Why Shoot Rimfire?

Why Shoot Rimfire? Seriously. Why shoot Rimfire? It’s weak, unreliable, hardly useful for self-defense, and is extremely dirty when compared with centerfire ammunition. Yet, .22 caliber rimfire rifles and pistols are some of the most frequently purchased firearms in the United States. Why would a seemingly useless caliber be one of the most popular? Well, to put it short, it’s just plain fun as hell. Zero recoil, an affordable variety of ammo, and an even greater variety of firearms make for endless ways to have fun plinking at the range, pest control, or even serious training and competition use. There are so many ways to make use of .22 rimfire and this article is aimed at diving a little deeper into all the different topics surroundin...[ Read More ]

Top 8 Glock Upgrades [2019 Guide]

Top 8 Glock Upgrades [Complete 2019 Guide] Hate them or love them, the Glock platform is ubiquitous. Try as they might, no other polymer framed striker fired semi-automatic pistol has been able to unseat the Glock. The reasons? There’s certainly a few. One of them is the vast amount of aftermarket support in parts, mods, and upgrades available to Glock shooters. Taking advantage of the platform’s simple and modular design, some companies have built their entire reputation by selling parts designed to improve Glock pistols. Zev Technologies in particular has been so successful selling Glock platform parts and accessories that they’re now making pistols of their own to compete directly with Glock. Will this drive to innovate mean we se...[ Read More ]

Getting Started in 3 Gun [Beginner's Guide]

Getting Started in 3 Gun In the world of shooting sports, nothing is quite as dynamic and exciting as 3 Gun competition. Shooting high-power or your local bench rest competition is great, don’t get us wrong. It’s fun to test the limits of your own precision, and that of your rifle, and all competition with firearms is a good, fun time. That said, for many younger shooters and a new generation of shooting sports athletes, the combination of speed, precision, and action that 3 Gun brings to the world of shooting competitions is the ultimate thrill. What is 3 Gun? Well, as the name implies, it’s a shooting sport that tests your prowess with a a shotgun ,a pistol, and a rifle. Under the pressure of the timer, competitors move through uni...[ Read More ]

Join The Movement: The NSSF +ONE Campaign

JOIN THE MOVEMENT: THE NSSF +ONE CAMPAIGN As firearms enthusiasts, hunters, and recreational shooters, how do we do our part to advance the positive, educational, and informative conversations happening around the country about firearms? Have you ever asked yourself that question? If you’re like me, the regular time you spend shooting your firearm is often your “me time”. I love to have my wife join me on the range or in the woods when our schedules permit, and she loves shooting and hunting too. But far more often I am squeezing in a range trip on the way home from work or even over a lunch break if I’m lucky. It’s a chance for me to unwind and do something I enjoy. The same goes with hunting season. I love to include my wife and famil...[ Read More ]

EDC Essentials Part 2: The Minimalists vs. "That Guy"

EDC Guide Part 2 TONY A -- Primary Arms Customer Service Representative My philosophy on what I carry is straightforward. I choose to carry a firearm because it is not only my right as a law-abiding citizen, but as a father and husband it is my duty to protect my family. Yes, there are more expensive and even more popular options when it comes to what I carry, but I have found that these are the tools that work for me. These items are on my person any time I leave my house, ...[ Read More ]