Aero Precision A2 Front Sight Post Kit - Black

Manufactured by Aero Precision
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Manufactured by Aero Precision
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The AR platform is a rugged, dependable rifle system that has forever changed the firearms landscape. It does, however, have some fiddly parts that are easy to lose whether you’re building or maintaining a rifle. One of those parts that is especially important is a front sight post. If you’re in the market for a new front sight for whatever reason, the Aero Precision A2 Front Sight Post Kit is a quality part that will serve you well. 

Even though we only see the tip of the post in our sight picture, a front sight post actually has three parts. The first is the A2 front sight post itself, basically a threaded piece that can be adjusted: this is what you see in the sights. There are two further parts. The post is held in place by a detent, which is itself held in place by a spring. You’re going to need all three in order to get a totally new front sight, so this kit comes with all three of them. Installing it is basically the same as adjusting it: depress the detent and twist the old post out, or to put the new post in. Following that simple installation, which can be done with either a punch and some pliers or a dedicated sight tool, you’ll need to re-zero the rifle. 

One note should be made. These are A2 front sights posts and will work best with the standard marked front sight blocks: there is a small difference between a standard and the F Marked front sights that would substantially affect your adjustment after installation. Overall the Aero Precision A2 Front Sight Post Kit is a great component for your AR.

Aero Precision takes some of the most state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and equipment derived from their work in the aerospace industry and applies it to their products in the firearms industry. They have utilized their knowledge from years of building aircraft components to design and engineer AR-15 handguards, receiver sets, scope mounts, and more. They treat every product as if it were a precision flying machine and adhere to strict quality standards to ensure law enforcement, military, and civilian customers receive a product they can rely on.

  • Black Color
  • Metal Construction
  • Comes with Post, Spring, and Detent 
  • Fits Standard A2 Front Sight Blocks 
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