Top 8 Glock Upgrades [2019 Guide]

Top 8 Glock Upgrades [Complete 2019 Guide] Hate them or love them, the Glock platform is ubiquitous. Try as they might, no other polymer framed striker fired semi-automatic pistol has been able to unseat the Glock. The reasons? There’s certainly a few. One of them is the vast amount of aftermarket support in parts, mods, and upgrades available to Glock shooters. Taking advantage of the platform’s simple and modular design, some companies have built their entire reputation by selling parts designed to improve Glock pistols. Zev Technologies in particular has been so successful selling Glock platform parts and accessories that they’re now making pistols of their own to compete directly with Glock. Will this drive to innovate mean we se...[ Read More ]

WIN THIS RIFLE! Introductory 3 Gun Rifle Build

This Giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our winner, Frank S. in Virginia! You can view all current and past giveaways on our giveaway blog page. So, you finally took the plunge and made it to your first 3 Gun match. You didn’t come in first place, but you were able to overcome your nerves and successfully complete each stage under the pressure of the timer and the watching eyes of competitors that have been doing this for years. However, you learned that they aren’t there to judge you, just to have a good time and get some wins under their belt and are more than happy to teach new shooters, like you, along the way. We hope that our first article, Getting Started in 3 Gun, got you to this point and we would like to continue this 3...[ Read More ]

Getting Started in 3 Gun [Beginner's Guide]

Getting Started in 3 Gun In the world of shooting sports, nothing is quite as dynamic and exciting as 3 Gun competition. Shooting high-power or your local bench rest competition is great, don’t get us wrong. It’s fun to test the limits of your own precision, and that of your rifle, and all competition with firearms is a good, fun time. That said, for many younger shooters and a new generation of shooting sports athletes, the combination of speed, precision, and action that 3 Gun brings to the world of shooting competitions is the ultimate thrill. What is 3 Gun? Well, as the name implies, it’s a shooting sport that tests your prowess with a a shotgun ,a pistol, and a rifle. Under the pressure of the timer, competitors move through uni...[ Read More ]

WIN THIS RIFLE PACKAGE! [Anderson AM-10 .308 And Accessories!]

This Giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our winner, Joe E. in Texas! You can view all current and past giveaways on our giveaway blog page. If you’ve been a reader of the Primary Arms blog or an email list subscriber for any length of time, chances are you’re familiar with our Builder’s Corner series. We take some of the interesting and unique builds from around the office and break them down to give you an inside look at the what, how, and why behind real builds from Primary Arms team members. We still have a ton of awesome employee builds to show you in the months to come on the Primary Arms blog. However, we are taking things up a notch… and we think you’ll be excited about it. Throughout 2019, we will be building and showc...[ Read More ]

300 Blackout vs. 7.62x39mm: Beefed Up Black Rifles

Beefed Up Black Rifles: 300 Blackout Vs. 7.62x39mm The AR-15 was designed around the .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO cartridge to achieve a very specific purpose. The lighter, smaller cartridge meant that soldiers could carry more ammunition into the field than the enemy. Greater firepower through quantity. However, in today’s market where the AR platform is more customizable than ever, people are opting more and more to move away from the smaller 5.56 NATO and upgrade to some higher-powered cartridges. The venerable 7.62x39 cartridge was the direct competition responsible for the AR-15’s adoption of the 5.56 NATO cartridge. The heavier, bulkier bullet is famously known for its service in the Russian SKS, AK-47 and other former Soviet rifl...[ Read More ]