Tactical Stocking Stuffers: 2018 Holiday Guide

Primary Arms Staff

12/7/2018 10:00 amwww.primaryarms.com

Tactical Stocking Stuffers: 2018 Holiday Buying Guide

Dumping out your stocking on Christmas is usually one of the more anti-climactic portions of the morning. If you’re like me, your stocking is usually filled with the silly little things that your wife or kids saw in the checkout isle because they realized they’d forgotten about filling your stocking. It’s nothing to be too bent out of shape about; after all, the Holidays have not been about you and your gifts for years. The magic is in the gift giving, not receiving, right?

Sometimes you’ll get something practical like some new socks – because who actually buys socks for themselves, you know? Even more rarely, someone gets creative and a really awesome gift is hiding in the place you least expect it – it’s not under the tree this year, it’s buried in the bottom of your stocking. Those are fun moments. For people like us who love all things firearms related, the stocking can be a great way to give an awesome gift that doesn’t blow the whole holiday budget, and still lets the recipient know that you’ve paid attention and appreciate their favorite hobby.

It’s not hard to give the perfect gift if you’ve got a little help. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve compiled a list of awesome gift ideas for the shooter, hunter, and firearms enthusiast on your list. Maybe that’s you! If so, pass this list around to friends and family – they’ll be grateful for some ideas to get them heading the right direction. If you’re the one buying gifts for the firearms fan, look no further.

We’ve got this covered for you. Let us help you become the holiday hero this year.


Let’s face it, that stocking you’ve had since you were a little kid is in desperate need of an upgrade. Give your mantle a little tactical flavor with these tactical stockings from NcSTAR.

These stockings come in two versions and both are packed with features. We’re not saying these will become a mainstay in your kit, but they are a pretty clever way to impart some tactical style to Christmas morning.

The more simple version of the NcSTAR tactical stocking features two hook-and-loop sections at the top and toe for attaching morale patches. A MOLLE-style webbing system on the front and PALs straps on the back make this tactical stocking easy to combine with other gifts or accessories you might be giving. It also includes a pouch on the front, with an elastic closure, for stuffing in a few extra items.

The carry handle version also includes a hook-and-loop morale patch section, as well as a front pouch with elastic closure and MOLLE/PALs attachment compatibility. This version adds a section of D-rings, heavy-duty polymer clips, a side zipper access panel, and of course, a reinforced carry handle at the top. You could say this tactical stocking has been expertly over-engineered.

These stockings come in black, tan, and red with black webbing.


Finding creative new ways to let people showcase their appreciation of firearms and the Second Amendment is why Lucky Shot USA was founded. Lucky Shot is family owned and operated and makes a lot of what they sell right here in the United States. They take real, once-fired US Military ammunition and make the rounds and brass into something new and awesome. They take painstaking care to clean each piece of brass casing so that it’s safe to handle and free of gunpowder, and every product has its own unique aspects thanks to the nature of being fired.

One of the most popular items they offer is a set of ear plugs attached to 9mm casings – definitely a product that will get some laughs at the range while protecting your hearing.

Some of Lucky Shot’s products can add a little firearms flair to your home bar set-up, like their .50 BMG Corkscrew and 30mm shot glasses. Both are made from real ammunition and casings. The 30mm shot glasses are made from the 30mm rounds fired from an A-10 warthog. The corkscrew will help you confidently brag to your friends that you’re a good enough shot to open a wine bottle with a .50-caliber bullet and not spill a drop! Pair these items with the Century Arms Canik TP9 pistol ice cube tray, and your home bar set-up is complete.

Lucky Shot has a lot of other unique items that you’ll use every day, like magnets made from 12 gauge shot shell brass, a .308 casing that clips to the brim of your hat, 9mm cork board pins, and even valve stem caps for your tires made from .40 caliber pistol brass.

Anything from Lucky Shot is sure to be a hit with any firearms enthusiasts on your holiday gift list, and they’re all incredibly affordable items too. These little gift items are the perfect stocking stuffers this holiday season.


For the person on your list who likes building models, or even just the young AR-builder-to-be, these 1/3rd scale, non-firing firearm models are the perfect gift. They have fully sealed barrels, but all the non-firing action on firearm is completely functional. You can adjust the stocks, the windage and elevation of the sights, operate the charging handle or bolt, and drop the magazine. They come with stands included so you can proudly display your mini-build on a desk, coffee table, or mantle.

There are three kits to choose from, an AR-15 kit, AK-47 kit, and a .50 BMG kit. All of which come with small tools and instructions, so they can be fully assembled in just a few minutes. These mini replicas are a fun and unique way to put a smile on the face of any firearms enthusiast on your gift list!


Small, handy tools and knives make for practical and guaranteed-to-please holiday gifts. We offer tools and knives from the top manufacturers in the world, and these two offerings are perfect stocking stuffer options. They’re lightweight, won’t bust the budget, and will make for an instant addition to anyone’s “every-day carry” set-up.

The Kershaw Shuffle knife is a tool that packs a few extra features beyond the useful drop-point blade that make it a practical addition to any pocket. It’s compact in size at just 3.25” and features a bottle opener on the spine and lanyard loop that doubles as a flathead screwdriver or prybar, so there’s no need to dull the edge trying to use it for more specialized tasks. At a price of only $12.99, it’s an easy choice to complete an awesome stocking.

