnt put my 0 mark on 0. It was either 1 or -1. So all my dials are -1 when i dial in for distances. Another thing is the turrents. If PA can put a lock on it, itll be perfect. My first time out hunting with it, after some thick and heavy brush hunting, i had to reset the turrent back to 0 (1). The windage was some 2 or 4 and a few times did the elevation knob go anywhere from 3 to -2. If PA doesnt make a turrent lock, at least give it covers so it cant be moved accidently. Other than that, i would of given it 5 stars.

Great Scope
Steele from TX wrote on December 31, 2015:

I have had this scope for a year now, and it has held zero great, glass is very clear, and reticle is dead on when coupled with ballistic software and dialed in to particular ammunition.

Trust the 4&5 star reviews!
Rich from TX wrote on November 25, 2015:

Sighted in my Colt 901 in 308 at 100 yards, 150 grain whitetail using the tip of the chevron. Went to the 200, used the next lower chevron tip and hit bullseyes, went to 300 yards, used the 300 drop marks and still hitting bullseyes. Used the wind adjustment for 10 mph when it kicked it and still getting bullseyes with no adjustments. Good job Primary Arms. Buying another one for dad.

Exactly what i was looking for...
Matt from NV wrote on November 19, 2015:

I wanted to get into long range shooting. i have been shooting AR-15s for years. That is actually how i first heard of Primary Arms. I purchased one of the original red dots and still have it. i had never really shot bolt guns before but it was something i was really interested in to. I bought a Remington 700 chambered in 308. i was searching PA's website and stumbled across the 4-14x44 scope with the mil reticle and ordered that. After i ordered it i went on Youtube and watched some videos on it and came across the one with the ACSS reticle. i watched all the videos on youtube on the ACSS HUD and the next day i actually contacted PA and cancelled my order for the 4-14x44 Mil Reticle and got the one with the ACSS reticle. I am so glad that i did. I took it out to the range and got it zeroed in and i could not be happier. The reticle is so easy to use, my second day shooting after i got it all zeroed in, i was shooting out to 800 yards, that was insane to me because before that i had never even shot further than 150 yards. My friend happened to have a full size target which made it more exciting because we were able to set it up, drive out and range the target. ive watched countless videos on the mil system and im still confused. this takes the guess work out of everything. i would recommend this scope to anyone looking to get into long range shooting, i would even recommend it to people that have been shooting their whole lives. I go shooting with a friend and he takes so long to get a shot dialed in where i can just size the target up, read the wind a little and hit steel like its nothing. Over the last few months i have purchased the 1-6x ACSS and the 6x ACSS. I dont think i would want to go to another type of reticle or to the mil system. PA is coming out with every option imaginable and i plan on getting them all. If you are thinking about getting this scope...Stop thinking and just buy it. Its worth every penny.

Best 308 sniper Scope for the $$$
John from TX wrote on November 18, 2015:

I have tried most of the moderately priced brands: Millett, Super Sniper, Nikon, Vortex, etc. but IMO this scope has EVERYTHING I require in a nice package at a very reasonable price. FFP and a 30mm tube DO make a difference !!

Best in it's class.
George W from AL wrote on October 26, 2015:

Only one dislike...this scope needs lockable turrets, or a model with the ACSS HUD reticle without the exposed turrets (the reticle should do the trick) otherwise EXCELLENT for the money.

Review Pending
N/A from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Editing review pending discussion.

Rusty Shakleford from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I Can't wait to get this out to the range and run it! I love FFP scopes and for the money I think it is outstanding! Thanks PA for a great product !

Awesome scope - Awesome value
Alan Kinnard from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

You know, at first glance this scope reticle looks very "busy". But once you study how it works, it's an "epiphany"! Once sighted in at 100 yards, you have the ability to range distance, windage & allow for movement! I have used this for distance, but have yet to use the windage & movement functions in the reticle. Works great for my LR .308 platform..You can buy more expensive scopes, but I don't think you can find a better value for Chinese manufacture..

Sweet Scope
Riley from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I zeroed this in 1 week after it arrived. Within minutes, I was shooting dime groups at 100 yards. Then, to test the reticle, I put clay pigeons out at 500 yards. Using the mil-lines on the scope at 500 yards, I was able to dial it in within 3 shots. After those, I was right on target knocking down clay pigeons with my AR-15 .223. The glass is very clear and the eye relief is perfect! I got the deluxe mount and it sits perfectly on my rail. I paired it with some Diamondhead flip up 45-degree sights also mounted on my rail and they have perfect clearance in the rear. I am very impressed with this scope and very happy with the purchase.

Awesome scope!
Anastazi Sarigiannis from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great glass and an awesome reticle for a battle rifle. Cannot be beat for the money!

Jacob Duran from AK wrote on August 10, 2015:

Got the scope and ring mounts in the mail and couldn't be more happy. Got mounts and scope set up on my rifle now to get out and sight it in. Going to make hunting here in Alaska allot nicer.

Best bang for your hard earned bucks
Michelle Malecki from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

To be honest, I really was skeptical about buying this scope. I have heard and seen a lot of scopes at this price point that never lived up to their advertised hype and turned out to be more of a waste of money than anything else. I decided to purchase one out of curiosity (since I have read a lot of good reviews for this equipment) and relying on PA's excellent CS (I could always return it if turns out to be cr...p). looking through the the scope, I was surprised at the clarity of the sight picture from 4 to 14x as well as good eye relief. The clarity of the scope is up to par with my other scopes that cost three to four times as much which I really did not expect for this price range. Turret tracking is very good although the the turrets feels a bit mushy to me. After 300 rounds 7.62 x 51 scope is holding zero and so far has held together. For the features, clarity (i cannot say this enough) and built, this gives me the best value for my hard earned bucks!! Thank you PA

The scope is awesome
Jason Martinez from CO wrote on August 10, 2015:

The scope is awesome. I can tell you really listened to the customer and took the advice of us military members. Im g gonna also use it in my M14 m1a. Thanks a ton. I am having a lot of trouble with the optic mount that I ordered. It has a single nut attachment for the rail system with is causing a single pivot point which won't hold a sighting. I need help returning it and replacing it.

Think I'm pretty happy
Tex from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

Purchased 1-6x ACSS 7.62x39 and loved it so much I tried the 4-14x44 FFP. I have not mounted it yet and my only concern is about the eye relief. You have to have your eye exactly in the right spot with very little flexibility unlike the 1-6x which has a lot,of room for adjustment. Glass is clear and reticle is busy but really well thought out and looks cool, the illumination is awesome. Giving Excellent Rating just because they are excellent Texan's to do business with and shipping was unbelievably fast.

