Why Buy A Pistol Caliber Carbine

Why Buy a Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) With the winter weather in full-force, many Americans are spending more time at the indoor ranges. Unfortunately, many rifles are poorly suited for such close quarters. The blast of a .308 is much less pleasant when it’s amplified in a booth, and the short target distances just don’t scratch the same precision itch. That’s why winter is the perfect time to get into Pistol Caliber Carbines! These pleasant little blasters have countless compelling benefits, but we’ve found most PCC-owners are convinced for 3 main reasons: historicity, competition, and the incredible fun-fac...[ Read More ]

Ultimate Guide to Weapon Lights

Introduction to White Light If you can’t see your target, you can’t (and shouldn’t) pull the trigger on it. Unfortunately, many firearms enthusiasts underestimate one of the most important features of their kit: their flashlight. When something goes bump in the night, or when you’re out in the heavy rain, your flashlight is the first line of defense. Whether it’s a handheld or a full-powered rifle light, your white light is key to controlling space in a dark environment. The good news? You don’t have to break the bank to get a great tactical light. In this guide, we’ll detail the critical benefits of flashlights, identify key ter...[ Read More ]

[Giveaway] SPR Build

CLICK HERE TO ENTER January SPR Giveaway Upper Receiver CMT Ultra Precision Stripped Upper Expo Arms UPK SOLGW Match Grade 18" SPR Barrel Expo Arms Low Profile Gas Block .750" Aero Precision Rifle-Length Gas Tube Precision Armament AFA...[ Read More ]

Home Defense AR15 Build

Introduction Your home is your refuge, and if you’ve got to defend it, you deserve every advantage that a rifle can offer. With a wide aftermarket and broad variety of ammunition, AR15s are a top choice for any kind of personal defense. Despite rumors, the 5.56x45 cartridge is not too powerful for home defense. With purpose-made ammunition, you can achieve low interior penetration—even lower than pistols or shotguns. When you factor in the AR15’s low weight, excellent balance, and simple manual-of-arms, its effectiveness shines when navigating corridors. But to get the most out of an AR, you must configure it to meet the challenges of its environment. Defensive carbine setups are often more complex than they appear, as the in...[ Read More ]

The Gun Lover's Gift Guide [2019 Edition]

The Gun Lover’s Gift Guide [2019 Edition] Enthusiasts are tricky to please, so we’ve made a guide to give the gun-lovers out there a very Merry Christmas. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your loved ones, or your coworkers, these items are certain to be a hit this season. You don’t have to break the bank—or even really break a $20. The perfect gift can come in any size and shape. So, let’s get straight into it, starting with the little gifts that can fit perfect in a Secret Santa or chimney stocking. [Under $20] Gifts for Secret Santa/Stocking-Stuffers [Under $50] Gifts for Friends [Under $200] Gifts for Good Friends [Above $200] Gifts for Family [?] Special Gifts [Under $20] For Secret S...[ Read More ]