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Blue, Green, Red, or White, no matter which line you’re on or dangers you face, now the most popular duty handguns among law enforcement professionals, worldwide, are available to Texas First Responders at our best prices. GLOCK’s Blue Label Program is for all those on the front lines, doing all they can to ensure our safety. With one of the largest inventories of GLOCK Blue Label firearms in stock, we are ready to serve our Texas First Responders and Court Officials.

GLOCK USA and Primary Arms are pleased to offer all qualifying personnel the following Blue Label products, the same products our Law Enforcement and Military agency partners receive, to you, First Responders.

During the Salute to Veterans Discount Program the existing blue label qualifications are extended to any honorably discharged, active or retired veteran. You are eligible to purchase one Blue Label pistol through our LE Distributors or Sub-D Dealers from Memorial Day to Veterans Day. A copy of your DD 214 and valid, government issued identification as proof of Texas residency, can be used as credentials.

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Primary Arms Government Division is the newest GLOCK Law Enforcement Distributor for the state of Texas. From now on, Primary Arms Government can support Law Enforcement officials with a full suite of GLOCK products and services, including Departmental Testing & Evaluation Programs, Trade-Ins, the GLOCK Blue Label Program, GLOCK Armorer Services, as well as procurement support.

GLOCK pistols are the most durable and reliable sidearms for Law Enforcement Officers in the world. As an official GLOCK Law Enforcement Distributor, Primary Arms assists our Law Enforcement partners with a variety of services while offering a wide assortment of GLOCK products and accessories through the GLOCK Blue Label program.

Our Primary Arms staff will be trained as certified GLOCK Armorers, providing our Law Enforcement partners with instant access to critical information. Officers and First Responders will be able to make private Blue Label purchases through Primary Arms, directly, and with minimal lead times, agency Procurement Officers can expect a truly streamlined process.

Our catalog of GLOCK Blue Label products includes the most popular GLOCK models among Law Enforcement. From the duty-tested GLOCK 17 Gen 5 MOS full size pistol, to the ultra-concealable GLOCK 43X, the GLOCK Blue Label lineup, showcases the latest technology and engineering that drives GLOCK's constant pursuit of perfection.


The GLOCK Blue Label G19 Gen 5 features over 20 design modifications from its Gen 4 predecessor, including the GLOCK Marksman Barrel, an nDLC finish, ambidextrous slide stop levers, and a flared mag-well. These changes deliver improved accuracy, durability, and flexibility.

Glock Blue Label 19 GEN 5 9mm Fixed Sights 15RD - Black


The GLOCK Blue Label G43 Slimline is something fans of the GLOCK brand have been asking for since the release of the .380 G42. GLOCK listened, and now this single stack 9mm, sub-compact gun is available in the GLOCK Blue Label program.

With a width of only 1.02 in. and a length of 6.26 in., this handgun is small enough to conceal-carry in any position, while holding six rounds in the magazine. Perfect for undercover assignments.

GLOCK Blue Label 43X 9mm Fixed Sights 10 RD - Black k

Even though it is small, the enhanced beavertail and undercut trigger guard allows you to get a high purchase on the grip for improved accuracy and control. Speaking of control, the G43 includes an extra magazine with a pinky finger extension for people with larger hands to make sure their whole hand fits on the aggressively textured grip.


With the GLOCK 17 rapidly becoming the most popular sidearm with Law Enforcement agencies across the US, it’s only right that it be included in the Blue Label Program. This full-sized handgun strikes the optimal balance between size, capacity, and shootability, all while being backed up by decades of GLOCK’s legendary all-weather reliability and safety.

Popular and effective, the GLOCK 17 Gen 5 MOS handgun has been improved yet again with the full array of Gen5 upgrades including the removal of finger grooves, the addition of a flared magwell, and the new Marksman barrel! Featuring the Modular Optic System. You can easily mount mini red dot sights to your slide with the included MOS plates. No expensive milling of your slide necessary, just mount and go. Whether looking for a new duty firearm, carry gun, or range blaster, the G17 Gen5 MOS is an excellent option.

GLOCK Blue Label 17 GEN 5 MOS 9mm Fixed Sights 17RD - Black


Since its release in 1995, the GLOCK G26 has held a place as one of the most popular back up or concealed carry sidearms on the market. Built onto a subcompact frame, this small handgun offers a full 10-round capacity of potent 9mm ammunition yet retains compatibility with the full range of double stack 9mm GLOCK magazines up to and including the extended 33-round stick magazines for the G18!

This popular and effective handgun has been improved yet again with the full array of Gen5 upgrades including the removal of finger grooves, the addition of a flared magwell, and the new Marksman barrel! Whether looking for a new backup piece or just want something easier to conceal than a fan favorite compact, the G26 is an excellent option.



The GLOCK 45 9mm Pistol combines the compact slide of the 19x with the full size polymer frame of the 17 allowing for use with the same 17 round magazines. The GLOCK 45 Gen 5 fills that specific role in the GLOCK lineup for people that want the same capacity of the full size handgun and the lighter weight and concealability of the compact model. Making its way to more and more police departments each year, the GLOCK G45 Gen 5 pistol has become increasingly popular for duty use.

It comes with all the Gen 5 improvements like an optimized grip texture, ambidextrous slide stop/release, and even the enhanced marksman barrel for decrease wear and high round counts without losing accuracy. The addition of forward slide serrations are great for press checks and the improved nDLC finish will last no matter how many times you holster and re-holster your firearm.