Great scope
Markeith from MA wrote on August 10, 2015:

The most obvious thing about this scope is the reticle. It isn't for everyone, but it suits my eye, and I feel that I obtain a better hold with it. The design also provides a very clean sight picture directly around your target. Some will feel it to be too "busy". I don't, but your mileage may vary. The quality of the glass is exceptional, especially at the price point. Good light gathering and sharp to the edges. Focus and parallax adjustments are fine enough to do the job without feeling "finickey". Eye relief is perfectly adequate for a .308. The "eyebox" at full magnification seems to be a couple mm, so you do have a little tolerance band to work with. Not stellar, but as good, if not better than, anything else in the class I've tried. Adjustments are a little mushy, but it provides positive, audible and tactile clicks. I recommend getting the sun shade (as I would with most scopes) to reduce blooming/flaring under direct sunlight. Highly recommend this scope.

Excellent Scope and Service
David Phillips from MS wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope is really amazing for the price. The optics are clear and the controls are easy. I wish the focus had a Locking feature and the zoom had a knob of some sort. All said and done it is the best scope for the money for long range shooting on an AR. Primary Arms has excellent service and shipping!

Excellent Quality, Excellent choice
Southern_D from FL wrote on August 10, 2015:

Right out the box I noticed this scope was built with great quality and is solid. I added the Butler Creek flip-up covers, the deluxe extended mount, and the optional sun shade. All the add-on's complement the whole setup nicely. Even on a sunshiny day the reticle's brightness can be easily seen. After taking it outside to view the distance capabilities, the glass being so crisp, clean, and clear; I see no problem with taking down that buck or hog with it not even knowing you were in the area. Pairing this scope with Magpul's new all steel 45 degree offset iron sights (which Primary Arms carries) on my SCAR 17s gives me superb long and short range capabilities. P.S. It's beautiful too!

Can't beat the price
Douglas Ferreira from VA wrote on August 10, 2015:

For the money you can't beat it. Bought this optic for my Springfield M1A to get my self started and dip my fingers into some long range shooting. The redical is really cool and very useful for real world combat not that paper moves and shoots back but no the less a nice conversation piece and just incase the zombies do show you will be ready. Long term I am interested to see if the optic holds up with the M1A recoil. I would say if your thinking about it do it compared to other high end glass out there your not gonna be disappointed for the money some guys spend this much on bases and rings for a high end set up.

Excellent Scope for the Price
Michael from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Built a precision AR rig, and this scope was the best in its class at this price. Close range work is possible with the illuminated horseshoe and practice using BAC or occluded eye technique. Glass is clear, knobs have distinct clicks. The ACSS HUD is what makes this thing awesome. Works great for 223 or 308. I mounted it on a BoBro QD mount and can switch back and forth between the 308 or my 223 rifle. However, double check the BDC drop with your own DOPE for slight variances with a couple loads. The manual will tell you the exact MOA drop for the BDC. Or just dial it in and use the mil dots. Overall, excellent scope for an excellent price.

Fantastic piece for the price
Daryl from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I mounted this on a Rem 700 I'm building for long range target shooting on a budget. I got it sighted in at 100 yards and was immediately able to bang 8" plates at 300 and 500 using the BDC (was about 2-3" low with Federal Premium Match). This is PLENTY good enough. Add to that the turrets are well designed and have very nice positive detents, so when doing actual dialed in come-ups it was easy and I was hitting center mass at both distances. I'm not done evaluating, but so far this is blowing every other scope I've tried in the price range out of the water. If it keeps holding a zero (and I have no reason to think it won't - the build quality seems solid) this is a winner. Also, I ordered rings with it and they were missing one screw. David immediately responded to my email and had a couple replacements out to me in no time at all. This is top notch customer service.

Larry Embrey from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

WOW. Simply a great piece of glass. Sharp, clear, easy to adjust. The ACSS Ret is nice. I only have a hour behind the scope and look forward to putting it to good use.

Excellent value
Chris Lewis from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is my first PA scope, I had several friends recommend these to me and I'm glad I got it. It has a very nice finish and over all quality feel. The dials turn easily and have a nice feel with a defined click. The glass is very clear, and remains crisp throughout the range of zoom. I have found my new "go to" for optics

best scope dollar per dollar period
Jason DeGraff from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Unless your deploying with Blackwater over seas then this is all the scope you will ever need for a .308, or a 5.56 / grendel it has drop for grendel (in the manual) they fail to mention that. This scope on my g3 has demolished steel and yottees out to 600yds. Eye relief is adequate, glass is on par with vortex viper, turents are dead on passes box test all day. I can't say 3enough good things no cons I havnt torture tested it and don't plan on it this is on a 14lb beast and the fact it dosnt flinch on that,much of a forward bolt smack means Its quality ask anyone if anything will destroy a scope it's an fn fal or a g3

Best DMR Reticle Ever Made, High Value Scope!
Adam from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

I spent 13 years in the Army, 7 of which I carried an M21 Rifle with my team. IMO, The ACSS-DMR Reticle is hands down, the best DMR combat reticle available in the western world; If you do not want to do math and tape data sheets all over your rifle, this is the reticle you want, period! Sure, you could get slightly brighter glass with a 4.5-14x at $150 more), but here is what you would be giving up: - First Focal Plane - Etched Reticle - Illuminated Reticle - Side-adjustable parallax - Exposed target turrents - The FOV and strength of a 30mm tube - The best DMR combat reticle available! Losing all these above features is simple not worth it on a military/militia rifle; you really can't afford to not have all these features, especially for the price! Zero at 100, then do a final zero at 300 with your go-to-war ammo. You will be ringing B27 Steel at 800 with a 7.62, and 600 with 5.56 all day long!

Best bang for the buck!!!
DIMITRI KELLER from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

One of the best scopes you can get for your money! The Reticle works great up to 700yards. 18" targets. (couldn't test it farther thats all my local range has) The turrets a bit mushy but... It's below 300$

Mark Quimby from AL wrote on August 10, 2015:

I spent a lot of time researching what scope to put on my 308 build & was very intrigued by the ACSS HUD DMR concept. I love the idea of having that much info "in the scope" w/o having to look at a dope card. I'm SUPER happy with the scope. The fit/finish is on par w/ optics 5x the price & the glass clarity is MUCH better than I expected. The reticle is so much easier to understand than you might think, all you need to do is watch their videos for it all to make sense. You can't beat this scope for a 308 at anywhere near this price point & the philosophy behind the reticle is amazing. You can tell a lot of thought went into the development of this scope. You'll love it. This was my first major purchase from Primary Arms & in the last few months I've sourced them for many parts for two other builds. As always, Primary Arms has quality products & perfect customer service. They have become my go-to place for all things gun related. Do business with them, you won't regret it.

Better than I expected
Ashley McBride from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is a lot of acope for the money. Its very solidly built and I love the reticle.

