B5 Systems P-Grip 23 - Black

Manufactured by B5 Systems
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Manufactured by B5 Systems
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The B5 Systems Type 23 Pistol Grip is a drop in upgrade to the standard A2 grip commonly found on AR platform rifles. An increased vertical angle better suits modern shooting doctrine combined with an extended tang help to improve ergonomics and ensure proper trigger indexing. These durable grips are constructed from quality composite materials!
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BrandB5 Systems
Manufacturer.B5 Systems
StorageNot Storage Capable
TypePistol Grip

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews


B5 pgrip 23


Delivered early than expected. Primary Arms is great as usual. The B5 pgrip 23 is more vertical than the Magpul moe grip. I believe the B5 grip has a little more "grip" than the Magpul moe even though it doesn't look like it. It also "fills" my hand a little more too. Being that the whole grip is one continuous texture I think it would be a great grip to stipple. It would be nice if there was storage in the grip but for me it's not too big a deal. I'm not too sure but I think this is the same grip as the UCWRG grip 23.


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Comfortable grip, could use some texturing. Otherwise wayyy better than an A2 grip.

My new go-to AR grip!

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This grip is great! I have tried many of the more "vertical" pistol grips out there. As a tall guy with long arms and big hands trying to ward of the dated "chicken wing", these less angled grips are a must for me and a better shooting experience. I really like the BCM mod3, MFT EPG16V2 grip and even the K2. This is the one I have purchased twice now so that says something. The texture is borderline non-existent, but somehow it is not slick. It seems good enough for range or glove use and I haven't had any grip problems yet. The rear extended tang is massive and excellent for me as it forces my hand into the correct position for accurate pulling of the trigger. It is extremely sturdy, as one of the options above felt soft and pliable, this one is not. All in all, I would recommend you give it a try if the more vert grip is your thing. I like it.

Poor quality

by -

Not happy with this grip. It feels like cheap plastic with sharp, raised lines at the mold point that need sanding. Texture is not grippy and it's not much more vertical than the magpul model which is a much better quality. I'll give this away on a trade in rifle one day.

Best all around grip

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Definite improvement over the standard A2 style grip. At a minimum I would prefer to have these grips on any AR I build in the future.

Solid if u like the texture

by -

Love the angle and width it's just right in your hand. However, the stippling is quite aggressive I do lifting regularly and that stills hurts to grab. Still a solid grip, I'd recommend it if you are shooting with gloves on.

Nice angle and stippling


I had been looking for a grip to reduce the angle on my 10.5" pistol. I have tried my friend BCM and had been looking at a Magpul K2. I saw this on sale on Primary Arms and decided to take a shot. I have one range trip with about 100 rounds with this setup and I will be purchasing more.
<br>Nice grip angle
<br>The stippling feels awesome, aggressive but not like it's going to leave you hating life.
<br>The bolt is a Philips head, I'm not a fan of that, makes getting it lined up kind of a pain.
<br>That's about all I can complain about.

Great grip for the price

by -

Bought this grip for a new pistol build. The grip feels great in the hand and is very light. It does have a little more material so it will put your hand back a bit, so if you have a smaller hand it may cause issues getting to the trigger. The fit was okay, there is a little bit of the grip that does not fit flush on my M4E1 Lower near the trigger, not the biggest of deals. It also does not come with the washer that goes between the screw and the grip. Overall, would buy again due to the price.

My favorite grip


When i first got this i was skeptical about if i want to use it. The texture felt sharp and uncomfortable at the beginning. Then after one use it feels like it molds to your grip and feels very secure with perfect angle. It is my favorite now

My absolute go-to grip

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Magpul has great options, to be sure, and I have a MOE-K on one of my rifles, and a BCM on another. But the B5 is where it's at. Looking at a photo online it really doesn't appear to be a show-stopper. Looks kind of like an MOE and I don't know that B5 has quite the name recognition that other brands do. Believe me, this grip is something special. Perfect geometry, nothing extraneous, and very solid. And not expensive either! Grips are pretty subjective but if you haven't yet found your go-to yet, you should give this one a try. Worth noting: The last one I bought (May 2021) has the same angle, same everything, but they've revised the texture and added a 'panel' of sorts to the front strap and I really like it. Not sure if they've rolled this out to other colors but the black one appears to be the new style.