Make Your May Giveaway

Primary Arms Staff

5/4/2020 8:17

You read that title right. We’re changing it up with an all new giveaway that gives you exactly what you want! This month, one lucky winner will receive a $4,000 Shopping Spree here at Primary Arms. Rather than building one gun, we’re putting the power in your hands, letting you choose from your favorite firearms, parts, and accessories.

Best of all, this giveaway is completely free—no purchase necessary. Just tap the button at the top of this article and complete the entry form. No extra steps necessary.

Now, let’s talk ideas.

$4,000 can go a long way in today’s gun market. You’ve got a massive selection of the industry’s top products, covering every application. Whether you’re looking for long-distance precision or close-up personal defense, your choices are near endless, so where does anyone begin?

What Gun Should I get?

Before diving headfirst into all the possibilities, consider these three questions:

1. What kind of gun do you want?

2. What accessories will you need?

3. What parts should be replaced/upgraded?

That first question is often the hardest: what kind of gun do you want?

Your answer probably depends on how you view your collection.

If you divide your collection by application, you might have some guns for hunting, some guns for competition, and some guns for protection. Each category would then have its own subcategories. For example, your protection category could be divided by Every Day Carry, Home Defense, or Outdoor Survival.

This approach helps you visualize your firearm in a practical light, providing a sharper sense on your true priorities. At that point, you can start answering questions like, “What optic magnification is best?” or “How long should the barrel be?”

When your budget is as large as $4,000, you’re probably going to have plenty of options on the table.

While there is no such thing as a universal ‘best gun’, here are a few of our favorite premium firearm brands to get you started in your search:

Springfield Armory : Springfield Armory has a wide variety of firearms available, including both rifles and pistols. Their new SAINT Victor AR-15 is an exceptional value, providing many premium features at a cost-effective price. These savings are especially important if you want to invest more in kitting the rifle with the best optics, accessories, and part upgrades. In addition, Springfield offers a variety of sidearms, which excel in both concealed and duty carry.

FM Products: If you’re interested in trying something new, pistol caliber carbines are quickly becoming one of the most popular categories on the market. Foxtrot Mike Products offers a wide variety of pistol-caliber ARs, including our exclusive FM9 3 Gun PCC, which is perfect for competition use. Out of the box, this rifle offers most everything you’ll need, but the price leaves room for upgrades and accessories.

FN America: : FN America is responsible for some of the most sought-after firearms available, and there’s no question why. Every FN firearm offers something unique. The SCAR is one of the lightest .308 battle rifles on the market, and with the newly released SCAR-20S providing a true semi-automatic sniper system, we can imagine FN being a top choice for big budgets.

Battle Arms Development: Battle Arms Development offers a huge selection of AR parts and accessories, and their rifles integrate many of these premium parts straight from the factory. Battle Arms Development is also known for making some of the most unique rifle and pistol builds available, such as their OIP Ultra Lightweight AR15, which only weighs 3.8lbs total. It’s one of the lightest rifles currently available on the market, retaining the ballistic potential of a 14.5in pin-and-weld barrel.

Of course, they’ll always be best known for their AR15s, which remain one of the most popular premium options available.

Add a Few Necessary Accessories

For some rifles, your accessories are every bit as important as the rifle itself. Some night-fighting carbines feature $2,000 in accessories alone, making this giveaway a great opportunity to fully outfit your carbine.

Here are a few recommendations when accessorizing your rifle.

Optics: There’s an old guideline that says your optic should cost half the price of your rifle. For precision rifle, many uphold this with strict adherence, though quality optics don’t have to break your budget. Our GLx and PLx line offer exceptional optical performance at a great value, so you can redirect those savings into your mount and other accessories.

One item to consider is a mini reflex, such as the Trijicon RMR and SRO. These miniaturized red dot optics are great for pistols, but they can also be mounted on an offset for scoped rifles, allowing for swift transitions in close quarters.

Illumination and IR: We talk a lot about the importance of illumination. For self-defense, a weapon light is 100% recommended on any carbine, pistol, or shotgun. At the same time, the best weapon lights aren’t cheap, especially when you’re looking at the latest tech from SureFire, Cloud Defensive, and Modlite Systems.

These lights pale in comparison to the cost of IR devices, though. If you’re interested in night vision, you’ll probably need an IR illuminator and laser system, such as those offered by Steiner. One of the best commercial illuminators is the Steiner DBAL-D2, which features an ultra-powerful illuminator for impressive NV visibility in total darkness. These regularly cost over $1,000 on their own, so it’s an important consideration when allocating a budget.

Bipods: For long distance marksmanship, you’ll want a high-quality bipod to support your rifle. Atlas Bipods are the standard for many precision marksmen, offering an unparalleled degree of adjustment and durability. Of course, if you prefer speed, a Harris bipod has the fastest deployment with spring-assisted legs.

Upgrade with Premium Gun Parts

Sometimes, a great gun can get even better with a few aftermarket parts. Common upgrades include…

Triggers: One of the first upgrades for a top-shelf carbine is a suitable match trigger—often from Geissele. The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced trigger is just an otherworldly difference compared to MIL SPEC. It’s the sort of upgrade that can totally spoil someone, as its refined take-up and break are perfect for making accurate hits at any range.

Trigger upgrades are common for pistols too, since trigger pull is even more important to accuracy in a handgun. Apex Tactical, Zev Technologies, and Agency Arms all make great triggers from a variety of popular handgun models, including Glocks and P320s.

Furniture: Some rifles can be tailored with new furniture, such as stocks, grips, and handguards. On rifles like the SCAR, most owners will upgrade the handguard to something slimmer and lighter. The same is true for many AK rifles, and even some high-dollar ARs.

Fortunately, we’ve got a wide selection of furniture for most common rifles, making it easy to find your perfect ergonomics.

Muzzle Devices: Muzzle devices are among the most common replacement from factory firearms. Aftermarket devices are usually a lot more effective than the standard A2, and if you’re looking at quick-detach suppressors, most manufacturers will require that you use their own muzzle devices. Surefire, SilencerCo, and Dead Air are among the most popular choices currently.

Nowadays, many people are also investing in muzzle devices for their handguns. Pistol compensators can help keep recoil flat for faster follow-up shots, but they usually require a threaded barrel for attachment. The Strike Industries Mass Driver is one exception. It’s a compensator for Glock 17s and 19s for Gen 3 and 4, and unlike other compensators, the Mass Driver connects to the guide rod, so no threaded barrel is needed (making it 50-State legal.)

Complete the Setup with Must-Have Gear

If there’s still some room left in the budget, you can always spend it on ammo and other gear. Things like shot timers, cleaning kits, holsters, and electronic hearing protection will allow you to get the most out of your kit.

This is also a good opportunity to snag some medical gear, which is an important addition to any range bag. With proper training, a medical kit can make all the difference, especially if you like to go to isolated outdoor ranges, where it might be difficult for medical professionals to quickly respond.

That said, medical supplies are only as good as your training, so be sure to check out a class or two while you’re at it!

How to Win this Giveaway!

To win our $4,000 shopping spree, visit our Giveaway Landing Page, which has all the instructions to give you the best odds. The $4,000 will be given in store credit to your account with Some terms and conditions apply. The giveaway ends May 31, 2020, at 11:59pm CST.

At the end of the giveaway, we will contact the winner via email by June 4th. Winner MUST be legally able to possess a firearm and pass a federal background check. Winner is responsible for all taxes. Exclusions apply, and no purchase is necessary. A full list of terms and conditions are visible through the Giveaway Landing Page.