Better than expected
TA Bramblett from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Love the horseshoe reticle and glass. Very bright. Can't ask for more... Especially at the price point.

dern good
Ryan from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

if youre looking for competition level glass, keep looking - however - if youre looking for a highly utilitarian FFP killing machine - look no further - I picked this up for a .308 bolt predator rig - I had to slightly lap the PA rings, but no worries there - zeroed quickly and I was able to produce several 3 shots groups that touched at 100 yards - I pushed out to 300yds and was able to land my first 5 rounds in a 4" circle using nothing but the holdover reticle - I was using slapped together handloads, 150gr noslers not the baseline 175 gr smk bullets - again not going to win a precision competition but the ability to quickly assess distance, holdover and hit a 4" target at 300yds is remarkably effective - if you were on the fence, get off it and buy this - (one downside - once mounted in the rings there is no scope tube left on which to attach a scope mounted predator light)

Awesome scope
Dennis from NM wrote on August 10, 2015:

You can not beat this thing for the price. HUD works great and optics are clear. So far as good as ang other ffp scopes I've used at 1/3 the cost. Have it on my dpms sass g2.

$300 and worth it??
N/A from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Absolutely. Put this on an AD mount and that on a Ruger SR762. With the Ruger on a bipod all I need is a suppressor to feel like I'm back in sniper section shooting an M110. But with a reticle that doesn't need a dope chart.

4-14 acss
kenny rickman from AL wrote on August 10, 2015:

4-14 acss, clear field of view. Super buy for the $. Sits on my 18" spr reticle coincides with Hornady 75gr super performance

Very professional very helpful.
Brian Gwin from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

Got my information for me and helped me buy exactly what I wanted.

This scope is awesome!
Stefan Hall from MN wrote on August 10, 2015:

Dropped this on my custom Remington 700 and I have to say she's looking pretty sexy with this glass...Crystal clear glass... Buddy of mine has a scoop that's triple the price of this scope and it doesn't come close to compairing. The patented reticle is VERY nice. Takes some education but then so does everything in the long range shooting world. I purchased this with the $20 sun-shield which I think is a much needed addition for this scope -- really completes the "look" while being very functional on sunny days...

4-14x44 FFP scope on my .308
Duane from FL wrote on August 10, 2015:

I did a bunch of searching for a mil scope and went with scope because of cost and everything I saw online looked good. This is by far the best scope I've ever owned. It was sighted in at zero in about 5 shots. It holds zero perfectly. It tracks perfectly. Although I realize for under $300 I'm not getting top of line glass, its really clear and gathers plenty of light. No complaints as of yet with mine. The BDC works awesome at just 300 yards that I have shot with it. The reticle is a bit overwhelming at first because its pretty busy, but once you understand what its all about its badass. Everything has a purpose and they really put some time in developing this reticle. I'll be buying primary arms scopes for all of my future rifles.

4-14X44 FFP Scope with the ACSS reticle
Spetsnaz87 from FL wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great scope, mounted it on my DPMS MK12 .308 and its amazing. Clear glass, sharp clicks - nothing to complain about. I know some say that there is a little too much going on in the reticle but its actually pretty straight-forward and not at all hectic. I cant speak for whether or not it would last through WWIII but this thing sure looks solid. Couple of things to address: 1. The illumination wheel is quite tight at first but eventually it becomes more comfortable to operate. 2. It would be that much better if the scope came with factory flip up caps rather than bikini covers. 3. When fully illuminated a mild red ring can be seen from the objective at around 20 meters away but its not too bad. 4. When will an ARD come out for this scope? Overall I would recommend this scope to anyone, its fantastic. The only thing I would love to see PA make is a fixed 10x scope or a 2-10x but with the actual POSP reticle (which the ACSS is loosely based on).

Gary from NC wrote on August 10, 2015:

I compared this scope to several higher priced scopes in the store and was very satisfied. I mounted on my M1A and have been to the 100 yd range twice. I hope to shoot at a longer range soon. I am an OK shooter and my 5 shot group measured 1.5 inches. We'll see how it holds up but it seems to be well made. Love the illumination in low light.

4-14 FFP scope
Donald Lucas from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Easy purchase with web, quick delivery, very nice scope.

Benjamin Raulston from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Truly impressed with this optic. Works beautifully. Very clear, turrets function properly, magnification is great. For the money, hands down, one of the best Ive ever owned. I have put many rounds through this rifle and it holds very very well. Since, I have purchased other PA optics and I love them.

You will not believe the quality.
Vlad from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Build quality is the first thing that hits you, I have tried quite a few scopes in and above this price range and this one easily beats all of them. Nothing on this scope feels cheap, if you picked it up and nobody told you the price most people with experience would guess at least 800-1000$. The reticle is something else, the word Id use to describe is "elegant", it does not feel cluttered and scales nicely as you zoom in. The illumination is crisp and doesnt have any glare or wash. The turrets are well beyond the price range, they have a clean "click" and dont have much slop between clicks. The glass is clear and bright, the metal is clean and nicely finished. I was trying to think of how I would improve this scope and to be honest I got nothing, the people who designed it know exactly what a proper combat scope should be and they made it, this scope has all the features you want but somehow keeps it at the price you want. Outstanding, well above what anyone else is making.

Very nice scope, Reticle is incredible
N/A from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I have FIVE of these scopes for the cost of 1 "high" end scope. Mounted on 4 bolt rifles 20" & 24" Tikka's .223 & .308; 1 24" AR. Thats one hell of a deal! I highly recommend. I am familiar with Vortex, Nikon, Leupy and NF. POA=POI on steel all the way out to 500yd (range limit) except 55g .223. at 500yd and damn close. Heavier .223 & 168g .308 all spot on. Glass is damn clear and bright; reticle is INCREDIBLE and thats why one buys this scope. I've never touched a knob 100 yd zero. Knobs have a good click if a bit mushy-don't need to move them much with reticle. Illumination knob takes rail real estate limiting some anticipant devices Only negatives but for $300-it's one of the best deals going. Suggestions to Primary Arms;continue this model scope at this price point; make a HD version with zero stop, improved turrets, llumination to the parallax knob, locking ocular focusing ring and HD glass. Did I say the reticle is AMAZING

What a GREAT experience....
James Bame from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I'd heard a great product was the Primary Arms 4-14x44 FFP. I checked it out and wanted one right away,one problem,it was out of stock. Primary Arms offers an option to get an email when out of stock items come back in so I signed up for it. Within a couple of weeks I got the email letting me know the scope was in stock so I scooped one up right then, 2 days later, I got the scope in the mail! Today I went to the range to try it out on my AR. The first couple of shots were way low and right but with 2 minutes and 5 or 6 more shots I was getting 3 inch groups at 100 yards. I'm no sniper for sure but it was that easy. Another 100 rounds down and I was more than pleased. Held it's zero great, super easy to adjust and a bad ass looking scope to boot. Overall, the entire experience was as easy as can be from looking up info on the scope, to ordering it, to getting it and using it. I highly recommend Primary Arms and will absolutely be making more purchases from them. THANKS

Very happy.
William Campbell from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Love this scope . Very clear glass.This scope is made very well. Love the recticle on this. Very fast to pick up targets at an unknown range.The price is very far for a scope made this well. When the scope was back in stock it took three day to get to my door. Thanks for the great customer service .

