Bear Creek Arsenal 18" .223 Wylde Heavy Contour 1:7 Mid-Length 4150 Barrel - Black Nitride

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Manufactured by Bear Creek Arsenal
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This high quality Bear Creek Arsenal barrel goes through its entire production life in Sanford, North Carolina at Bear Creek's facilities. Drilling, reaming, rifling, and turning are all accomplished on their CNC machines under ISO-9002 Quality Systems, allowing Bear Creek to put every barrel through a 100% inspection and air gauging process, ensuring every individual barrel is flawless before it leaves their facilities.

This 18", 1:7 twist, heavy contour barrel is machined from 41V50 chromoly vanadium steel, heat treated to RC 28-32 hardness, properly stress relieved with a highly corrosion resistant Salt Bath Nitride finish inside and out. Chambered for .223 Wylde, BCA expects that it, along with any of their barrels 16" or longer, will hold a 1.000 MOA group at 100 yards when used with appropriate ammo and shooting techniques.

Gas Port: Mid-length, 0.070"


Barrel CoatingSalt Bath Nitride
Barrel ContourHeavy
Barrel Length18
Barrel LiningSalt Bath Nitride
Barrel Material4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
BrandBear Creek Arsenal
Caliber Gauge.223 Wylde
Feed RampsM4
Gas Seat Diameter.750
Gas System LengthMid-Length
Thread Pattern1/2 X 28
Twist Rate1:7
Weight2.5 lbs

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It like a unicorns horn.


Bought it because a sub-MOA guarantee for less than 100 bucks sounded about the same as snatching the wings off of the tooth fairy. However, after it arrived (very fast, thanks Primary Arms) I installed it, did a barrel break-in, and worked up some hand loads. I'm getting 5 shot groups .846 inch groups at 100m (110 yards) with 75 grain Hornady's with IMR 8208 XBR. I would definitely buy again.

It fell apart.

by -

After reading reviews and watching some review videos online I knew the feed ramps wouldn't be polished, but that's really no big deal as I can do that on my own (which I did and it turned out nicely) but what I didn't know is that the edges of the feed ramps would be all jagged and not smooth looking like I had expected. It ran flawlessly for the 40 rounds I put through it just to test functionality of the rifle back in November. I took the rifle out for the second time and sat down at the shooting bench and fired about 40 rounds before I started having FTFs and FTEs. I noticed the barrel was loose, so I took off the hand guard and inspected the barrel nut, which was still torqued to the proper specs. The barrel extension had actually come out of the barrel, and wasn't mounted the way it should be. It came out no less than 1/8". I'm now dealing with BCA to return the barrel for a refund.

top notch product and people


absolutely outstanding service at super price.awesome barrel, now my savage ar 15 shoots like a good ar is intended to.thank you