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Ammunition Storage Components 7.62x39 AR-15 Magazine - 30 Round

SKU: 30-76239-SS-BM
MPN: 30-76239-SS-BM
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Ammunition Storage Components 7.62x39 AR-15 Magazine - 30 Round

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BrandAmmunition Storage Components
Caliber Gauge7.62X39mm
Magazine Capacity30
ManufacturerAmmunition Storage Compoonents
MaterialSteel - 410 Stainless
PlatformAR-15 Magazines
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.



Jury is still out. The spring looks very cheap and it does not feed well. You really have to work hard to fit 30 rounds in it.

not totally problem free


In fairness the only problems I had with two out of three magazines were with Wolf Military Classic. Otherwise they fed reliably and I worked them enough to deem them trustworthy.

Worked Perfect! Never jammed or stove piped

by -

Mags worked exactly as promised. I ordered 3 last week, got them in 2-3 days!!! Super fast shipping. Went to the range and put about 225 rds thru. ZERO problems. not one hang up. Fit is perfect.
I am actually on here to order more!

All 7.62x39 AR mags are flawed


All of the 7.62 mags are poorly designed. If you look at the photos there are two ribs on the sides and two dimples inside the curved parts on top. Those areas catch on the rim of the brass can will cause cycling problems. You have to go in there with a rotary tool like a dremel to clean the bumps up to get reliable operation.

Decent for the money


As with all 7.62x39 this mag jams occasionally until you Dremel out the front so the case doesn't hang up on the front of the mag. After that it's not too bad. Runs good now. Price isn't too bad. I am running this mag with the radical firearms quad rail upper also bought at primary arms.

Great magazine


users baffled by firing pin confusionI have 6 of these great magazines! After hearing about problems with these mags I did some checking. My AR chambered in 7.62x39 has a longer flatter firing pin. I have never had a misfire with these mags. They are every bit as good as the C Products magazine. When my firing pin was changed out with a more conventional sort there were problems with every magazine. The issue is not with the ASC mags.

ASC mags work perfectly


ASC makes the only mags that are consistent and will actually feed every time. It took more effort to get the gun broken in and adjusted than your average AR but these mags have not failed me yet. If you have feed issues with your 7.62x39 AR check your feed ramps.

Does not work!


I bought 2 of these mags for a build I started and thank God I bought these before I went any further with it because the storys about 7.62×39 in an ar are true I loaded the magazine and the rounds jam in mag when unloading it I don't no who bought the other ones but there are no way these things work on other hand P.A. service is great fast shipping and good customer service

Perfectly great magazine


I have 5 of these magazines. I use them in both Anderson stripped lowers and J and J Precision Arms lower.

I have been using these for 2 years with Fiocchi and Winchester brass ammo and Hornady, Tul, Brown, Silver Bear, and Wolf steel case ammo in different configurations.

The magazine springs are robust. I have had absolutely no issue with inserting the magazine into the receiver, and I can count the misfires that I have had on 1 hand, which were due to my blocking the ejection port with a brass catcher like an idiot.

It would be difficult for the springs to be both simultaneously weak and the magazine be difficult to load as some reviews suggest.

I would suggest that some alternate cause is the issue for some users. Sometimes the gas systems can be troublesome, causing FTE problems.

I prefer these to the C Products magazines.

So far so good

by -

I only purchased one to begin with and I've not loaded more than 25 rounds. All rounds fired fine with one misfire where the primer had a nice indentation from the firing pin but the round did not fire. Tried it a second time with the same result. Russian ammo that I've not had a problem with in the past. No problem with feeding and no modifications to the mag. Will purchase more.