ASP BreakAway Baton Cap - F Series

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Where is that window break tool when you need it?  Probably in the back of the your car, nestled deep inside your emergency equipment bag.  If you're responding to an emergency situation it's not like whatever is going on is going to stop and wait until you run back to the car and retrieve it.

Why not carry it with you at all times on the end of your F-Series friction baton?  Armament Systems & Procedures, a leader in the industry of tactical gear and armament systems, pays attention special attention to almost every possible tactical situation that could possibly happen up to and including the need to break through the glass window of a vehicle.

If you're carrying an F-Series ASP friction baton, you can "have your cake and eat it too" with a simple installation of the Breakaway Subcap on the end of the baton.  Designed to be installed between the end cap and the handle of an F-Series friction baton, the Breakaway Subcap comes with three ceramic pins set in a machined aluminum geodome.

Simply remove the baton cap and viola, you have the Breakaway exposed and ready.  A simple swing against the glass ensures a least one of the ceramic tips will make contact with the glass and break it, Regardless of the angle of the swing.  This means the wielder of the baton can stand to the side and perform a safe, tactically sound entry into the vehicle.

Such a simple and effective addition to your tactical equipment and for the price one of the better purchases you can make.

  • Compatible with any F Series Baton
  • Ground Ceramic Pins
  • Easily shatters vehicle window
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