The KA-BAR skeleton neck knife is a high-quality blade from one of the most historically well-known knife makers in America. KA-BAR has made knives for a variety of applications like hunting, camping, and wilderness survival since 1898, and their popularity soared after the success of the USMC KA-BAR knife that was in military service during WWII. This knife features a polymer sheath that is meant to be worn on a chain around the neck for quick and easy access. The custom-fitted sheath fits snug around the blade to keep it in place. The skeletonized handle has a large majority of the material removed while remaining strong and rigid, making this a lightweight EDC option that’s comfortable to keep on all day.


For the serious builder on your list, these options are home-run gifts that are sure to please. One of the most fun aspects of building your own AR rifle is the inherent modularity of the AR rifle platform. These parts are popular and proven upgrades that any AR builder will get excited about.

Hera Arms H3T

There is no such thing as having too many magazines, and just about any mag will do for a great stocking stuffer. This holiday season, we are really liking the GEN 2 Hera Arms H3T. It has a transparent window frame that lets you see how many rounds you have left, as well as a tapered and textured leading edge for quick reloads, and flush-fitting floorplate that still detaches with one press of a button. Grab a few and your stocking will be stuffed!

Bravo Company Ion Bond FDE Bolt Carrier Group

Bravo Company USA produces nothing less than professional grade AR parts and accessories and this BCG is no different. The ion bond finish gives an awesome flat dark earth color while improving ease of cleaning and reducing friction. This is a high-performance AR upgrade that makes no compromises. It features an M16 cut and has been factory test-fired to ensure quality – just like every part BCM manufactures. This is truly one of those stocking stuffers that will steal the show on Christmas morning.

Radian Weapons Raptor AR-15 Charging Handle

An ambidextrous charging handle is one of those AR-15 upgrades that many builders try and quickly decide they cannot go without. The Radian Raptor combines an ambidextrous design with oversized latch handles that are easy to manipulate even with heavy gloves on in the cold winter months. Made from some of the strongest aluminum on the market, this charging handle holds tough where others can fail. One-handed, aggressive charging of an AR can lead to warping of less-quality charging handles over time. With the Raptor, this is never a concern. It is truly over-engineered to stand up to the most serious use. On top of that, Radian makes the Raptor in a variety of colors to match any build.

Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Two-Stage Trigger

When it comes to improving the performance of the AR-15, a trigger upgrade is one of the first and most important things to consider. Standard MIL SPEC triggers get the job done, but they can often feel imprecise and make consistent performance harder to achieve. The name Geissele Automatics has become nearly synonymous with high-quality AR triggers. Designed based off the same trigger used by the United States’ special forces, this trigger is no joke. The two-stage design is versatile for both home-defense and precision shooting applications, so if the builder on your list has a do-it-all rifle in the safe that is in need of an upgrade, look no further.

CMC Drop-In Single Stage AR-15 / AR-10 Trigger

CMC Triggers is another top-of-the-line trigger manufacturer. This precision trigger is a single-stage design, allowing the shooter to fire their rifle with almost zero take-up and an insanely crisp break. This assembly is an -all-in-one drop in upgrade, which makes installation as easy as possible – just drop it in the lower receiver and install the trigger pins. CMC uses a high-powered spring they call the Rocket Wire, which means the lightweight hammer drops almost instantly, improving the shooter’s accuracy. If the builder on your list is all about long-range precision shooting, this upgrade is the perfect choice.

Surefire Warcomp Flash Hider

Billed as the world’s most shootable flash hiding muzzle device, the SureFire WARCOMP combines 99% muzzle flash elimination with the addition of compensator ports that greatly reduce the amount of muzzle rise a shooter experiences while firing. On top of that, the WARCOMP is designed to accept SureFire’s lineup of SOCOM Fast-Attach suppressors, making it a spectacular choice for the serious shooting enthusiast on your list. The WARCOMP features an ionbonded diamond-like carbon coating for long service life and it is backed by SureFire’s no-hassle guarantee.

Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Lower Parts Kit

This AR-15 starter kit provides all the extra lower parts needed to complete a rifle build. The small parts and components that don’t normally come with a trigger kit or grip kit are included in this package, making it the perfect gift option to round out the day for any AR rifle builder on your list. Since it features all the essentials – the small parts that are generally easy to lose – this kit is also a great option for anyone who wants to make sure they have spares for all the critical rifle components on-hand. Keep in the tool box and never again will you have to worry about a spring or detent flying across the room, never to be found.

Filling a stocking for the firearms enthusiast on your list this holiday season doesn’t have to be a daunting or expensive task. From the fun and unique items, to the practical, and even small parts and accessories for your builder’s next rifle, any of these stocking stuffer ideas will be right on target.

The holiday season is as much about giving and receiving gifts with family and loved ones as it is about making memories that will last a lifetime. So stuff your stocking full of these gift ideas, pack up your family and friends, and hit the range this Holiday to celebrate everything we love about firearms, shooting, the Second Amendment, and the freedoms we enjoy all year-round. Have a happy and safe holiday season.