Anderson Manufacturing Hammer and Trigger Kit - Stainless Steel

Manufactured by Anderson Manufacturing
Manufactured by Anderson Manufacturing
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The Anderson Manufacturing Hammer and Trigger Kit includes a hammer, trigger, springs, pins, and disconnector. This single stage small pin trigger kit features the Anderson Manufacturing stainless steel hammer and trigger set with a lightened speed hammer for improved lock time!

Kit includes:

  • (1) Stainless steel hammer
  • (1) Hammer spring
  • (1) Stainless steel trigger
  • (1) Trigger spring
  • (2) Hammer/trigger pins
  • (1) Disconnector
  • (1) Disconnector spring

Anderson Manufacturing builds rifles, pistols, and parts utilizing the latest in computerized manufacturing. By keeping manufacturing in house, Anderson can offer quality, American-made products at an affordable price, backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
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BrandAnderson Manufacturing
Drop InStandard Assembly
Manufacturer.Anderson Manufacturing
Trigger BowCurved
Trigger Pin DiameterMIL-SPEC .154
Trigger StyleSingle Stage

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

Hands down the best


Simply put, this is the best trigger on the market for the AR. I know, I know, there are triggers with a lighter, and maybe crisper pull. Let me explain. This trigger is $28...$38 if you get it with Anderson's entire lower parts kit. Out of the box, the take-up is short and smooth, the break is crisp, and the pull was an even 5lbs according to my Wheeler Professional. That's pretty impressive for a $28 trigger. HOWEVER, I paired this with a $10 JP Enterprises spring kit, and with those springs, according to the same gauge, the pull is 3.4lbs. I've used CMC drop-in triggers for years...I swore by them. But, since giving this a shot, and with the JP kit, I've got a trigger that's every bit as good, that feels just as nice, for $40...and for $40, it simply can't be beat.

IMO the best budget trigger group on the market I've used.

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I was blown away by this trigger group. It's far better than I expected. To me the break feels better than other rifles I own with triggers like the ALG-ACT and PSA-EPT. Maybe I got lucky but the one I have has zero perceivable creep and a crisp feeling snap. The reset is just as nice. Going forward I'm going to have a difficult time purchasing any mil-spec FCG over this Anderson kit. I owned a black Anderson FCG in the past and it wasn't nearly as good so I was hesitant to try this one but I'm very glad I did.

It works

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It works, just note that the trigger is not compatible with speed push button safety

Excellent Trigger!


Over the years of building and shooting AR-15s, I have developed a method for modifying the stock single stage trigger into one that breaks at a little over 4 pounds with zero perceptible creep and a much reduced reset while remaining acceptably safe. This trigger significantly cuts down on the amount of work needed to get there and it does so at a very attractive price point. There's really not much reason to spend more on a trigger unless you're doing very long range hunting or competition.
<br>No reset problems with mine out of the box, but fixing that problem is exceedingly simple if you do run into it. Use a quality lower and put a little effort into learning how this type of trigger works and you'll do far better than average with this particular trigger. I'll definitely be buying more of these. Thanks Anderson Mfg for making a quality product at a fair price!

Must have for Basic Build

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I have placed this trigger in all my basic builds and for the cost you cant go wrong!!!!

Very fine single stage mil-spec trigger


I got this trigger in a LPK for my pistol build. I inspected the seer faces and was pleasantly surprised to see very clean surfaces, and crisp sharp edges. I fully expected to do some needed polishing, but decided, not to given the exceptional appearances. I installed it into an Anderson Mil-spec forged lower, and when doing the function check, I was actually impressed with how very little takeup actually pretty much 0 takeup, and right away I was up against that wall, and the break was sharp, and crisp. The reset was positive, and follow-up pulls were very nice. It's pull weight is right at the 7.5-8 lbs (estimating by feel, I don't have a scale) making it a really nice mil-spec trigger. I'd buy more for sure.

It's a good trigger....


I'm not sure how some folks can mess up a trigger or trigger install, but apparently from these reviews you can. On this trigger the finish is nice, not machined or nickel boron coated. but not $100 either. Aero casts their expensive triggers. The springs are good quality, mil spec 8 pounds and yes, this trigger will not install with the safety on as it shouldn't. All said, this is a good step in the right direction for a budget trigger that exceeds stock mil spec. Add Kaw Valley or JP springs and you've got 4-5 pounds or keep the stock springs and shot the darn thing. Stop being so picky on a $30 trigger.

Great trigger for a great price


I know how some people feel about Anderson, they call people that use their parts "poors" and whatnot, but I feel that if I can find a great little milspec trigger for a fantastic price, it's a steal. I have used these in 3 different builds and they've all functioning extremely well and are quite smooth and crisp, especially considering the cost. If I wanted to spend crazy amounts of money on a custom trigger that's one thing, but that's not what I build my ARs for, I build them to be functional, reliable tools and not gucci showpieces to brag about and dog on the "poors" and their lesser guns...give this trigger setup a try, if you're looking for something reliable and smooth for a really good deal I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Excellent, Smooth, well machined

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bought one for a budget build and threw a jp enhanced reliability spring, solid consistent 4lbs. with a smooth pull and a crisp break. I couldn't be more satisfied with a 40 dollar trigger

Great Kit

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Anyone can buy something and have problems no matter cost or reputation. I bought a very high end, well respected and EXPENSIVE lower and upper receiver kit from another vendor and it arrived with critical parts missing. I have bought multiple Anderson trigger and hammer kits as well as complete LPK's and yes I have had problems from with very few. But my overall experience with Anderson kits has been great. They are a reasonable price and excellent quality. They fit great in basically any brand lower receiver and function just as good. Their triggers almost always have a very crisp snap with very little slop or excessive trigger pull. I will continue to to buy these great parts as long I build and collect AR style firearms.