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3/4/2020 12:44 pmwww.primaryarms.com

EDC Glock Giveaway

The weather is warming up. Americans everywhere are prepping for short sleeves and ditching their jackets. For gun-owners, this marks an entirely new challenge: is your EDC ready for a life without all the layers?

Fortunately, we’ve got a good answer for you. This month, we’ll be handing out a fully kitted Glock 19 EDC kit, including a Benchmade knife and handheld Streamlight flashlight. We’re even tossing in a tumbler to keep your beverages hot or cold.

To enter, just click the button above. If you’d like to understand our approach to this build, keep reading! We detail all our considerations when picking parts for the perfect everyday carry combo.

EDC Keys to Success

EDC is all about packing as much function into the smallest footprint possible.

Every added item deserves meticulous evaluation, as every bit of added weight adds to the inconvenience. Sure, we’d all love to carry a fully loaded, steel-framed combat handgun with a sizable weaponlight, optic, and a few extra magazines, but few people have the dedication to haul that on their waistline every day.

Your carry gun is probably the first consideration, since it’ll take up the most space and weight of any tool in your kit. Compact and polymer frame is the go-to, minimizing the size and weight while retaining a solid capacity. When it comes to slimming down, 9mm has some considerable benefits over larger cartridges, but your EDC can be any cartridge that you’re willing to carry.

Whatever caliber you pick, don’t forget that you’ll want to bring some extra magazines along too. Since you’re already carrying a pistol, the mags don’t add too much discomfort, and no one ever complained about having too much ammo.

Your holster choice is also important. A great holster will make carrying any gun a whole lot easier, both in comfort and concealability. Nowadays, most folks prefer a fitted Kydex holster with tension and cant adjustment for the ideal draw. Leather and nylon holsters have largely fallen out of favor, but leather and nylon are still common.

Moving beyond firearms, every EDC should include a knife or multitool. A lot of folks make the mistake of viewing their knife as a weapon first and tool second. In reality, you’re probably never going to play a rogue and draw daggers. If you’re in danger, your pistol is the proper choice. The knife would be your very, very last resort for self-defense, reserved for situations where you lose control of your sidearm.

Most of the time, your knife will fulfill everyday tasks: trimming loose material, opening boxes, and other convenient functions. You can achieve this with any small, stowable blade that features a durable tang.

Finally, you should always carry a flashlight too. While a cellphone light can help you find something under the couch, a purpose-built flashlight has added tactical and defensive value. We recently wrote a blog that detailed all the reasons why you should carry a flashlight, which you can find right here: Ultimate Flashlight Guide.

Now that we’ve identified our setup’s demands, we can start the process of building it up, starting with our pistol.

The Frame

We decided on a Glock 19 platform. It’s a beloved compact handgun design that is ruthlessly reliable and has a booming aftermarket, so we can customize it exactly as we like.

The first step is completing a frame. Did you know that you don’t have to buy a full completed Glock right out of the box? You can build it piece-by-piece, just like an AR.

Since the frame is our ‘firearm’ part of our Glock, we will be using a Rook Customs Tier 1 Glock 19 Gen 3 frame in flat black. These frames are impeccable in their craftsmanship, bringing in all the upgrades that anyone would ever want for their pistol frame. It saves a lot of headaches down the line—plus it will save you money over buying a factory frame and shipping it out for enhancements.

With the frame in-hand, we only need a handful of Glock OEM parts and pins to get it mostly completed. The biggest upgrade we can add to the frame is an aftermarket trigger. The CMC Triggers Drop-in Glock trigger is our preferred option, as it greatly improves the trigger pull without compromising on any safety. Add a 6lb Overwatch Precision Competition Spring, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

As a final touch, we’ve included a Vickers Tactical Slide Stop and Ghost Inc Tactical Mag Release. These enhanced controls are more accessible and tactile than their OEM equivalents, plus they’re affordable upgrades, so there’s no reason to skip out.

The Slide

The slide is a little more complex. Once again, we’ll be selecting an aftermarket option, which gives us all the ergonomic and functional enhancements of a custom-built gun.

Starting with a Grey Ghost Precision Glock 19 Gen 3 V3 Slide, we need a selection of high-grade slide parts to give us the best performance. The Zev Technologies PRO 9mm Slide Upper Parts kit gives us just that.

Once the guts are installed, we move forward to the barrel and recoil system. The Strike Industries Glock 19 ARK Barrel is a match-quality part that will give us plenty of accuracy with a stylish fluting. We paired this barrel with a Rival Arms Guide Rod and recoil spring, which is a lot more rigid than the factory polymer guide rod. This rigidity will smoothen out our recoil impulse, making it easier to get back on target.

For optics, we went all out. We’ve added a Trijicon RM01 Type 2 with suppressor-height Night Fision Perfect Dot sights. Pistol-mounted red dots are becoming a standard for many, and with all the benefits, there’s no wonder why. With a dot, you can focus on the target, which greatly improves situational awareness in defensive situations. You also get a clean point of aim, which helps a lot against a moving target.

With the slide now complete, all we had to do is wait for the RMR’s blue Loctite to set. In the meantime, we looked at some accessories.

Pistol Accessories

Accessories are important. The pistol is enough of a treasure on its own, but without a holster and some magazines, it’s not very useful for EDC.

Our holster selection was all about offering the fastest draw. With appendix carry on the rise, we wanted to get a lightweight AIWB holster that could fit anyone’s preference. The ANR Design Glock 19 Appendix Holster is a premium fit with a minimalist design. It is cut for Glock 19s with optics and threaded barrels, so it’ll fit most setups right out of the box. With a rugged belt clip and polymer claw, this holster is certain to stay close against its user for superior concealment.

As for magazines, factory Glock magazines are hard to beat, but they can be improved with a little bit of modification. TTI Basepad kits can offer a quick +3 to the 15-round capacity, putting it on par with full-size pistols without the added grip space. In total, three fully loaded magazines should do plenty fine for any EDC purposes.

Other Tools

As we mentioned earlier, no EDC setup is complete without a flashlight and pocketknife.

We chose a Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA 350 Lumen Dual Fuel light for the role of a handheld light. It’s small, lightweight, and it takes some of the most common batteries on the market. Even with its minimal size, this light puts out plenty of illumination to identify and dazzle targets. Plus, it comes with a pocket clip by default, so you can just carry it with your keys.

For our knife, we have a somewhat irregular choice. Rather than a conventional folder, we chose a Mini SOCP from Benchmade. This knife is a lightweight, skeletonized fixed blade with a compact 2.22” blade length. The Mini SOCP is plenty capable of most basic knife tasks, and its fine point is excellent for puncture, but the full grip tang ensures that you’ll keep a tight hold if you ever need it for self-defense.

Oh. We also included a Primary Arms 30-Ounce Double-Wall Tumbler. For many of you, coffee is the most important part of any morning’s loadout. We can appreciate that, so consider it an extra gift.

How to Win

There you have it! With all their forces combined, these picks make up a perfect EDC kit to get anyone fully equipped.

To win this setup, visit our Giveaway Landing Page, which has all the instructions to give you the best odds. Some terms and conditions apply. The giveaway ends March 31, 2020, at 11:59pm CST.

At the end of the giveaway, we will contact the winner via email on April 3rd. Winner MUST be legally able to possess a firearm and pass a federal background check. Winner is responsible for all taxes. If the winner cannot meet the requirements necessary to take ownership of the firearm, the winner will be granted the total value of the prize package, $2,308.66, in cash. Exclusions apply, and no purchase is necessary. A full list of terms and conditions are visible through the Giveaway Landing Page.