Foxtrot Mike Products AR-15 Pistol Brace

Manufactured by Foxtrot Mike Products
Manufactured by Foxtrot Mike Products
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The Foxtrot Mike Products AR-15 pistol brace is designed for use on smooth style pistol buffer tubes with a 1.2” outside diameter. It is made from a synthetic rubber and designed to be wrapped around your forearm providing a more stable platform when shooting your rifle style pistol with one hand. The FM products AR pistol brace comes with three spacers to adjust the length depending on your preference. Just place them inside the brace before sliding it over the buffer tube. With a friction fit design, it is extremely easy to install. Some WD-40 or other lubricant may be needed to help slide it over the buffer tube. Once fully inserted, it is guaranteed to stay in place. To remove, simply use a flathead screw driver create a gap between the buffer tube and brace, apply more lubricant and twist and pull to get it to come loose. Perfect for either a pistol caliber build or even a short barrel 5.56, this AR-15 arm brace allows you to have a compact AR without the need for a tax stamp.

  • Compatible with pistol buffer tubes with 1.2” outside diameter
  • Designed to be used one handed with brace wrapped around forearm
  • Made from synthetic rubber
  • Wide cheek rest for bracing against your cheek
  • Includes three spacers to customize length
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Friction fit design

Feature rich, high-quality, and affordable, Foxtrot Mike Products offer cutting edge solutions utilizing the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes available. The FM Products pistol arm brace is one of the most simple and affordable on the market.
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BrandFoxtrot Mike Products
Sling MountNon-Mount
StorageNot Storage Capable
TypeArm Brace

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews


For those that like it tight.

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Solid brace. Solid price.
<br>Been looking for a value priced brace (read Cheap, :) ) to put on a pistol. This seemed to be a option. Picked it up yesterday and installed it today. Very tight. In fact too tight for my liking. Ended up using a pipe clamp to get it installed on the buffer tube. Had to put a piece of wood in to tube and crank down on the vice to get it fully over the tube. Install instructions did not work. Don't believe their instructions about removal will work either, if I want it off I will have to destroy the brace. Loses 1 star because of this. Otherwise I like the brace. Does same thing as products from bigger names listed at 3x the price.

Great price for a great product sold by a great company.

by -

I was looking for an inexpensive pistol brace for my budget friendly AR15 pistol.<br>Installation was done without a vice or any other tool. Yes it's a tight fit but a good amount of lubrication (Ballistol) helped with that.<br>I like that it came with 3 spacers that are inserted in the brace before installation to adjust the brace to the length of your forearm. Haven't shot the AR with it yet but looking forward to do so.<br>The three things I like most are the price, the spacers and that it don't have a strap.<br>This was my first purchase from Primary Arms but definitely not my last.

Great Product!

by -

Excellent fit! Very sturdy but comfortable! Great price! Buy a few, i bought 2

Great cheek weld.

by -

Got this for a Ruger Charger TD build. Because the barrel comes off I didn't feel the need for collapsible brace so I saved some money. Was a tight fit on the KAK pistol buffer tube, had to pound it on with a rubber mallet. Like that it is a solid no wobble unit and the cheek weld is better than my other braces. Good value here!


by -

Yes, it's tight, but it would be worthless if it wasn't. A quick spray with silicone lube, and 3 taps with a rubber mallet, ready for use. Definately an improvement over every "blade" brace I've tried.

Use a rubber mallet! Great though.

by -

Yes, it is a challenge getting it on by hand. I use silicone spray, lithium grease, and a heat gun...barely moved doing it by hand. I then used my 2lb rubber mallet and done. Get how many spacers youll run right the first time. Once on, this wont be coming off. As comfortable as any other brace and more comfortable than others. Big cheek well. Definately worth the sale price.

Great deal

by -

Solidly built with a firm fit that stays in place. Inserts to adjust the lengths of pull. All at a great price. I bought two and will get more before they are gone!

A top quality brace at a bargain price

by -

For as little as it costs, this brace actually fits my arm and is a stable product on a weapon. This is going to be my primary brace for all of my pistol builds.

Price is right.

by -

For the price this is hard to beat. Take your time lining it up and with a bit of lubrication tap it on ( I used a light weight wood mallet). Nice cheek weld. More than enough spacers for LOP adjustment. The only thing missing is a QD point but there are other options for this.

Keep looking

by -

Not impressed with this brace. Extremely hard to get on and will have to destroy it to remove. Also it is too thick on top and had to be filed down so the charging handle would clear. Inexpensive option to get you by for a pistol but I'd definitely seek other options...


by -

If you want to use this with a standard AR15 upper and charging handle you will have to sand the top down as the charging handle does not clear it. Would only work if you had all three spacers in it. Other than that it’s nice and sleek, fits tight and is comfortable on the cheek. Rubber Mallet for installation. 👍

Great product. Great price.

by -

I really like this brace. I prefer it over the more expensive ones. If you use only one or no spacer, your charging handle hits it. I sawed an inch off the front. I used a band saw for a smooth cut. Used grease to slide it on. To remove, blow compressed air in hole in rear. Comes off easily that way.

Get one

by -

awesome for the price and, looks and feels great. Just lube up the inside and a little on the tube with Vaseline, it is a tight fit but will go on.