Why You Should Take a Carbine Course

Over the last two decades, American gun-owners have made the AR15 the most popular rifle in the nation, dethroning the traditional bolt-action and shotgun. Specifically, defensive carbines grew to be a central interest within the shooting community, and in response, the training industry rose from relative obscurity.We now live in the Era of the Carbine Course. As shooters, we’re always inclined to believe we’re ahead of the curve. Often, this thinking extends to shooting practices that we’ve never trained for—self-defense included. This overestimation of ability (known as the Dunning-Kruger effect) isn’t exclusive to the shooting community either. One study reported that 90% of drivers believe their driving ability to be above average, bu...[ Read More ]

Rifle Slings: Which Type is Right for you?

Your sling probably won't make or break your next hunting trip. It won't save you those tenths of a second on your next stage and it probably isn't ever going to save your life. That said, a good sling can go a long way to improving comfort when carrying your firearms, will let you free your hands, and even offer an option for a more stable off-hand shot. With all the sling options available, how do you find the best one for you?Well, first you'll have to decide what style you need.There are a wide variety of slings available on the market today, including 3-points, Hasty slings, cuff slings, and other more specialized options. For most shooters, the two most common sling options will do everything they need. Let's take a look at single poi...[ Read More ]

Primary Arms Optics Best-Seller Spotlight

When Primary Arms began selling red dot sights over a decade ago, our mission was simple: to offer the best quality optics to our customers at the best possible prices and back them up with outstanding customer service. That mission has never wavered. The result of that mission for you, our valued customer, is unmatched value for your dollar. That value has made Primary Arms one of the fastest growing optics manufacturers in the world. We love what we do, but truth be told, we do it all for you. Bringing you the best in quality and value is what drives us, and when we make something you love, we’ve accomplished our mission.We’ve come a long way from those early days selling red dots. In the years since, we’ve added a complete lineup of rifl...[ Read More ]

Red Dot Hacks [The ONE Zeroing Tip You Need To Know]

Red Dot Hacks: The ONE Zeroing Tip You NEED To KnowNew shooters, and even those who have been shooting a long time, can easily get confused and frustrated when trying to sight in their rifles. It’s not quite as easy as it seems like it should be.We’ve got the answer for you, though. Here’s the simple, easy to remember hack that’ll save you time when sighting in your red dot sight. MOVING THE POINT OF IMPACTYou’ve probably seen that, on any rifle optic, there will be a direction marked on the scope turrets. Usually little arrows placed next to a U for “Up” and an R for “Right” on the elevation and windage knobs, respectively. This indicates where your point of impact will shift when you turn the turret in that direction. That’s the ONE thing...[ Read More ]

5 Best Upgrades for your AK-47/AK-74

If you measure the success of a tool by the number produced and the service life of each one made, the AK-47 pattern rifle is one of the most successful tools in human history. More than 100 million have been made in a dizzying variety of models and calibers. Younger shooters may not appreciate the mystique and fear that the AK captured in the minds of Americans during the Cold War. Early American M16s featured 20 round magazines, until troops fighting in Vietnam encountered AK-47s firing .30 caliber rounds on full auto with those distinctively curved 30-round magazines. Suddenly the M16 needed a 30-round magazine of its own, and quickly! Later, when the AK-74 was first seen by western observers, rumors spread that the new So...[ Read More ]