Everyday Carry Essentials: Part 1

EDC Loadouts You don’t have to stuff your pockets full of gear, or wear loose, baggy clothing. However, if you go looking for ideas about what you should be carrying on your person every day on Instagram, you might get overwhelmed by all the “EDC Lifestyle” posts. Some people do carry a lot of stuff in their pockets. A lot of stuff. Some of what you’ll see is practical gear that’s useful in every day applications. Like knives, multi-tools, flashlights, firearms, and simple first aid. Some of it is fidget spinners and a wallet the size of Wisconsin. We be...[ Read More ]

Builder's Corner: The (Almost) Roland Special

Builder's Corner – The (Almost) Roland Special At Primary Arms, our love and appreciation of firearms goes well beyond the AR-15 platform. Like you, we like pistols, rifles, and shotguns of all shapes and sizes. In light of that, it's not out of the ordinary to stroll through the PA office or storefront, to see a whole a lot of Perfection walking around. Glocks, that is. Regardless of your personal opinion on Glock pistols, they have unquestionably achieved world-wide notoriety and widespread adoption by civilians and professionals alike. Since the introduction of the Glock 17 in 1982, many other companies have sought to improve upon the polymer frame design and offer their own versions of the idea first set forth by Gaston Glock...[ Read More ]

Battle of the Subcompact 9mm Handguns: Single Stack vs. Double Stack

The great debates of the firearms community; AR-15 vs AK-47, Striker-Fired vs Hammer, Magazine vs Clip… and now Single Stack vs Double Stack. Which makes for the best subcompact pistol for concealed carry? Over the past several years, we have seen firearm manufacturers racing to create the smallest 9mm subcompact handgun possible. As concealed carry for personal defense grows in popularity in the United States each year, there has been a movement towards smaller, lighter, and more concealable guns. Handgun size options have expanded from full size, to compact, to subcompact, and even micro. In the subcompact handguns classification, guns like the Glock 26 and Sig Sauer P320SC are shortened versions of full siz...[ Read More ]