Holiday Gift Guide [2018 Edition]

Primary Arms Staff

12/11/2018 2:08

Rescue Their Holiday with A Tactical Gift Deployment

I see what you’re thinking. Ho hum, another boring “gift guide” where some company is trying to put a happy face on some lame old inventory they couldn’t sell before, right? WRONG! We brought in the newest, hottest stuff that the gun enthusiast you’re shopping for has been daydreaming about, and we’ve slashed the prices to the bone for you. This is your chance to break out of the painful, depressing cycle of uncomfortable stuff they feel obligated to use for a couple of months before it quietly disappears. We know it’s the thought that counts, but let’s cut to the chase—this is your chance to see genuine surprise and exuberance when they can’t believe their eyes.

Sometimes you don’t want to appear to be trying too hard. Or maybe you have a whole crew of shooter buddies and you don’t want to leave anyone hanging, so it spreads things thin. We get it. We have tons of great gifts for under $25—here are four good examples that won’t leave your wallet feeling drained.

SME Morale Patches

Morale patches are hilarious and affordable. Bonus points are awarded if you can affix one to your buddy’s gear when they aren’t looking and then tell them afterwards that you already gave them their present. We have multiple different patches to suit your buddy’s sense of humor whether it is the hunter, police, or military gnome. The hunter gnome is ready to stalk through the garden and fill his little gnome-ish game tags (squirrels qualify as dangerous game to gnomes) while the police gnome is dressed in tactical gear and ready for duty. That’s why he looks so serious. Shop Morale Patches >

HERA Arms 10-, 20-, and 30-ound Polymer Magazines

How many magazines does your favorite shooter have? It doesn’t matter—they want more magazines, always. Get them a new and different kind of magazine, so they will think of you each time they hit the range. These German-made Hera H3T mags feature a transparent window in the back to show you remaining ammo supply and are the official magazine of the US Space Force. Ok, not the Space Force part, but they ARE German made, work great, and look very futuristic. If for some inexplicable reason, a 30 round mag is a no-go, we are offering 10 and 20 round versions as well. At this price, why not get one for each of your shooting pals? Shop HERA Arms Magazines >

Kershaw Knives Shuffle 2.4" Folding Knife

Are you tired of your friends always asking to borrow your knife to use for something that your knife wasn’t designed to do while you watch and cringe? It’s probably time to get them a knife of their own and what better than the Kershaw Shuffle; a folding knife designed with functionality in mind. For something so small and affordable, it packs a lot of features into its Nylon handle like a bottle opener and flat head screw driver. Never again will you have to watch in horror as a friend tries to tighten a screw with your knife blade. Shop The Kershaw Shuffle >

NcSTAR Tactical Christmas Stockings

Hopefully some of these items have caught your eye and now you need to do some wrapping. Well if you are anything like me, wrapping presents is not your specialty, then maybe a stocking is the perfect option. And why choose any boring stocking when you can get a tactical stuffer with all the MOLLE webbing for accessories you want. They even have a nifty Velcro spot for some kind of patch. Possibly even a gnome shaped one. Whether your buddy is a fan of tactical black, tan or a certain mouthy mercenary, we have the color for them. Shop Tactical Christmas Stockings >

Pay a little more to get a little more, right? You can hit that special AR-15 shooter in your life with a surprise upgrade that they will absolutely love. You don’t need to admit that you spent less than a tank of gas to get it in their hands, we will keep that little detail between you and us, alright? Check out these options.

Otis Technology Rifle Cleaning Kit

“Oh wow a cleaning kit, well whoop de doo…” Hey now, just hold up a second. This Otis cleaning kit isn’t some janky assortment of paper patches and a three-piece cleaning rod that’s going to break—this setup is a legitimate quality of life improvement for your favorite shooter. It’s one of the best barrel cleaning kits ever invented, packaged together beautifully into a compact but manageable space that is easy to stuff in a range bag. They will be so relieved to finally throw out that other cleaning kit where half their parts got broken and the other half got lost! Shop Rifle Cleaning Kits >

High Speed Gear TACO Magazine Pouches

Everybody loves tacos. Especially on Tuesday. Even more especially when you realize Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year. Make this Christmas the best Taco Tuesday of the year when you attach a High Speed gear TACO magazine pouch to that tactical stocking stuffer we told you about and give it to your favorite range buddy. That’s right. These mag pouches are MOLLE compatible and come in different styles to accommodate pistol and rifle magazines. Whether black, tan or multicam is their favorite color, we’ve got you covered. Unfortunately, they don’t come in a red and black color scheme. Shop High Speed Gear TACO Pouches >

Drago Gear Pro Range Bag

Many of us have that friend we go to the range with that is completely disorganized and carries their pistol in a duffle bag with mags and loose rounds dumped in there with it. It is time to make their day and get them a range bag that has plenty of room for multiple handguns, magazines, and any other equipment needed for the range. With pouches designed to hold mags, a divider, and two large outer compartments, the Drago Gear range bag is the perfect solution for your range buddy. It even has enough room for hearing and eye protection. Shop the Grago Gear Pro Range Bag >

Caldwell E-MAX Low Profile Electronic Ear Protection

Maybe using spent 9mm shell casings as hearing protection isn’t the smartest idea. A pair of high quality, over-ear, electronic ear muffs is the best way to tell someone you love them while preserving their hearing, so you can tell them again next year. The Caldwell E-MAX does more than just decrease loud noises, it amplifies the small ones, so you can have a conversation without ever taking them off. It’s not too late to save the hearing of the people you care about. Or at least the ones you go to the range with. Shop these Caldwell Electronic Ear Muffs >

Things are getting pretty serious at this point, but there are still plenty of awesome options available for less than a “Benjamin”. After all, the season comes but once a year, so make it count. Here are some options under $100 to consider.

