Bear Creek Arsenal Buyer's Guide

Bear Creek Arsenal

Located in Sanford, North Carolina, Bear Creek Arsenal employs over 250 employees to manufacture affordable AR-15 barrels and AR-15 components out of quality materials.

Utilizing state-of-the-art CNC machines, they are able to turn 416R stainless steel into match quality barrels, 7075-T6 aluminum into Mil-Spec forged receivers, and 9310 steel into long-lasting bolts. They are veteran owned and run by the belief that every American should be able to own an AR-15 that they can rely on.

Every product is backed by their limited lifetime warranty and ensure that every rifle is capable of 1 MOA before it leaves the factory floor. Even if it means taking the time to go through a 100% inspection process on the barrel alone.

Bear Creek Arsenal Barrel Review

Every Bear Creek Barrel is machined from either 416R stainless steel or 4150 chrome moly vanadium depending on the type. They come in a variety of lengths, profiles, calibers, and can be made with multiple different types of flutes, so you can build exactly what you want.

Every barrel is drilled, reamed, rifled, and turned on BCA CNC machinery to ensure adherence to ISO-9002 quality standards. Barrels are then heat treated to RC 28-32 hardness and properly stress relieved to withstand years of use. AR barrels are one of the most popular products that they sell due to the vast amount of options and go great when paired with their upper receivers.

Bear Creek Arsenal Upper Receivers Review

Just like their barrel selection, they have a huge range of upper receivers for building an AR-15 in the caliber of your choice. Every receiver is made from 7075 aluminum and finished with a hardcoat anodized black for additional wear and corrosion resistance.

Built to MIL-SPEC dimensions for maximum compatibility with aftermarket parts, so you can build your dream rifle whether it is a .223 Remington plinker or .300 Blackout hunting rifle.

Bear Creek Arsenal Side Charging Upper and BCG Review

If you are looking to build something a little different, BCA designed and built a side charging AR-15 upper receiver and a side charging bolt carrier group combo. The upper receiver is machined from 7075 billet aluminum instead of going through a traditional forged process allowing for a more custom look and more precise final dimensions.

The side charging bolt carrier group is made from 9310 steel with either a Nitride carrier and Parkerized bolt. The charging handle attaches to the side and reciprocates with the carrier. The upper receiver has a cutout on the side to facilitate the charging handle and the dust cover and forward assist have been removed. This upper and BCG combo are a great option if a standard AR-15 just won’t cut it for you anymore.

Bear Creek Arsenal Complete Upper Receivers Review

If building a rifle from the ground up isn’t for you and you would rather just grab a complete AR-15 upper and throw it on a lower receiver, BCA still has you covered. 16 inch 5.56, 8.5 inch 9mm, anything you want, you can build.

If KeyMod is what you’re after, there are multiple AR-15 upper receivers with compatible handguards. Not only KeyMod, but M-LOK and Picatinny handguards as well. Every possible combination of caliber, handguard, barrel profile, and finish you can think of.

All you need is a single MIL-SPEC AR lower receiver and quickly swap between upper receiver groups, so you can have a hunting rifle, plinking rifle, and home defense rifle all in one. Each upper receiver group comes completely assembled with bolt carrier group and charging handle included.

The Mission

Bear Creek is dedicated to providing America with the best bang for the buck rifle. Their rifles and components are made from the best materials and with state-of-the-art-machining techniques, so that they can guarantee every rifle is able to achieve 1 MOA at 100 yards.

They believe the “AR platform is a staple mark of American freedom and liberties that we believe every American shooter should afford to own”.