Very Nice!
Oscar Salazar from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Very impressed with the quality of this scope. The acss reticle is very useful, not a gimmick. FFP for this is even better! Tracking was on point and I had no issues shooting to 200 yards(longest distance we have here) but I feel comfortable trying for 700-800 yards when I get to a longer range with this scope.

Will be buying another one soon
wes Bradley from VA wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope is very clear (even on 14 power) and the rectacle is awesome with the ffp for ranging targets. Don't think you can beat this for the price. Time will tell how it holds up. The only complaint i have which is very small is you can go to amazon and order the same scope which goes thru Primary Arms and get free shipping. I almost give this review 4 stars for that reason, but after mounting, shooting and the price i still give it 5 stars.

harold patron from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

That's right Wow. Mounted the scope on a Howa .308 1500 20 inch heavy barrel. Took it out to the range and zeroed with 20 rounds. Tried the BDC marks all the way to 600 yards...hits..with surplus ammo. At first glance, the recticle looks busy, but a quick once over the manual, and it becomes intuitive. Excellent product.

4-14x44 FFP
Eddie from IL wrote on August 10, 2015:

easy to order was there a 3 days.I have the scope mounted, it looks really nice the turrets feel good.I put the scope mechanical center it was on paper one shot.used the mil dots dialed in the was right on.I haven't had the time to really check the tracking . at hundred meters did2 mill up2 mills right it right we were supposed to.I'm happy

ACSSƒâ€š‚ HUD DMR .308/.223 Reticle
SSG SHULL from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

GREAT Scope!! I put this on my custom 6.5 Grendel and I`m Popping Tennis Balls out to 600 Yards. Great Glass will Put on my next Build, Would, and have Recommended to All Who Shoots Any type of distance. Everyone needs one of these on one of your Tac drivers.

Amazing Scope
David Kruse from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

I did a lot of research and read many reviews before buying this scope. I mounted this on an M1a Loaded. I have shot out to 500 meters so far with some 168gr rounds and it is spot on. The glass, reticle, and turrets are superb. I highly recommend this scope, it is a great buy and Primary Arms is awesome to do business with.

Acss hud dmr 4-14x44 scope
Todd Turner from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great company to do business with!! Had a small issue with scope and emailed customer service, had a new on fed ex same day before scope i had was returned. This is an A+ business great products and exceptional customer service!!!!

Amazing Optic
Jim from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

PA has done a great job bringing to market a FFP optic, with a reticle that flat works. And for the price, it can't be beat. The build quality is equal to the Burris, Nikon and Leupold scopes I own. The glass is clear with no visable distortion or artifacts on the edges. When adjusting through its zoom range. The turrets turn easily with audible clicks. And the illumination knob has off settings, between each level of brightness. Which is a nice feature (just like my Burris MTAC 1.5-6x42mm). What really makes this optic stand out, is its reticle. I was a little concerned that it would be too busy (I've been using the 6x ACSS for several months prior). But that thought was put to rest, when I looked through the scope. And my first thought was, COOL! The only thing I wish it had, was a forever warranty like Burris, Redfield or Leupold.

awesome company good product
Paul mincks from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

everyone i show this to thinks i paid $500+ for it. glass is clear and adjustments are very positive and accurate. the battery will go dead fast on it so make sure you have a spare but it is etched glass so you can still shoot also the battery is an odd size so you wont find it easily. i had a problem with the reticle rotating witch was an obvious defect so i told the company. they got back to me the next day with 3 emails 1. tracking for a replacement 2. return label for the broken one 3. an apology letter. this has been a great company to work with, the optic since replacement woks great and i have not had any issues using it on my Sig 716.

Awesome optic
Jeremy Church from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

Mounted the Primary Arms, New 4-14X44 FFP Scope with Patented HUD DMR .308/.223 Reticle onto my AR-10, last weekend. The Reticle was a hit with the six people on the range with me. Scope held true to 0, and I was extremely impressed with the size of the reticle when zoomed out. I love it, I would buy another if I had the money.

Another Primary Arms Success
Jason Quinones from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

So I got this scope in a couple weeks ago, First thing I did was check its clarity. It is impressively clear, I tested it along side my SWFA 3-15 and the clarity was nearly as good for about a third the price. I have since taken it to two ranges one at 25 yards to roughly zero it and another at 100-300 to test it. Its mounted on a 16" 308 that gets banged around during transport but has had no zero issues. The BDC is pretty spot on even with 150 grain bullets. Now negatives, at closer ranges 25 yards and in its not a super crisp picture though with the parallax and and adjustable ocular lens you get pretty close. The second is that I would like to see an illuminated mil-dot version. A mil system is incorporated into this scope but its not something I would want to do mil-work with and in fact have been looking at a falcon menace 4-14 illuminated because its the only option for an illuminated ffp scope in that magnification and price range but id rather have a PA scope hint hint.

Awesome accurate reliable scope
Matt from Tx from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

i bought this scope after watching military arms channel review on YouTube. My savage 10PC topped with this primary arms scope is the most accurate combo I've ever owned. I love this scope so far. Just a heads up lock tight your rings and mount! I made the mistake and needed up re zeroing because my rings came loose. But a little bit of lock tight and she is solid now

Ian Donahue from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope is awesome. Where else can you get an FFP scope for this price? Mounted it on my new Remington 700 SPS tactical and took it to the range. Able to achieve roughly 2 MOA with some lousy ammo through a brand new rifle, and I have a lot to work on as I am new to long range shooting. But the other guys there seem to get a kick out of the scope, and these are old timers who've been doing the long range stuff for like 20 years. They couldn't believe I got an FFP for this price. Some thought the radical was cluttered, but when I explained the philosophy behind it had to admit they thought it was cool. They agreed it has good, clear glass, surprised it was from China. I especially enjoy that the mil dots are included, allowing me to grow as a shooter. BTW the PA customer service was excellent, they helped me out when my computer wasn't allowing me to place the order and even through in free shipping for the inconvenience(which wasn't even their fault). Great company.