Primary Arms 3-9X44mm SFP Classic Rifle Scope - Duplex Reticle

A scope for under 100 Dollars? Yes, you heard it right. The Primary Arms 3-9x44mm Classic Rifle Scope is huge value with the duplex reticle, finger adjustable turrets, and durable construction. Attach it to your kids brand new .22 caliber plinker or your buddy’s first AR-15 build. This scope can do it all. At this price, you can get a scope for everyone in your family.Shop the Primary Arms SFP 3-9x Duplex Reticle Scope >

Bulldog Rifle Cases

With multiple different colors to choose from, these Bulldog rifle cases are a great gift to give. They are built from heavy duty, water resistant nylon and a padded interior to protect the rifle and optic during transport to the range. These cases come in either 37” or 43” depending on the length you are looking for. The 37” is the perfect size for a new AR build and has plenty of compartments for magazines and other range equipment. Shop Rifle Cases >

Primary Arms Weapon and Handheld Lights

If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer gift, you can’t go wrong with a flashlight. They are the perfect gift for that someone in your life that appreciates functional gifts that can be used on more than just a rifle. These Primary Arms flashlights come in either 800 or 900 lumens and are compact enough to be used in the hand or can be mounted to a weapon. They feature 2.5 hours on the double CR123A batteries and are waterproof, shock proof, and shotgun rated. With either black or FDE to choose from, whoever receives a gift like this will be more than happy they got something they can use daily. Shop Primary Arms Flashlights and Accessories >

AC-Unity 60-round QuadStack AK-47 Magazine

For that special someone who is all about the Kalashnikov life, this is the hottest item available right now, bar none. Quad stack high capacity magazines have been spotted in use by elite Russian military forces, but American AK shooters have been left wanting, until just recently. The AC-Unity 60 round AK magazine has been extensively tested for reliability and durability. While it is certainly expensive for an ammunition feeding device, it is also the only one of its kind available in the USA, and we have them ready to ship to your door today. Shop the AC-Unity Quad Stack AK-47 Mag >

Get the year's big gift from Primary Arms! You’re looking for a truly useful and remarkable centerpiece -- the gift that makes them say “Wow, I totally didn’t expect this, you’re amazing.” You can achieve maximum gifting impact with one of these options.

Cross Machine Tool 13.7' UHPR MOD 2 M-LOK Rail

So you like the idea of a gift giving start to a new AR-15 build, but you want to step your game up to the max. Check out the Cross Machine Tool MOD 2 rail, their latest design featuring very lightweight yet super strong construction, M-LOK accessory compatibility, anti-rotation tabs, and all the bells and whistles you expect from a premium rail system. Your AR builder may never jump out of a C-17, swim a mile through salt water, and daringly rescue hostages while the world holds its breath, but this rail system is a great start to a rifle build that could do it. Shop this Cross Machine Tool Hand Guard >

Streamlight TLR-1 HL 800 Lumen Weapon Light

More seriously, a good quality weapon light is a must for home defense firearms. You MUST have the situational awareness to know your target, know what is in front of it and what is behind it. Blazing away in the dark is unacceptable! Trustworthy weapon lights are pricey things, but the Streamlight TLR-1 HL is one of the most proven lights on the market. With an intuitive rocker switch interface that is easy to learn and rated for a blinding 800 lumens of white light, this is a gift that could save someone’s life one day. Shop this Streamlight TLR-1 HL Pistol Light >

Agency Arms Pistol Compensators

So, you want a huge surprise for that John Wick movie fan in your life but spending $3,000 to fully customize their Gen 3 Glock just isn’t in the cards. Have no fear, we’ve mastermind a plan for you. With the Agency Arms 417 compensator, transform any Glock into a competition ready pistol in seconds. This compensator attaches directly to 1/2x28 threaded barrels and is held in place by two set screws. The Glock compensator does more than just look cool, it helps to minimize felt recoil and muzzle rise for fast and accurate follow up shots. With multiple styles and colors to choose from like a compact single port or longer dual port design for all popular Glock models, you can find the perfect one for the movie loving friend in your life. Shop Agency Arms Compensators >

Whether you’re looking for a special gift from under $50 to around $200, all of us here at Primary Arms thank you for shopping with us. If you have any questions about any products we sell, feel free to email or give us a ring at 713-344-9600. We’re happy to help!

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