M.A.C. Concealed Carry Giveaway

Concealed carry is all about finding a balance of comfort, convenience, and capability. For many, it can take years to develop the perfect carry setup. Like pieces of a puzzle, every part of your EDC must fit together, and it takes a lot of experience to understand the intricacies behind each product. While we can’t give you those years of experience, we can give you the next-best thing: a custom-made carry setup from someone with a TON of experience. This month, we’ve teamed up with Tim from Military Arms Channel to bring you a special concealed carry setup. Featuring the SIG Sauer P365XL 9...[ Read More ]

Top 5 Accuracy Upgrades For Your AR 15

Skill only gets you as far as your rifle allows, so why let your rifle hold you back? With a few simple changes, you can easily make your AR15 more accurate. The modularity of the AR-15 is one of its biggest advantages. You can take almost any rifle and upgrade its performance with a little time on the workbench. All you need to do is prioritize which upgrades will benefit you most. Then work step-by-step to build your dream rifle. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best ways to improve the accuracy of your AR-15. OPTIC The single most important upgrade to any r...[ Read More ]

10 Must Have Range Bag Essentials

Document When you’re at the range, the last thing you want is an interruption. Inconveniences, slips, and malfunctions are inevitable, but every knowledgeable enthusiast knows to come prepared. Packed with the right equipment, your range bag will keep you ready for anything. If you’re new to shooting sports, or if you want to double check your toolkit, this guide is for you. We’ll detail the 10 most important items to any range bag, which will ensure you can enjoy more time at the range without disruption. To keep it interesting, we’ll exclude obvious necessities like guns, magazines, and ammunition, since these items need no explanation to their importance. ...[ Read More ]

Best Shooting Ear Protection

Document When a gunshot's sound can cause permanent hearing damage, you should always have the best shooting ear protection possible. Whether you're hunting, competing, or just spending a few hours at the range, your personal protective equipment is a mandatory part of your kit. Nowadays, hearing protection comes in a wide variety of shapes and forms. In this guide, we'll detail some of each of the four major types' pros and cons: Passive In-Ear, Active In-Ear, Passive Over-Ear, & Active Over-Ear. In addition, we'll detail some of the most popular options in each category, so you can make the right decision when purchasing your next set of hearing protecti...[ Read More ]

Absolutely American Giveaway

In honor of Independence Day, Primary Arms is proud to announce a new giveaway that is as boldly American as the holiday itself. This month, we’re offering one lucky winner a free Red, White, and Blue AR-15 Build, complete with parts and accessories from top brands like Aero Precision, Primary Arms Optics, Modlite Systems, and many more. As always, this giveaway is completely free with no purchase requirements. All you have to do is click the entry button, fill out some basic information, and you’re entered to win! In early August, we’ll draw a random name from the list, reach out to our winner, and post an update on social media t...[ Read More ]