4x14 FFP ACSS Reticle
Thomas Johnson from FL wrote on August 10, 2015:

Well I have to say so far I am impressed, I have only unboxed it and mounted it up to my AR-10 but I must say this glass is CLEAR!! I'm by no means a scope expert but I could not believe the glass quality for the price you pay. The illum. reticle is nice but not daytime bright but no need the etched glass works great during daytime. The turrets are nice and have a positive feel and audible click. At 4x I can easily shoot both eyes open (very close to a ACOG) which was surprising to me. Great field of view with little to no "fish-eye" once I got it mounted up. The only thing I worry about is that it is made in China, but the fit and finish on this scope is beautiful. For this price and primary arms backing it up you really cant go wrong, once again I'm blown away at how clear this scope is 4x-14x its clear as can be, zero distortion or blur. Ill be sighting it in this Friday so we will see how she holds up soon. As of right now I'm impressed, way to go PA!

x322Grunt from NV wrote on August 10, 2015:

Mounted on RedX 6.5 Grendel Upper...easy zero with 27gr Benchmark and Hornady 123gr A-Max...very pleased with product.

4-14X44 FFP Scope ACSSƒâ€š‚ HUD DMR
N/A from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

The scope is working very well, have a hundred rounds or so shot with it, make an adjustment and the adjustment works just like it should. The range markers in the scope work as they should, Shot 100,200 and 300 yards and they all are right on. So far I really like the scope, with the build in range identifier/finder, for the price I think it would be very tough to beat.

4x14x44 FFP Scope
Angel Sanchez from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

Can't wait to sight it in. Fast shipping

Above and beyond
Miguel Garcia from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope is above and beyond what I expected at this price. If your like me and a weekend warrior, you can't beat this scope at the price.

4-14x44 FFP scope with ACSS reticle
Steve... from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

this is a great scope. i reccomend it.. dont like that its from china though...

4-14xffp scope acss
rex from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

great service, fast delivery,scope is sighted in at 100yds no problems. have not had time to shoot any farther. works as advertised

New Scope
Dan from CO wrote on August 10, 2015:

Not able to shoot it yet, but looks like a great buy for the money.

Nice finish and clear optics
JPD4 from AL wrote on August 10, 2015:

Just mounted bore scoped the sight. The adjustments seem precise and track straight. I really like the reticle and cant wait to shoot to see if it keeps zero and or adjustments remain true. For the price it will be hard to beat the value.

love my new scope
terry jones from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

everything was just as you said it would be . mounted it on my 25-06 Ackley and love the way it works . this years prairie dog trip will be fun . the only reason I didn't rate it a 5 , well it wasn't free lol

My 2nd ACSS Scope
Dennis Herrick from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

To start this is a typical Primary Arms branded scope. High value low shot it, but expect nothing less than perfection. My complaint/issue is with the packaging. The 1-6 ACSS I ordered came in a high quality box with foam inserts that protected the scope and presented in a way that said PA is "here to stay" and "in it to win it". On the other hand, the box this scope is in feels flimsy and looks like worn out corrugated cardboard. When I opened the box I found the scoped loosely packed in bubble wrap. After unpacking and inspecting the scope I saw no damage and experience very clear glass. I up to get out shooting in the next few weeks and will update this them. Advice: Everyone - Buy it if you are looking for a FFP 4-14 Primary Arms - please tighten up the packaging on this item to bring it on par to what I experience with my 1-6 ACSS

Nice scope.
Sean from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

The scope feels very solid. Can't wait to use it when the weather gets warmer. The zoom adjustment was a little tight so I added a throw lever to the scope. I hope over time it'll loosen up.

Nothing but happy
B-awesome from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is a great scope! the glass is super clear all the way to 14. Turrets have good solid click. reticle is pretty easy to get used to. Took it out to 250 yards and felt like I could miss with a savage 308! Hope to stretch it out to the 7-800 yard mark soon. if your looking for a great scope for a great price you found it. I'll be buying the 1x6 soon. Well done PA!

Outstanding optic
George W Dean from OH wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is an exceptional optic and reticle. I'd intended to sight in the 20" bbl at 50 yds, for 100 yds, with 62 gr 855 then use some 77 & 79 gr to observe variation out of a 20" Wylde chamber 1:8. Using a bipod on a bench with my fist as a rear control, at the 200, I notice no discernable drop at all with 20 rounds of 62 gr sent down range at 4X. A fist sized group directly centered at the high point of the fatal triangle. I'd been so busy with four rifles that I completely forgotten to dial up to 14X with this one. Nevertheless I was seriously impressed with this glass. This Primary Arms optic is an amazing value. At 14X, with illuminated reticle, everything is crystal clear with excellent discrimination. Testing with 77 & 79 gr .223 will have to wait for another day.

Nice scope
Mario from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Installed on my M&P10 and after zeroing at 100yds, shot steel at 200 and 300 yrds. scope performed well. First time shooting a FFP but once I got used to it, the scope dialed in well. Very nice, impressed one of my buddy's so much he is going to order the same scope. it takes all the guess work out and puts the rounds on target down range.

Just bought this scope for my AR about a month ago
Noah Duethman from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I enjoy long range shooting more than anything and have many different guns I take into the field. Lately I have been shooting a lot of prairie dogs and have a moss berg MVP 5.56 and an AR with a 16in barrel. I usually put some good money in scopes but for these guns I just wanted to get a couple scopes that would get the job done. I had a nikon p-223 3-9 and ordered one of these scopes and put this on my AR. I thought the nikon was an excellent scope and was worried about the price of this scope for what it supposedly offers but so far I have been nothing but amazed. From my experience Primary Arms made a $1000 scope and priced it under $300! I have been hitting prairie dogs(small target) at 600-800 with a 16in barrel using this scope. Every adjustment is perfect, accurate, and equal to the last. I would rather put this scope on any of my guns than an expensive Leopold or any other scope. Great job guys!

Incredible clarity and quality. Very impressed!
Derek akner from NY wrote on August 10, 2015:

Crystal clear glass and super sturdy construction. I put this on my SPR build and have been incredibly happy. The reviews aren't lying to you! This scope can really compete with top of the line optics. Update: May 11th 2015: I finally got around to taking this out and my first shot at 100 yards was 2 inches up and 2 inches left. The adjustments are super crisp. With two clicks in each direction, I was punching touching holes. I am incredibly impressed with this scope and have no doubt of a long lifespan of accurate shooting.

Initial Impressions
Cody B. from IL wrote on August 10, 2015:

Upon unboxing the scope I am impressed with the clarity of the glass. The zoom was difficult to turn probably because the UPS guy left the box on my porch in 4 inches of snow. I imagine with time this will become easier to manipulate. Haven't shot it yet to see how it holds a zero or how it tracks but overall I am pleased with the scope. My only 2 issues are: 1) The turrets knobs are crooked. When rotating the knobs you can physically see the knob wobbling like a bent bike rim rolling along. 2) I can't get the elevation knob to turn all the way back to 0. The traverse knob went back to the zero mark relatively easily but elevation is .5 mils away from zero and I'm not going to force it. Will post another review when I get it mounted and shoot it for a bit.

