Bravo Company Manufacturing BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator Mod 1 - 1/2x28

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The Bravo Company Manufacturing BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator is built for the 21st century gunfighter. Designed for tactical applications to reduce muzzle rise, flash signature, noise, and lateral pressure. Tuned slots and an interior cone offer maximum recoil mitigation, compensation of muzzle-rise, and flash reduction. With much less side blast and noise than typical compensators, this device is perfect for working in teams for CQB.

NOTE: To install this muzzle device, you will need a 'thin' wrench. A standard armorer's wrench or box wrench may be too thick.

  • Brings your 14.5 inch barrel to over 16 inches
  • 1/2 x 28 thread pitch
  • Nitride finish
  • Pre-drilled hole at the base for permanent installation
  • Extended version of the BCMGUNFIGHTER MOD 0 – 5.56
  • Crush washer included

Notice from the manufacturer:

“The combustion gasses exiting the muzzle of a rifle are extremely hot, traveling at extreme velocity, and contains not only burning gasses but solid particles of unburnt powder as well as metals from the projectile. Due to the inherent nature of steel, it is nearly impossible to survive unaffected in this environment when directly exposed. The high temperatures begin to make the steel more malleable, which allows solid particles and pressure waves to deform and erode surfaces upon exit.

Due to the new and unique design of the BCM compensators, the user may notice small pits on the interior surfaces of the compensator. This is normal. Most designs do not impede the exit flow very much, while the BCM approach is exactly opposite. These surfaces are specifically designed to operate within the environment found at the muzzle, and are intended to allow significant amounts of deterioration before any loss of performance is seen/felt. These compensators have been tested through many thousands of rounds, and while the wear surfaces may give pause to some users, trust when we say that it's normal.”
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BrandBravo Company Manufacturing
FinishBlack Oxide
Manufacturer.Bravo Company Manufacturing
MaterialSteel - 400 Stainless
Suppressor MountA2 Mount
Thread Pattern1/2 X 28

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

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not sure


I think PA has this priced very well but BCM has it over priced. I bought it then read the reviews while it was being shipped, then I returned it as soon as it arrived because I seen so many youtube comparisons. I'm not convinced its worth 97 bucks.

Exactly as advertised


Does what it says. I've put about a thousand rounds through it and it helps keep the rifle on target during rapid fire yet doesn't have the muzzle blast you get from dual port brakes. Definitely worth it if you shoot at public ranges but still want some recoil reduction or if you just want a more pleasant shooting experience overall. Plus the gemtech halo mounts perfectly on it.

Definitely worth $97


I put this on a 14.5 mid length because I didn't want the concussion from a dual port brake. After about 1000 rounds through it I can say it is definitely worth $97. The rifle stays on target even under rapid fire and the concussion is about the same as an a2.

The A3 Compensator


It's apparent that certain previous "reviewers" totally misunderstand the purpose of this compensator; The GFC Mod 1 is NOT a muzzle brake, OR a dedicated flash hider - it is a multipurpose tactical compensator.
<br>When compared to the A2 compensator, the GFC Mod 1 reduces recoil about three times more effectively, reduces muzzle movement noticeably more, and extinguishes flash just slightly less* effectively. This is a balancing act, all while keeping the device at the same approximate size as the A2, and while purposely not* making a weapon obnoxiously concussive.
<br>I went to the GFC Mod 1 after a fiasco with a "gunsmith" butchering two Surefire muzzle devices. When installed professionally, it allowed for the prettiest pin and weld job that I've ever seen bar none. Be mindful of what your weapon needs - this device is probably best for already soft-shooting carbines and rifles, where rounded performance is the goalpost.

BCM Mod1 Comp

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Good go to comp for a 14.5 build.