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Glock Compatible Parts Frequent Asked Questions

With a platform as popular as GLOCK, you’re certain to find a thriving aftermarket of compatible parts and accessories. Because GLOCK pistols are so simple to disassemble and maintain, modifications are easy, and you can install most of them within minutes at home.

Some of the most popular aftermarket replacements include sights, triggers, controls, magazines, muzzle devices, and more. While a GLOCK pistol is perfectly reliable out of the box, aftermarket compatible components can help you tailor your pistol to fit your shooting style.

You can use the table below to shop different GLOCK-compatible parts.

The stock GLOCK iron sights feature a now-iconic U-shaped rear sight with a dot on the front sight post. Though they are made of polymer, these sights have been proven reliable in conflicts around the globe.

Some people prefer a traditional 3-dot sight setup, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Fortunately, GLOCK pistols have a massive selection of OEM and aftermarket sights, so you can always find a setup to match your preferences.

Tritium night sights project a subtle glow in low-light, making them ideal for personal defense and concealed carry. Fiber-optic sights feature a bold front sight, which is easier to acquire in high-stress, high-speed situations like competition. No matter which you choose, there will be certain benefits and weaknesses to the sight’s design.

There is no universal best option. If you choose to replace your sights, carefully evaluate your pistol’s purpose and then choose a sight system that best fits that purpose.

When the first GLOCK 17 hit the market in the early 1980s, its trigger set a new standard for speed and consistency. Now, almost 40 years later, GLOCK triggers are still renowned for their reliability and crisp reset, but many pistol-owners will supplement their trigger with aftermarket parts.

Thankfully, drop-in GLOCK-compatible trigger systems are widespread and easy to install. You can also fine-tune your trigger by replacing individual parts likes the trigger face, springs, and connector.

Note: Whenever you modify a pistol’s trigger, you will affect its reliability. Never throw away the original parts. If you have malfunctions down the line, you can test parts individually to identify the source of the problem.

The factory GLOCK magazine release button has seen some changes over the years, getting a size upgrade with their Gen 4 pistols.

If you’d like to modify your controls further, companies like ZEV Tech, Vickers, and Ghost Inc. offer alternative compatible parts, including both magazine releases and slide release levers.

These parts can give you more leverage without adjusting your shooting grip, translating to a more reliable reload—especially in high-stress situations.

GLOCK magazines are the industry standard for quality and price, which is why many carbine manufacturers choose to use GLOCK magazines on their firearms as well. From the spring weight to follower and housing design, GLOCK magazines are some of the best-engineered magazines in history, but you can also modify them with aftermarket baseplates to increase the capacity.

The most popular aftermarket baseplates come from Taran Tactical, but there are a few options available. Like most GLOCK-compatible parts and accessories, installation is a breeze and can be completed with minimal experience or tools.

While shopping for magazine components, you might also look at aftermarket flared magazine wells. These magwells install directly onto your GLOCK pistol for faster, more reliable reloads, which makes them especially popular for competition.

GLOCK pistols are remarkably accurate out of the box, but if you want to mount a suppressor or muzzle brake, you’ll need to install a threaded barrel. Some competitors will also replace the factory barrel with a match-fit aftermarket option. In most cases, replacing the barrel is as easy as dropping it in, though some match barrels will require minor fitment.

If you do choose to install a threaded barrel, you might also consider adding a muzzle brake, which can help you control recoil for faster double-taps. If you don’t have a threaded barrel, fret not. The Strike Industries Mass Driver is compatible with GLOCK pistols, even without a threaded barrel, as it connects via your pistol’s recoil spring assembly.

For the fastest possible sight acquisition and the best low-light performance, you're going to want a mini reflex sight, which can attach directly to GLOCK MOS pistols. If you do not have an MOS pistol, you can also find GLOCK-compatible aftermarket slides with optics cuts for the most popular reflex sights, including the Trijicon RMR and Leupold Delta Point Pro.

Most reflex sights rely on battery power, so as a back-up, you should pair your optic with cow-witnessing suppressor-height iron sights. Alternatively, opt for a reflex sight that runs on tritium and fiber optic like a dual-Illuminated Trijicon RM05 Type 2 RMR.

If you're going to use your GLOCK as a self-defense pistol, you must outfit it with a capable weapon light. We’ve detailed the many reasons in past blogs, but to sum it up, bad guys are more active at night. If you have to identify a friend or foe in the dark, you’ll need the visibility and advantage that a flash light can provide.

Today’s weapon lights pack some serious output at affordable prices. A couple of our favorites include the Steamlight TLR-1 HL, the Inforce APLc GLOCK Model, and the Surefire X300U. These units are proven, tested, and tough enough for personal defense.

If you want forward serrations or an optic mount on your GLOCK, but you don’t want to wait for a machine shop, you can find many GLOCK-compatible slides to match your pistol. Just be sure to order one that matches the model designation and generation, as GLOCK pistols have changed throughout the years.

These aftermarket slides can be a great way to elevate your pistol’s customizability, and with a wide selection to choose from, you can find that will look good too. Once your new slide arrives, just disassemble your old one and move the parts over.

Note: Be sure to determine whether or not the new slide has a channel liner already installed. Some do. Some don’t. If you don’t have a channel liner, you’ll need a new one, as they cannot be transferred once installed. You’ll also need a channel liner tool to ensure a reliable installation.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message at info@primaryarms.com or call us at 713-344-9600.