Just a little clairfication
Mark Hensley from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Hi, over all I am very satisfied with my purchase so far. Seems to be easy to use but since I'm not the best shot in the world and the reticle is very busy and can be confusing to look at. I was wondering if it is possiable to make the user instructions just a tad easier. I usually prefer a cleaner looking reticule but wanted to give this one a try. Not the best glass I've ever looked through but the best I've seen at this price point. In closing I must say that I am impressed with your product, fast shipping and ease of purchase, best 300 plus dollars I've spent in years, can't wait to get back out on the range. I just wish it was made in the good ole USA, other than that be proud of your product!!!

M1A + This = Amazing
N/A from UT wrote on August 10, 2015:

The M1A/M14 platform is notoriously violent on optics I mounted it with a Bassett *low* picatinny mount, and a set of vortex viper 30mm *low* rings (good quality). It clears the front scout rail and rear peep sight by about 1/8th an inch. Absolutely perfect. I've put almost 400rds of M80 ball and 120rds of 168gr FGMM through it. The holdover markings line up incredibly well. The adjustment knobs have a bit of mush. It has a solid click sound, but mush between individual adjustments. The adjustments track well. Box tested positive. Its held up to the violence of the M1a action. No slipping. At 4x, the horse shoe looks like a donut of death, and its really fast to pick up on. At 14x, the chevron is very precise to aim with. I honestly prefer it over crosshairs, as nothing in life is truly vertical. All in all, its worth it for a 308 long range banger. Its made extremely well, and i firmly believe its perfect for a semi auto DMR.

Love it
N/A from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

So the day after I received the scope in the mail I mounted it and went to the range with a friend. Another guy showed up and asked about the scope and when I told him it was less than $300 he gave me the "Oh, so its cheap" look. After I got it zeroed in and popped a couple 1 foot tiles at 700 yards he kind of shut up. This is a great scope and I have it mounted on a remington 700 308 SPS tactical with the 20 inch barrel. It is awesome.

Knocked this one out of the park.....
US Army (Ret) from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Shared this on your FB page as well PA...bottom line - WOW what an optic. PA, just came back from the range with your 4 x 14 ACSS FFP mounted on my M1A rifle - I used your mid height rings, lapped and honed the rings, and bolted everything down to a Sadlak Airborne mount. Zero was achieved in 3 rounds. If I didnt love shooting as much as I do, using your scope would be boring. You simply Range it - Cover it - Shoot. Every single time. Amazing optic on just about every level: at this price point ($279) for a FFP ranging reticle (with mils as well) with this clear of glass - stunning. I will see how she holds up after constant hammering by the M1a, which is known to utterly destroy scopes - but Im honestly not worried after reading about all your test procedures at PA. Thank you for providing the market with a HIGH quality full feature set scope, and a fantastic price point for those of us that cant afford $$$$ super expensive glass.

Like it
RealBigReel from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

For the amount of money spent this is an excellent scope. Like firm and open controls and the side focus. Seems to be well put together. Haven't tried it beyond 100 yds yet but I do like the BDC feature.

PA 4-14x44 FFP ACSS Reticle
Minh Dang from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is an EXCELLENT scope for the money! You will not find another FFP scope with all the features anywhere close to this price at $280! SWFA has a 3-15x42 FFP scope, and it's priced at $700!! That's 2.5 times more than this scope. Don't get me wrong. I own 2 SWFA scopes (5-20x50 FFP and the 12X). They are very good quality scopes made in Japan. However, the 12X fixed SWFA scope is $300. For $280, the Primary Arms 4-14x44 FFP ACSS even has illumination! I read several reviews before purchasing this. And I agree with everyone. This scope feels like very good quality. I'd say on par with SWFA's scopes. The glass is very clear. I plan to mount this on my Remington 700 SPS with a 16.5" heavy barrel. Like always, Primary Arms ship so fast. I'm still waiting for my scope rings and base to come in to mount it. I hope to be back on here to do another review after test firing it on the rifle. But at this price point, it's worth the risk. Buy it while it's still in stock!

Review 4-14x44 FFP ACSSA HUD DMR .308 scope
Jimmy Laurent from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Nice scope,love the reticle,glass compares to my nikons. The only negative for me is, the eye relief is a bit close.

savage model 10 p Scope.
Art Fontes from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:


Producct and service review
Bill from CO wrote on August 10, 2015:

The scope arrived as promised along with all accessories. The scopes glass is clear and all the dials work well. Just a bit disappointed that just 12 days after my purchase the company has a Fathers Day sale and the scope was $20.00 less, sure would have been nice to know about the sale before hand then I would have put the $20.00 towards a base and rings.

product looks good
Nelson rodriguez from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Just waiting on time to go to the shooting range

Super fast shipping
Jason from GA wrote on August 10, 2015:

These scope is rock solid, I mounted it on a ruget 7.62. Holds zero, no problem.

Super Impressive
P.H. from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

P.A.s super tech support was very helpful in obtaining this product. Always viewed online but is a very popular item with P.A. Finally successful in obtaining one. Great assistance in mounts and further recommendations in support of. Many positive comments and where purchased. Thank you guys!!

Scope and hood purchase
Ben from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Very pleased with purchase and speedy delivery. Sighting in the scope- Awesome!

Super clear glass
Jason Sauer from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

This glass is as clear as most that are far more expensive. I love the reticle. The turrets are a little squishy but you won't find a comparable optics for under 600.00.

Primary arms 4-14 ffp scope
scott yingling from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I'm very happy with the quality of the scope, it is very well made. I installed it on a dpms.308 I'm hoping it holds up to the recoil, so far it has been great. I sighted it in at 100 yards & was able to ring the gongs at 600 yards with no problem using the reticles. I'm thinking of buying another for my 5.56 now. Great job primary arms! Awesome scope!!

Primary Arms 4-14X44 FFP Scope
Paul C. from NV wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great optic! Beyond what I expected!

