Trijicon ACOG 1.5x16S High Compact Scope - Dual Illuminated ACSS CQB-M5 - Red

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Manufactured by Trijicon
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Primary Arms joins forces with Trijicon, combining the legendary TA-44 Mini-ACOG with the patented Advanced Combined Sighting System (ACSS®) reticle system. The TA-44 is incredibly small and light, measuring just 4 inches long and weighing in at only 5.1 ounces. The forged 7075-T6 aluminum body stands up to punishing abuse, and the glass clarity is world famous. Inside this TA-44 you will find our patented ACSS® CQB-M5 reticle, combing bullet drop compensation with automatic ranging. No optic of this size and weight has offered this combination of advanced features before!

This TA44-C-400306 model features red reticle illumination powered by fiber optic light gathering in daytime and tritium in the dark. No batteries are needed. A tall base is machined into the scope body for use on AR-15s and other rifles with an in-line style stock that sits high relative to the Picatinny rail mount.

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TA44-C-400306 MANUAL


Eye Relief2.40 in
Field View 10039.00 ft
ReticleACSS CQB-M5
Turret FeaturesCapped Turrets, Finger Adjustable
Weight5.1 Oz
TA44-C-400306 MANUAL
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Surprising excellence


I've had this little guy for about half a year now and it has become one of my favorite general purpose optics. The eye box is so massive that I can hold the rifle out like a pistol and still find the reticle. The magnification isn't enough that it slows you down much when running around doing close stuff, however having the trijicon glass out in front makes everything you're looking at really pop in sharpness and clarity which helps a lot when making longer shots, shooting in dim light, or trying to find a steel target that has had all its paint shot off and blends into the range background. The BDC makes shots that would be incredibly difficult with a red dot much easier. It's not as capable at making long shots as an LPVO but you also don't have to put a boat anchor on top of your rifle. I don't know how to further extol its virtues other than it just makes shooting easy and pleasant. No one expects something as strange and seemingly useless as a 1.5x ACOG to be this good.

Trigicon ta44 acss


Great little optic. good alternative to a red dot if you have astigmatism like me. The glass is exellent but the reticle is very small can be a little hard to make out the aiming points in less than ideal lighting conditions but it is still useable. I am planning on buying another one soon.
<br> Thank you primary arms.

Good scope with limitations.

by -

I can't wax lyrical about this optic like others. Not that it is bad per se, but it has limitations.
<br>Don't expect a large reticle. The center chevron is 2moa wide. This makes it hard to make out the chevron, and looks more like a dot. I can just make it out with high contrast, but only just.
<br>This made zeroing a little difficult. I did bias the center of the target near the top of the "dot" and I was able to zero fairly effectively.
<br>If you have difficulty making out the chevron, treating it like a dot will work. The BDC will be different, but still functional. Zeroed at 50yds, the BDC dots will be 350 and 450yds for 55gr 5.56 out of a 16in barrel.
<br>The outer ring works well as a snap aiming assist inside 50yds. With both eyes open aiming easy to do.
<br>The glass clarity is excellent. The reticle is sharp and clear, despite the small size. ACOG toughness. Small and lightweight.
<br>Really... going into it knowing the pros and cons, if this optic fits your needs, then go for it.

ACOG and ACSS = Perfection!

by -

I purchased this for my BCM 300 Blackout SBR build. The rifle is configured for primiarily for subsonic loads and the 1.5 magnification provides plenty of reach for 200 yrds. The glass is crystal clear and the reticle is highly visible in all lighting conditions! The ultimate plus is my astigmatism is a non-factor. I can pick up the circle for CQB and the dot looks sharp and pinpoint for longer shots. Save up and get one!