ALG Defense AK Trigger Ultimate with Lightning Bow

Manufactured by ALG Defense, Inc.
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Manufactured by ALG Defense, Inc.
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The ALG Defense AK Trigger Ultimate with Lightning Bow is one of the best upgrades available for your AK pattern rifle. Providing a pull that is even shorter and more smooth than the standard AKT Enhanced, it is ideal for shooters who want a precision or target trigger on their AK pattern rifle. The trigger, hammer, and disconnector have all been machined from triple alloy steel, with hammer and disconnector receiving a durable phosphate finish. The Lightning Bow trigger has been finished with electroless nickel for even greater smoothness and control. Every ALG Defense AKT is made 100% in the United States and counts as 3 parts toward 922(r) compliance.

  • Machined from alloy steel
  • Enhanced trigger pull and control
  • Curved lightning bow
  • Single stage design
  • Three 922r compliant parts
  • Nickel plated trigger
  • Made in the U.S.A.

This trigger is designed to work with rifles most rifles without fitment. Some models have a rear trigger guard rivet that may interfere with trigger function and damage the disconnector if this rivet extends more than 0.062" in height. It is strongly advised that a qualified gunsmith install and fit the trigger by either beveling the disconnector or shaving the rivet for proper fitment.
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BrandALG Defense, Inc.
Drop InStandard Assembly
Manufacturer.ALG Defense, Inc.
Trigger BowCurved
Trigger StyleSingle Stage

Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews


Must have upgrade for any AK


Must have upgrade for any AK. I needed to use the roll pin "which is provided" for proper safety function in my Arsenal Sam 7r... Shoots great!!!!

Night and Day

by -

Installed this trigger and it was better than I expected. What I didn't expect, was that it was so awesome that after I took my first shot at the range with it I immediately lowered my rifle and looked at it like "WOOOAH!!!".

best mod i made so far.

by -

Worth the extra coin from the regular akt. The break on this trigger is amazing. Will immediately improve what your AK can do at distance and for quick follow up shots. I had to emory the reset lip to get mine perfect but its still getting 5 stars due to the improvement over stock.

Roll pin inuced material failure

by -

Much better trigger than G2 or stock trigger. Saiga ak74 required installation of roll pin and a chunk of the surrounding metal where the roll pin is inserted chipped off, roll pin was meticulously put in with a press so it was perfectly centered when inserted as to not cause added stress.

First Class Trigger.

by -

WOW, have a Polish underfolder that was painful to shoot with the Tapco trigger with major trigger slap. Took it out yesterday with the ALG installed and no trigger slap at all and not to surprisingly major accuracy improvement. First time I've put a trigger in an AK and if I can do it it then you can.

No go for hellpup but fits everything else.

by -

Will not fit a polish hellpup without removing material from trigger hole. Fits Wasr10 just fine. Yes, this thing rocks.

Doesnt fit Draco

by -

Quality trigger. Doesnt fit my Romanian Draco pistol. Bolt hits the hammer. Doesnt say that it wouldnt fit on site.

Great trigger for bench shooting...

by -

...but not so much if you want to run 'n gun with it. I've had the original AKT(now called the enhanced) in another gun for a few years and was always happy with it so I decided to give this one a try on a new build. With the shorter pull on the 'ultimate', you really have to be conscious of making sure you shoulder the rifle real tight. Otherwise, it WILL bump fire on you with this trigger. For my purposes, I'll definitely be swapping it out for the enhanced model.

A must get!!!


replaced my stock trigger, WOW what a difference. Great trigger.