NEW ACSS Reticles: Primary Arms Platinum Series 1-8x FFP Scopes

NEW ACSS Reticles: Primary Arms Platinum Series 1-8x FFP Scopes The Primary Arms Platinum Series 1-8X24mm First Focal Plane Rifle Scopes are now available with the most advanced reticles ever created for low power variable optics. These proven scopes are fully engineered and manufactured in Japan and feature superior glass clarity, night vision compatible illumination, and locking windage and elevation knobs. Now Primary Arms introduces three powerful new ACSS reticles to maximize your rifle’s potential for excellent speed at close quarters and precision at medium range. The Raptor M2 reticle updates the original ACSS reticle design for common caliber rifles. Griffin MIL and Griffin MOA reticles offer proven ACSS reticle features and ...[ Read More ]

Spray & Pray: Custom Paint Your AR-15 For Under $15

It can be a little nerve-wracking. You spent your time and money building the perfect rifle, but still it seems to be missing that extra something to really give it the look you want. You could send your prized rifle off to get it custom-finished and go without the ability to hit the range with it while you wait for them to send it back in all its Cerakoted glory. It’ll run you some extra cash, plus the anxiety of putting your rifle’s well-being in the hands of someone else – professionals or otherwise. But you could do it that way… Or, you could grab some cans of paint off the shelf at Home Depot, rattle ‘em up, and get to work. You built the rifle with your own two hands, you can do this yourself too. Don’t stress, just follow along as...[ Read More ]

No Shots In The Dark: A Guide To Weapon Lights

The darkness has always put humans a little on edge. The unknown and unseen danger of the dark has been biologically wired into our DNA over thousands of years, because most of our sensory information is obtained through our sight. We don’t like what we can’t see. Throughout history, mankind has consistently innovated new and more effective ways to light up the things we can’t see. Putting the power of light in your corner gives you the advantage over darkness and whatever might be lurking in it. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a bright light shining on you from the dark, you’ve felt the power imbalance that comes along with that scenario. Being confronted by a figure you cannot see, presumably standing behind a light that is ...[ Read More ]

Range Bag Essentials [The Complete Guide]

Chances are good that at some point in the past you’ve asked yourself this question: “What gear should I have in my range bag?” A well-equipped and consistent loadout in your range bag can go a long way to making every trip to the gun range as smooth and fun as possible while maximizing the benefits of your time. But the specific contents of anyone’s range bag is also something very personal. No two set-ups will be quite the same. Here at Primary Arms we have a team full of shooting sports and firearms enthusiasts who are all a little different in the way they prepare for a day at the range. We’re going to break down six different range bag set-ups from some of the men and women who work here at PA and love to shoot. These guys and gals va...[ Read More ]

Ear Protection For Shooting And Hunting: [Complete Guide]

We’ve all made the foolish bargain. We choose the ability to hear that rustle or that twig snap as it breaks through the silent morning, alerting us to the presence of a big trophy buck. We trade it for the minutes-long ringing that follows the shot we worked so hard to make possible. We’ve all asked our ears to pay the price for the comfort, convenience, or preference of foregoing hearing protection. Sure, you could better hear you buddies on the range, or every little noise in the woods if you were to wear no hearing protection at all, the problem is that it only takes one unprotected gunshot to cause significant damage to your hearing. What’s more, damage to your hearing has a cumulative effect over a lifetime – once it’s damaged, there...[ Read More ]