Primary Arms 4-14 ACSS
Curtis from AZ wrote on August 10, 2015:

I'm pretty pleased with the scope. I think the only improvement could be to give a few brighter illumination settings. It's hard to use the BAC in bright light for quick close in shooting. But hey, this is a scope, not a red dot sight. It does everything it's advertises. I zeroed it pretty quick, put my mother behind it whos NEVER used a scope or AR15 at 60 years old and she was hitting hitting steel at 200 yards on her first shot. This is my first Primary Arms experience. I researched it before buying and read a lot of good things. My only hang up, most scopes offer a lifetime warranty, this scope is only 3 years, but it looks and feels rugged and held up to the trail and range sessions I've put it through without a hick up. So far, I think it's worth the money

PA 4-14X44 FFP Scope
N/A from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

Overall, I am pleased with the purchase of the PA 4-14X44 FFP Scope. PA was very helpful in helping me in selecting the scope rings (extra high to clear the fixed sight) for my PTR 91 GI R. The fixed sights are still usable. Have not taken the rifle out to the range yet so we will have to wait and see how the scope performs.

Primary Arms 4-14X44 FFP Scope with Patented ACSS
Derek Naquin from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This was my first experience with Primary Arms and FFP scopes, and I must say I have been impressed with both. The optic is crystal clear and seems to be well built. I had a gunsmith mount and do a rough 25 yard bore site for me. Took two shots to get on at 100 yards and then 2-3 at 200 yards. After about 10 rounds I was easily able to hit center mass at 350 yards using the graduated markings on the reticle. With a little more study and practice I feel confident I will be able to take full advantage of this scopes abilities. Proud to own it!

primary arms 4-14x44 great scope
Jeremy Ellis from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

really like this scope very well built for the money good clarity highly recommend

Primary Arms Just Set The Bar
Walter Kopacz from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Crystal clear glass, all you could ask for functions and symbology, easy to use after a little patience, trial and error (as with all scopes). Illuminated (6 settings), ergonomic sturdy turrents with audible clicks finish the form. At this price, super quality and function, Primary Arms has set the bar for the competition regardless of price range in my opinion, especially for us folks who can't afford nor need big budget scopes. For those interested on my setup, I mounted this scope on my M1A with BASSETT Picatinny Rail Scope Mount Package (HIGH, so can use iron sights), the best US Army trial proven M1A Scope Mount made, period (Weaver Rings 30mm #49120), I don't believe anyone can any longer say the M1A wasn't made to be "scoped", for this scoped turned this beast into a monster! Extremely happy and highly recommend, especially if you're looking for your first scope.

great quality
Garrett Hart from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

awesome experience as always from primary

I need 4 more ....
John from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Outstanding value...built like a tank and optics are crystal clear at any magnification....

cool idea
ibzis1138 from MN wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great product for the price.

ffp scope
Brian Ramsey from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Fast shipping. Looks to be quality!

good scope
N/A from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Nice scope, great glass. for the money I cant beat it. The only thing I wish they had locking turrets. There are pretty tough to bump and get them to move but just to have that sense of security. I always anyway check to see if there still on zero before I shoot. Heavy scope, good audible clicks, great matching parallax adjustment also.

Great bang for the buck
Stephen Le from LA wrote on August 10, 2015:

I bought this optic for a rifle I rarely shoot, So I didn't want to invest too much. Overall I'm happy with a log of things. There's an audible click when adjusting windage and elevation, though its not a solid click. For the price, I doubt you would find an FFP scope that would do that. Also I love the fact that there's an "off" between all the illumination settings. Really helps that you don't have to cycle all the way around just to turn off the illumination. 14x is plenty enough for shooting within 500 yards. The glass is clear enough, especially when you factor in the price. My only real complaint is the eye relief. It's not very forgiving, I have to be exactly at the right spot to be able to see through this. That's not an issue with dealing with say my trijicon accupoint, but that was a significantly more expensive optic. So overall, I'm happy, I'll probably only use that rifle 2 times a year, so the scope will serve its purpose.

Great for a beginner like me
Steve Do from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

I am not an experienced shooter but this scope was a great start for me. Competitive price while and it does not look cheap. Although it says "Made in China" not everything in China that is made is bad quality. Elevation and Windage turrets feel crisp with each click. The brightness setting is a bit stiff for my liking but I think after using the knob a bit more it will be easier to rotate. I only manged to use the 200 yard mark for the BDC and all of my shots hit paper. I was using a bullpup (Tavor) so I did not expect the greatest accuracy but the BDC worked nice. I did not get a chance to use the range estimations yet. Crisp image with the glass. Great bang for your buck. Would recommend.

Great glass
Bosskie from OR wrote on August 10, 2015:

Weight is surprisingly light. Easy target acquisition. Great FFP glass. But now my rifle can out-shoot me! I want to recognize their staff for honesty and great communication. I would recommend this to any hunter.

Robert Rossi from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great scope especially for its price. Very clear glass.

Great deal for an FFP!
William E. from NV wrote on August 10, 2015:

Scope clarity is beyond what I expected! The acss is a great feature, not too busy if that's your concern. The reticle is sharp with or without the illumination. Pictures I found online looking down the scope before buying don't really do the it justice! So far I'm happy with it, we'll see how it holds up.

Glass that kicks a$$
N/A from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

I bought this busy acss hud dmr glass with high hopes of hitting those long range shots with out the use of a ballistic chart or calculator.(3-4 hundred yards w/308) For my money this scope delivered on performance and quick understanding of operation. I've purchased "that" expensive glass before and I'm still amazed by this FFP scope; it out performs the high price spreads and definitely meets my needs!

This thing is made out of unicorn tears.
K W from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

This thing is seriously freaking awesome. If you are a range snob and you need to impress a bunch of middle aged dudes from with your Nightforce then by all means pass up this gem. If you want an amazingingly clear piece of glass with solid clicks and FFP goodness for a bargain price then get this! I mounted it on my Larue Tactical PredatOBR and was shooting Sub-MOA within minutes and ringing steel plates at 300 and 400 yards with boring regularity. Every single person who looks through the glass is blown away by the clarity of the glass and the super useful, clean reticle. The Horseshoe/Chevron combo is vastly superior to crosshairs and some serious thought has been put into the design. If I had the money I would love a durability test between this scope, an SWFA 3-15 and a Nightforce but I think the results would be similar.

First Order
Michael Benedict from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Excellent ordering experience. I ordered a scope after contacting Primary Arms and getting their recommendations, as well as a question on a scope mount. My email was answered almost immediately. This is a great company.

First time buyer
Timothy Ivory from NJ wrote on August 10, 2015:

Good morning guys, Hers my pitch. I purchased this scope based on you tube reviews .particularly "$1000 sniper rifle " . I'm new to fire arms and as I become more familiar with my second amendment rights.i felt a need to explore the posabilities of long rang shooting as a hobby. Any way. My only complaint as a first time buyer.( I'll just say that your product is priced at the ideal range of the first time user) "me". With out any experience. I don't know how to properly set up the scope. I under stand windage and Elevation.and there is a paragraph about ajusting the rectal clarity.. So please ,add a little more "how too" In your manuals.because , as a first time user, your going to find a lot more guys like me at $279. Thanks for your attention. Tim

Good Optic
Christopher Lorine from AZ wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is a good optic. I am very happy with the performance thus far. One issue I did have is the scope slid back after 50 rounds and I had to re-set it and torque it down more than I am used to doing. It would be helpful if the company provided better install instructions.

