Anderson Manufacturing Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block - .750" - Set Screw Style

Manufactured by Anderson Manufacturing
SKU: B2-L056-A00
MPN: B2-L056-A00
Manufactured by Anderson Manufacturing
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Anderson Manufacturing builds rifles, pistols, and parts utilizing the latest in computerized manufacturing. By keeping manufacturing in house, Anderson can offer quality, American-made products at an affordable price, backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Anderson Manufacturing Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block is CNC machined from solid cold rolled steel. A slick salt bath nitride finish is applied for superior corrosion resistance.

Featuring twenty points of adjustment, the Anderson Manufacturing Adjustable Gas Block is the perfect way to fine-tune your rifles gas system!

  • Set screw style
  • .750” gas seat diameter
  • 20-point adjustment
  • Nitride finish
  • Gas tube roll pin and hex key included
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BrandAnderson Manufacturing
FinishSalt Bath Nitride
ManufacturerAnderson Manufacturing
Size.750 in
TypeLow Profile

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews


Anderson Manufacturing Adjustable Gas Block


Awesome gas block at a great price! Haven't had chance to use mine yet, but have seen reviews on YouTube. Much less expensive than Syrac Ordinance, but still has the detente-locking system, so it won't unscrew while shooting. Thanks, Primary Arms!

Will buy for next build.


Easily adjustable from the muzzle end of the rifle with the included allen wrench. I started with the screw 5 clicks out from closed and had it adjusted in 4 or 5 shots/ just a couple of minutes. Fittings for gas tube and barrel were great. As with the other Anderson parts I have, great stuff for a great price.

Excellent gas block!


The price of this gas block which for an adjustable gas block is great. Most adjustable are over priced and made wrong. The fit was perfect and set screws lined right up where my previous gas block was dimpled for my barrel. No set screws to lock down the gas setting just adjust from from front screw and your done! This is a must for AR pistol builds or SBR with 7.5 barrels due to excessive gas. If your having to much gas causing cycling or ejection problems. This will get your gas timing where you need it. Also will save on bolt wear and tear.

You get what you pay for...


Was working to try and make 3 guns operate better (i.e. more reliably and cleaner) when suppressed. Ordered 3 based on my experience with Anderson products (great lowers, LPKs) and had high hopes. Didn't find out until after installation (and removal, and reinstallation, and removal, and really close inspection and dismantling) that 2 of the 3 gas blocks I ordered were missing their adjustment detents (ball bearing on one, spring and bearing on the second, may have fallen out during installation in some way?) The one that did 'work' as far as the adjustments went, wouldn't function my gun regardless of how it was set (even fully closed still over cycled the action with an H2 buffer!). I put the original gas blocks back on gave up on suppressing those 3 guns, functionality returned to normal. Really wish I hadn't mangled (stripped screws, scratched up, etc) them on installation or I would return them.

Excellent Gas Block


What a deal. Works as well as or better than adjustable gas blocks I've paid twice as much for.

I hope I got what I paid for.

by -

This is my second Anderson Manufacturing adjustable gas block from P/A.The first one had the Anderson logo but is very difficult to adjust. The set screw is way too tight for some reason but functions as it should. I ordered my second one maybe a year later, but it has no Anderson logo. In fact, it came in a simple little plastic bag with an hex wrench for adjusting the set screw, the two set screws for mounting it, and a roll pin. Like I mentioned the gas block has no name on it, but there is a sticker on the outside of the plastic bag that it came in that reads B2-L056-A00. I have no idea what these numbers mean. Primary Arms has been a stand up company for me over the past 4 years or so that I've been doing business with them so I'm not saying I didn't get an Anderson adjustable gas block, there's just no way for me to know it. The new gas block has a very smooth and definate click when making adjustments unlike the first one.



I should have known better then to try an Anderson product. Their quality control sucks. When I purchased this gas block, it was the only one I could find from all of my trusted suppliers.<br><br>The plastic package had a label with the correct SKU on it. The bag contained a roll pin, the block and the two mounting screws.<br><br>There is no detent system on this block, it operates via set screw on the side with a screw adjustment from the front.<br><br>I could never get this block to reliably cycle on my new .308 build. The most gas I could get out of it would, at best, send the bolt back far enough to catch on the end of an empty mag. I was only ever able to get it to send the bolt back far enough to strip an additional round once.<br><br>I decided to try it on a known good rifle (my competition rifle) just incase maybe I had some other issue. On that 5.56 rifle I could never get it to reliably strip new rounds either. It was better, functioning roughly 90% of the time. Locking on the bolt catch maybe 50%.

Too much loctite


The adjusting screw will not turn. Looks like too much loctite is put on the set screw that holds the detent ball in.

Literally the worst I've ever bought


Let me start by saying I've assembled over 30 AR type rifles and probably installed over 100 gas blocks I know how things should work. I bought this thinking I would save a few dollars over the usually companies I buy from (Syrac Micro MOA Odin works). The problems with this thing were evident quickly. For starters the hole for the gas tube roll pin was undersized. After bending 3 roll pins and determining not to be defeated I drilled it out to the proper size. After this the install was uneventful and seemed to be fine. The next set of problems didn't show up until I went to test it. The actual through hole that the gas tube goes in is too large causing gas to escape around the gas tube instead of going into it. Next apparently the mounting hole that the barrel goes in is out of round because again it dumps carbon all over the barrel on both sides. Don't waste your money mine is is the garbage can.

Great gas block


I used this on my first build and it was so easy to setup and adjust. If fits great under my Diamondhead handguard and works great. I opened it up 5 clicks to start with as it came fully closed. Fired one round on an empty mag and it did not catch open. So I opened it one more click and it worked good at that point so I opted to open up one more click just for good measure and it has been 100% so far. Great value for an adjustable block that lets you adjust from the front end of the handguard. Only 4 stars because I wanted a clamp on version instead of the set screw type.

Pleasantly surprised


I was initially skeptical because of several poor reviews, but once it arrived, my fears were dispelled. It installed easily on my rifle, and the adjustments worked fine. It was easy to adjust, and seems to be holding up well on my rifle-length system. It's a great way to reduce felt recoil; plus reducing gas pressure keeps the gun from getting dirty so quickly. So far, I'm very pleased and would recommend it to others.


by -

this block has a nice nitride finish and although it leaks alittle at first,performs very well on my will absolutly need an adjustable gas block if you build a large frame ar.(mine is a 308 and is alot more finicky than any 556).i've always put these on ar pistols and everyone of them leaked a little at first,but they all work just fine.

Good God it Leaks!

by -

In the past I have stuck with Odin Adjustable gas blocks with no issues. Rolled the dice on am Anderson to see if I was just over paying. I guess I shouldn't be disappointed. This thing is spraying gas from the block to the back of the muzzle device. I can wipe the gas off and it will run 1-2 rounds then the next round short strokes, f2f and spray gas from under the block. Maybe I just got a bad one, but it is the last one I'll buy.