WIN THIS RIFLE! Introductory 3 Gun Rifle Build

This Giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our winner, Frank S. in Virginia! You can view all current and past giveaways on our blog page.So, you finally took the plunge and made it to your first 3 Gun match. You didn’t come in first place, but you were able to overcome your nerves and successfully complete each stage under the pressure of the timer and the watching eyes of competitors that have been doing this for years. However, you learned that they aren’t there to judge you, just to have a good time and get some wins under their belt and are more than happy to teach new shooters, like you, along the way. We hope that our first article, Getting Started in 3 Gun, got you to this point and we would like to continue this 3 Gun journey with...[ Read More ]

WIN THIS RIFLE PACKAGE! [Anderson AM-10 .308 And Accessories!]

This Giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our winner, Joe E. in Texas! You can view all current and past giveaways on our blog page. If you’ve been a reader of the Primary Arms blog or an email list subscriber for any length of time, chances are you’re familiar with our Builder’s Corner series. We take some of the interesting and unique builds from around the office and break them down to give you an inside look at the what, how, and why behind real builds from Primary Arms team members. We still have a ton of awesome employee builds to show you in the months to come on the Primary Arms blog. However, we are taking things up a notch… and we think you’ll be excited about it. Throughout 2019, we w...[ Read More ]

Builder's Corner: The (Almost) Roland Special

Builder's Corner – The (Almost) Roland SpecialAt Primary Arms, our love and appreciation of firearms goes well beyond the AR-15 platform. Like you, we like pistols, rifles, and shotguns of all shapes and sizes. In light of that, it's not out of the ordinary to stroll through the PA office or storefront, to see a whole a lot of Perfection walking around.Glocks, that is.Regardless of your personal opinion on Glock pistols, they have unquestionably achieved world-wide notoriety and widespread adoption by civilians and professionals alike. Since the introduction of the Glock 17 in 1982, many other companies have sought to improve upon the polymer frame design and offer their own versions of the idea first set forth by Gaston Glock. But many sti...[ Read More ]

Builder's Corner: The Bazooka Green Build

Builder: Keith G., Primary Arms Customer Service Assistant Manager It all started with a gold sharpie, and a conversation with a coworker who likes to enable me when I have ideas for new builds.I had an Aero Precision receiver set and a handguard that were Cerakoted in a bazooka green color. Why that color? I cannot say specifically, other than the fact that it looked like the old plastic army men toys we all used to have growing up and I thought that would be cool. But also, really ugly and a good conversation rifle.So, I set out to build an ugly AR-15, all bazooka green, just for the heck of it. Then I talked to Colin, who is never short on ideas – some of them are even good! My ugly build was about to reach truly epic levels of ugliness...[ Read More ]

Are AR-10 and AR-15 Parts Interchangeable? [Builder's Corner]

Think of the AR-10 as the AR-15’s big brother. A little older, a little stronger, and taught little bro’ everything he knows.The AR-10 was designed around the 7.62x51mm NATO rifle cartridge. The civilian version of this cartridge is the .308 Winchester, introduced in 1952. While factory loadings and hand-loaded .308/7.62x51mm rounds are still the most popular options for the AR-10 today, new calibers like the 6.5 Creedmoor are quickly gaining widespread adoption for use in the AR-10 platform, leading to a marked rise in the platform’s popularity.The AR-15 was designed for a smaller round, the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, and conceived a few years after the AR-10. The smaller caliber allowed for the design of the rifle itself to be smaller, lig...[ Read More ]