Good price, good scope, but...
N/A from CA wrote on August 10, 2015: feature is needed: option of locking the turrets. Clarity is good, love the reticle, and the price for a FFP scope is unbeatable. However, the locking turrets feature is often not included but i believe with tactical scopes it is a needed feature to avoid accidental dope (turret) movement. I would be willing to pay more with this feature. But, as it is now for the price, I can be only happy with it. Good job PA.

Top shelf service.
Michael from WA wrote on August 10, 2015:

The first scope I received had a defect in the front tube. I contacted Gerry about exchanging it and had a replacement shipped in less than 12 hours. Great service with a focus on customer satisfaction. The scope is good quality for the price and I really like the reticle. Good clear and bright glass. The eyepiece focus ring turns rather easily so I'll have to watch that it doesn't change when handling or in the case. The other adjustment knobs are tight and have a positive click adjustment. I can't attest to durability as I only have 50 rounds fired with it but at this point it holds accuracy well. I would recommend that you give this scope a try.

Good Choice
Lee Carter from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Delivery was on time and product was delivered in perfect condition. Utilize scope on a Remington 783 in .308. Mounted clean and easily. 7 rounds of Hornady 168 grain to zero at 100 yards. Scope maintained great clarity at 500 yards and the calibrated reticle was exact for multiple targets between 300 and 500 yards. Fired at 60ft elevation, 67 degrees temperature, 3 mph headwind, 30% humidity, flat range lanes. Three shot group was easily covered by a dime. Fired from lead sled as well as bipod supported. Did not have the time to attempt past 500 yards yet. Highly pleased with the purchase and the performance of the scope.

Great Optic
Jon Phillips from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is my second Primary Arms scope and I am not disappointed. Great value and performance coupled with excellent service. I have already recommended this optic to multiple friends.

Great scope for the price
Kevin Hawkins from OR wrote on August 10, 2015:

Works great fast deliver what else can I say

Great Scope!
Nathan Dutton from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Glass and reticule are super clear. The illumination works fine. Turret clicks are tactile and crisp.

Great Scope for the Money
Stephen Morehead from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Eye relief is a bit narrow but otherwise awesome product. Would be 5 stars if not for this minor setback.

Great Scope For the Money!
Feng Chun Zhao from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

This scope is great for the Money! Full of options and nice glass as well. It's not a High End optic but gives a run for the money on anything under $500 in the market.

Great Value
Robert Barton from CA wrote on August 10, 2015:

I have only had this rifle out once but I am impressed with the quality of this scope. Sighting in was a breeze adjustments seemed true. Enjoy shopping here at Primary Arms.

hard to believe
Robert Stevens from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

The scope is friendly, very forgiving, I was very surprised at how easy it was to adjust out parallax, it zero'd and holds zero, and I have been impressed with how useful and accurate the reticle really is. Another great value!

Great Scope, Different Scope.
Blake from AL wrote on August 10, 2015:

You will not find a 4x14 power FFP scope for this amount of money anywhere else, or at lest one that is this good. I have other scopes that are two or three times the price and they don't have the bells and whistles that this scope has to offer. I purchased this scope for my 18 in DMR AR-15 build. I have not had a chance to shoot past a 100 yards but I am putting the rounds through the same hole at this range. The glass is much clearer than any other scope I have used in the Under $600 range, and this scope is under $300. The ACSSA HUD reticle does take a little time getting accustomed to, but that is part of the fun. It is different than any other Tactical Scope I have ever owned. I have purchased from Primary Arms a couple of different times. Every time has been a pleasure. They make great products, and they ship to you fast. I ordered this scope on a Wednesday, and it arrived in the mail on Friday. I used it on Saturday.

great value
john d edelen from MT wrote on August 10, 2015:

The scope was as expected - optics clear and turrets seem to track well. Love the mil/mil

Great product and fast shipping!!
Dustin Snow from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Just recieved the scope and love it!!...crystal clear and love the reticle! Very solid product, CS, and fast shipment. Will def be buying from again and highly recomend. Cant wait to try it out on my long range 308 build!!

Great Reticle Awesome Value!!
John from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

Mounted this scope on a Mossberg MVP Patrol with 18.5" barrel. Glass is bright and clear. Love the functionality of the reticle. I already have the 4X prism scope on a 5.56 AR and the 1-6X on another 5.56 AR. Haven't tried this one at a distance greater than 100 yds yet. I trust the ballistic drop will be spot on like both my 5.56 scopes with the ACSS reticle. Absolute best value for a .308/7.62 NATO scope!!

Great optics/ Fastest shipping
Neal from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

I have 2 ,4-14 ffp's and just received the ACSS HUD .308. Glass is always clear and turrets always go back to zero! Great Value! Primary Arms shipping times are second to none!!!

Great Product
John F from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great scope. Everything is very positive. Clear glass. Focus and parallax brings everything in very sharp at any distance. HUD is amazing and very intuitive.

Great Scope at a great price!
Steven Pyle from TX wrote on August 10, 2015:

The reticle in this scope is worth far more than the price of the scope! Glass is amazingly clear, reticle is the best I've used and its overall an outstanding scope for my AR-10. Can't go wrong with this scope!

Great scope for an AR-15
N/A from FL wrote on August 10, 2015:

This is my first scope. I have spent a lot of time comparing the quality of glass between this primary arms scope, and a few expensive Nikon and Bushnell scopes. I mounted this on my AR-15. I was slightly worried about the clarity of glass after I watched a few reviews on YouTube, these fears were put to rest when I recieved my scope. I can not find one swirl mark or imperfection in the glass, the clarity is better than most Nikon scopes I have seen and the price is unbeatable. I spent around 90 rounds sighting it in (my first time) and once I zeroed it in, it was a freaking tack driver. I do find the eye relief to be a bit short when the zoom is maxed to 14x but a good cheek weld helps in this regard. I can't state how happy I am with my purchase, I will continue to learn the mil system and I am sure this scope with allow me to grow my long range accuracy.

Great Scope
william gardner from N/A wrote on August 10, 2015:

Love this scope really useful reticle very accurate out to 400yds with 168gr .308 so far

Great Scope and Value
Derek Howe from MN wrote on August 10, 2015:

Great scope, fast shipping. I went from a Tasco World Class Plus with 1.5" groups at 100 yards to all within a dime with this scope. Can't wait to try it on some longer range shooting. I really like the leads, windage, and mil dots for quick on the fly calculations. Thanks