Glock Trigger Guide

Glock pistols are some of the most popular handguns in the US, renowned for their reliability and performance, even in harsh conditions. This revolutionary polymer-framed pistol set the stage for today's striker-centric market, and Glock pistols still see heavy use with military, police, competitors, hunters, and hobbyists alike. Out of the box, every Glock pistol is a capable sidearm worthy of its acclaim—but what if you could make it even better for just a few extra dollars? That's when choosing the right Glock trigger comes into play. The factory Glock trigger is adequate for most purposes, but aftermarket trigger upgrades can greatly improve your speed and precision with reduced pull weight and overtravel. In this blog, we'll...[ Read More ]

Stay Prepared: PDW Foxtrot Mike AR9 Giveaway

For our September Giveaway, we’re focusing on a personal defense weapon (PDW), a custom-assembled Foxtrot Mike FM9 PCC kit. This AR-style 9mm pistol is perfect for self-defense in close quarters. We’ve also included a comprehensive suite of upgrades to give you the best performance possible in any environment or lighting. CLICK HERE TO ENTER In total, the cost of the ‘Stay Prepared’ FM9 PDW is over $3,800 retail, but this month, you’ve got a chance to take this one home absolutely free. Just enter our giveaway using the button at the top of the page, fill out some basic information, and claim your free entries. As always, there’s no purchase necessary, and you can claim more entries using free methods...[ Read More ]

Best Shooting Ear Protection

When a gunshot's sound can cause permanent hearing damage, you should always have the best shooting ear protection possible. Whether you're hunting, competing, or just spending a few hours at the range, your personal protective equipment is a mandatory part of your kit. Nowadays, hearing protection comes in a wide variety of shapes and forms. In this guide, we'll detail some of each of the four major types' pros and cons: Passive In-Ear Active In-Ear Passive Over-Ear Active Over-Ear In addition, we'll detail some of the most popular options in each category, so you can make the right decision when purchasing your next set of hearing protection. Best Shooting Ear Protect...[ Read More ]

Building the Best Handgun for Self Defense

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ handgun, but there are many ways that you can enhance a pistol to achieve the best result. For self-defense, the best handgun combines a variety of high-quality components that improve key performance characteristics under the stresses of combat. Best Handgun Characteristics for Personal Defense When evaluating a handgun’s performance, you must consider many different performance characteristics, which will vary depending on the intended application. For self-defense, these applications include concealed carry, duty/open carry, and home defense. Some performance characteristics are common to all applications, while others are only important for concealment or everyday carry. ...[ Read More ]

Beginners Guide To Tactical Gear

When professionals choose their equipment, they pursue every advantage that gear can offer. With the latest technologies, gunfighters are safer, smarter, and faster than ever before. Whether you’re a soldier, a police officer, or an American gun-owner, your gear is a toolset. Every pouch, pocket, and armor plate will define your effectiveness in combat, and even basic equipment can make the difference between triumph and tragedy. If you’re new to the subject of tactical gear, this guide is the perfect starting point. We cover all the most important equipment, ranging from basic essentials to professional-grade night vision. We also provide some cost estimates, so you can find gear that matches your available budget. ...[ Read More ]