Other benefits on of the GLOCK Blue Label 45 Gen 5 is the reversible magazine release for left hand use, a flared magazine well for faster mag changes, and the popular modular backstrap system to perfectly fit the grip to your hand. It is time to update your duty gun and the G45 is the perfect option.

Glock Blue Label 45 Gen 5 9mm pistol comes with 3 17 round magazines


The GLOCK 22 takes the same full size frame and slide of the popular G17 and scales it up for use with the .40 S&W cartridge that has been popular with police departments around the world. The most recent edition of the G22 is the Gen 4 model that features finger grooves and a textured backstrap to keep your hand stuck to the grip helping to improve recoil management. Like most of the GLOCK handgun lineup, the GLOCK G22 can be had with standard three dot sights or Ameriglo Bold night sights.

The GLOCK Blue Label 22 chambered in .40 S&W features a 15 round capacity and all the reliability and safety you expect from a GLOCK striker fired pistol. The safe action trigger is a staple in GLOCK pistols and ensures that the trigger cannot be depressed without having your finger fully on the trigger making this pistol—along with all other GLOCKS—safe to holster.

Glock 22 Blue Label pistol comes with night sights


The GLOCK 23 is the exact same as the 22 as it is chambered in .40 S&W but is built around the G19 compact slide and frame. This means it has a full capacity of 13 rounds of this potent cartridge while being just as concealable as the 9mm counterpart. Like the 22 the G23 comes with Gen 4 features like the finger grooves and grip texture and can be bought with a variety of different sights to fit your need.

The GLOCK Blue Label 23 Gen 4 comes with a larger magazine release than previous generations making it easier to drop a mag without breaking your grip and interchangeable backstraps to perfectly match your hand size. It is fully drop safe and great for every day carry or duty use.

Glock 23 Blue Label Pistol is chambered in 40 S&Ws


The GLOCK 48 Slimline pistol is designed specifically for concealed carry. It is basically a slim single stack version of the G19 allowing it to hold 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition while still being comfortable to carry inside the waistband. The GLOCK 48 Blue Label comes with Gen 5 features like the enhanced nDLC slide finish and the marksman barrel that will withstand years of abuse.

The grip is the same length as the G19 making it as comfortable to shoot as it is to carry. However, it can be had in either black or silver variants depending on preference.

It features a reversible magazine catch and an extended beavertail to prevent slide bite. Front slide serrations help with press checks and beveled edges help to guide your pistol into the holster. The new GLOCK G48 is a great every day carry pistol that is comfortable and easy to carry.

Glock 48 Blue Label 9mm pistol with a silver nDLC slide finish


The GLOCK 34 is a full size long slide 9mm pistol built for competition and target shooting. It features a 5.31” Marksman barrel and an extremely long 7.52” sight radius for accurate shooting. The full size polymer frame holds 17 rounds of 9mm ammunition and features a rail for attaching lights.

This model features the MOS modular optic system that allows you to easily attach red dot sights to your pistol without permanent modification. Optic adapter plates are sold separately, so you can choose the one you need for your favorite red dot.

The GLOCK G34 features the gen 5 frame without finger grooves, an improved grip texture, and interchangeable back straps. The ambidextrous slide stop is easy to use and the flared magwell makes reloading on the move a breeze. If you are looking to get into serious competition shooting, the GLOCK 34 competition pistol is a great starting platform that has a ton of aftermarket options for upgrades.

Glock 34 Blue Label Pistol features a long barrel and slide

The models highlighted here and many others MOS models, will be at your department's fingertips. The team at Primary Arms LLC. is proud to be a GLOCK Blue Label distributor in Texas.

With Texas populations continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate, the need for new police equipment and sidearms is sure to follow.

By becoming a GLOCK Law Enforcement Distributor, Primary Arms aims to continue to be the top choice for departments seeking to update or expand their equipment resources, all while offering exceptional service and support.


In order to purchase GLOCK Blue Label products, you must demonstrate, by providing valid credentials, that you meet one or more of the following criteria, along with proof of Texas residency. (Do NOT copy, scan or send copies of Federal Credentials. If you are using Federal Credentials or cannot, legally, submit copies of your credentials, please schedule your purchase to be picked up in our Storefront, or visit another GLOCK Blue Label dealers in your area.)

#GLOCK Blue Label Eligibility
-Be a Sworn Law Enforcement officer, including Federal, State, County & City (also includes retired L.E. officer with "retired" credentials).
-Be a/an EMT, Fire Fighter, Volunteer Fire Fighter, or Paramedic (Certifications alone are not authorized and do not qualify).
-Be Military personnel including Reservists and National Guard with I.D. (also includes retired Military with "retired" credentials; DD214/discharge papers do not qualify).
-Be a Corrections Officer, including Parole or Probation Officer
-Be a State Licensed Security Company (Loomis, RAM, etc.) Also includes State Licensed Armed Security Officer Employed by State Licensed Security Company
-Be a State Licensed Security Company (Loomis, RAM, etc.) Also includes State Licensed Armed Security Officer Employed by State Licensed Security Company (Certifications alone are not authorized and do not qualify).
-Be a Court Judge.
-Be an L.E. Academy Cadet with enrollment documentation from the Academy.

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