Best Tactical Clothing Brands

Best Tactical Clothing Brands This month, we announced that we’d be adding a lot of new apparel and gear brands to the Primary Arms website. This includes many of America’s best tactical clothing brands, including 5.11 Tactical, Vertx, Propper, Victorwrench, and more. At the same time, many of you may be wondering what makes ‘tactical apparel’ so appealing for today’s gun-owner. Other than style and brand appeal, tactical clothing offers a few special benefits that can help you on and off the range. In this blog, we’ll details some of the reasons why you should consider adding a few pieces of tactical clothing to your closet, highlighting some of America’s best brands and the products that make them so desirable. Wha...[ Read More ]

Beginners Guide To Tactical Gear

When professionals choose their equipment, they pursue every advantage that gear can offer. With the latest technologies, gunfighters are safer, smarter, and faster than ever before. Whether you’re a soldier, a police officer, or an American gun-owner, your gear is a toolset. Every pouch, pocket, and armor plate will define your effectiveness in combat, and even basic equipment can make the difference between triumph and tragedy. If you’re new to the subject of tactical gear, this guide is the perfect starting point. We cover all the most important equipment, ranging from basic essentials to professional-grade night vision. We also provide some cost estimates, so you can find gear that matches your available budget. ...[ Read More ]

Buying A Personal Defense Gun

Every year, millions of Americans choose to protect themselves with the purchase of a firearm —and for good reason. Firearms are an important tool in any self-defense toolkit, providing a last defense against life-threatening aggressors. Like other tools, firearms are purpose-built, so it’s important that you choose the right firearm to match your circumstances. In this blog, we’ll discuss the basics of firearms ownership, the various types of self-defense firearms, and provide some expert advice on how to give yourself the best odds in a survival situation. ...[ Read More ]

SLx Preorders Part 2

Last week, we opened pre-orders for the new GLx scopes coming to market. This week, we’re doing the same for our SLx Gen 3 Prisms and new MD-25 Red Dot. SLx optics are among our most popular products, offering impeccable performance on a price that meets any budget. Empowered with the ACSS® reticle, we design these optics for innovation-first, and the new 2020 releases are certain to impress. The new SLx Generation 3 Prism scopes have all-new mounting systems that ensure unbeatable reliability and zero-retention, even when set in the most strenuous conditions. In addition, they’ve received a slight reticle update, trading the dot aiming point for a chevron. ...[ Read More ]

GLx Preorders Part 1

Last year, GLx released with stellar reviews from hobbyists, sportsmen, and professionals alike. The enhanced glass clarity and feature-set made GLx optics a fast favorite, and we’re proud to announce that GLx is returning with an all new line-up. These optics represent the latest in Primary Arms Optics’ push for both value and innovation. This re-release expands on GLx with new reticles and a brand new 2x prism scope, and starting today, you can pre-order all the newest GLx optics, which will all be releasing through April, May, and June. Continue reading to get a detailed breakdown about each of the new releases—and how you can be the first to get them...[ Read More ]