CMC Triggers AR-15 / AR-10 Drop-In Single Stage Duty Trigger - Flat - 4.5lbs

Manufactured by CMC Triggers
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Manufactured by CMC Triggers
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The CMC Single Stage trigger features a non-adjustable flat trigger bow with a 4.5lb pull that breaks like glass. It has almost no take-up and extremely short reset to make follow up shots fast and easy. The flat trigger bow increases surface area for your finger to rest on improving trigger control and consistency. The hammer is lightened and uses a high-power Rocket Wire spring that ensures reliability with commercial and surplus ammunition. The high-power spring also results in minimal lock time, which is the time it takes for the hammer to fall and strike the primer, resulting in much more accurate shots. CMC Triggers have invested in a new production and tooling setup that incorporates advanced techniques that help to reduce manufacture time and cost while still providing you with a high quality, reliable trigger that is affordable.


  • Compatible with AR-15 and AR-10 rifles
  • Installs with Mil-Spec .154” trigger pins
  • Single stage 4.5lb trigger pull
  • Flat trigger bow for improved trigger control
  • Tactile and short reset
  • Minimal lock time with lightened hammer and full power Rocket Wire spring
  • Drop-in, one-piece design made from 8620 alloy steel
  • 100% Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty!

Note: Trigger pull weights are approximate and may vary between rifles

Assembling an AR-15 for the most part is pretty simple; however, some aspects of the process can be frustrating such as installing the takedown detent and spring or trying to put the trigger together. CMC Triggers saw a need to improve on the AR15 trigger installation process and introduced their line of completely self-contained trigger groups. Each trigger is encased in 8620 alloy steel to protect the internal components from dirt and debris, carbon buildup, or anything else that might get into the lower receiver and can be installed in seconds. Just drop it in, install the Mil-Spec trigger pins and you are ready to go. They have a huge selection of triggers that are built for specific applications and preferences. This model is designed for law enforcement, home defense, and hunting as it has a light trigger pull to improve accuracy without sacrificing reliability or safety. Install this fire control group today and experience a smooth trigger pull like never before.

With roots in aerospace manufacturing, CMC is perhaps best known as the producer of the original drop-in precision trigger for the AR-15/10 platform. CMC Triggers are dedicated to crafting the finest parts and accessories for law enforcement, military, and civilian use.

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BrandCMC Triggers
Drop InDrop-In
Manufacturer.CMC Triggers
Total Pull Weight4.5 lbs
Trigger BowFlat
Trigger Pin DiameterMIL-SPEC .154
Trigger StyleSingle Stage

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

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Great trigger, works on both 5.56 and 22lr. Not any malfs. Really like the flat trigger, it increases the finger distance a little compared to curved triggers and i must say it fits me better and gives me more control. Installation took 5 min. PA was great as always.

Amazing trigger


I decided to give this one a try since it was almost $100 less than the Timney. It is every bit as good as the Timneys that I do have. Don't regret it and will be using on future builds.

CMC Trigger


Incredible accessory to my AR. Should have upgraded a long time ago. Easy to install.

I.. I can't even


Well, I've heard and read so many good reviews on these things that I finally decided to pick one up (thank you IRS!). I decided to go with the flat trigger because, well, I'd heard a lot of good things about that too - and those guys couldn't have been more right. It's such a crisp, clean break with the most subtle reset I've ever experienced. The trigger pull says 4.5LBS, but I even find that hard to believe. The flat trigger feels much more natural than the Mil-Poops, and I'm honestly angry I'm not shooting it right now. Basically, buy one. Do yourself that favor.



This trigger is crisp and clean. Helped a lot on my accuracy and the flat nature of it provides a perfect finger placement.

Great trigger group for tactical use!!


So far terrific! I didn't want an easy to mis-fire super light-weight trigger group and this CMC delivers. Clean, crisp break and reset is short and sweet. Installation was incredibly easy and with the counter-rotating pins, I have seen not a bit of loosening with thousands of rounds downrange. Love the flat trigger as it provides an easily repeatable spot to place your finger for consistent trigger pull. Speaking of pull, the 4.5 to 5 lbs feels a bit less than advertised, even though it is exactly that when measured. This is a really great option for those looking for a single-stage tactical trigger that still manages to provide excellent results shooting at distances beyond 200 yards. If you are worried that 4.5 to 5 lbs will be too heavy - don't be. Get this trigger!

Very nice trigger

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Very nice trigger. Crisp break. Caught it on sale, ordered it and received in 3 days. I liked it so much that I ordered a second one.

Great trigger, Horrible reset


I purchased this trigger on sale. The trigger sure is a step above the factory trigger that came with my rifle (mil-spec). The flat trigger is new to me, but I really like it. This trigger feels like it's a pound less than rated (I do not have a pull gauge to check it). However, the reason for the 4 stars is the reset is HORRIBLE in this. The pull has just a hair touch of take up, super crisp break (like glass...), and then a mile long trek of release to reset the trigger... If I had not purchased this on sale, I would be returning it. If this was a "competition" trigger, it would get 1 star. I have experience with JP adjustable triggers, and the break in this is better, but the JP is leaps and bounds ahead on the reset. The break on this CMC is very similar to the Geissle triggers I have felt, but again, the reset kills it. This was installed in a PSA lower with some anti-walk pins with the intent to hunt with it.


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Best Trigger for the money

by -

Easy to install, breaks like a glass rod. Fantastic.