Aker Leather Model 105 Shoulder Holster Tie Down - Holster Side - Black

Manufactured by Aker Leather
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Manufactured by Aker Leather
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For almost forty years, Aker Leather has produced some of the best tactical carry equipment for the military and law enforcement agencies. Something as simple as a premium U.S. cowhide tie-down that connects the gun side of a shoulder holster to the belt is a classic example of Aker's attention to detail and intimate knowledge of tactical duty requirements.

  • Fits: 107 Style Shoulder Holster
  • Color: Black Or Tan
  • Orientation: Holster Side
  • Material: Premium U.S. Cowhide

Although optional, many concealed-carry enthusiasts who use Aker 107 shoulder holsters will want to pick up this simple piece of tactical equipment.  

Wearing a shoulder holster has its own set of unique challenges, and one of the most noted is that frequently both the magazine carry compartments and the gun holster move freely beneath a jacket. While many wearers don't give this freedom of movement a second thought, others prefer a more stable platform and consistent location of the weapon when deploying the gun from its holster.

For an operator, accurate and quick deployment of the gun often requires a more instinctual reaction, and when split seconds count, the last thing an operator wants is having to search for the pistol grip.  Tying the holster side of the shoulder holster to the belt ensures the holster remains where you need it to be every time.

Again, Aker Leather has simplified the field carry of necessary tactical equipment with a simple leather tie-down that makes a world of difference when wearing a 107 style shoulder holster.
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