Holiday Gift Guide [2018 Edition]

Rescue Their Holiday with A Tactical Gift Deployment I see what you’re thinking. Ho hum, another boring “gift guide” where some company is trying to put a happy face on some lame old inventory they couldn’t sell before, right? WRONG! We brought in the newest, hottest stuff that the gun enthusiast you’re shopping for has been daydreaming about, and we’ve slashed the prices to the bone for you. This is your chance to break out of the painful, depressing cycle of uncomfortable stuff they feel obligated to use for a couple of months before it quietly disappears. We know it’s the thought that counts, but let’s cut to the chase—this is your chance to see genuine surprise and exuberance when they can’t believe their eyes. .link { color:bl...[ Read More ]

Tactical Stocking Stuffers: 2018 Holiday Guide

Tactical Stocking Stuffers: 2018 Holiday Buying Guide Dumping out your stocking on Christmas is usually one of the more anti-climactic portions of the morning. If you’re like me, your stocking is usually filled with the silly little things that your wife or kids saw in the checkout isle because they realized they’d forgotten about filling your stocking. It’s nothing to be too bent out of shape about; after all, the Holidays have not been about you and your gifts for years. The magic is in the gift giving, not receiving, right? Sometimes you’ll get something practical like some new socks – because who actually buys socks for themselves, you know? Even more rarely, someone gets creative and a really awesome gift is hiding in the place y...[ Read More ]

Spray & Pray: Custom Paint Your AR-15 For Under $15

It can be a little nerve-wracking. You spent your time and money building the perfect rifle, but still it seems to be missing that extra something to really give it the look you want. You could send your prized rifle off to get it custom-finished and go without the ability to hit the range with it while you wait for them to send it back in all its Cerakoted glory. It’ll run you some extra cash, plus the anxiety of putting your rifle’s well-being in the hands of someone else – professionals or otherwise. But you could do it that way… Or, you could grab some cans of paint off the shelf at Home Depot, rattle ‘em up, and get to work. You built the rifle with your own two hands, you can do this yourself too. Don’t stress, just follow along as...[ Read More ]

Builder's Corner: The (Almost) Roland Special

Builder's Corner – The (Almost) Roland Special At Primary Arms, our love and appreciation of firearms goes well beyond the AR-15 platform. Like you, we like pistols, rifles, and shotguns of all shapes and sizes. In light of that, it's not out of the ordinary to stroll through the PA office or storefront, to see a whole a lot of Perfection walking around. Glocks, that is. Regardless of your personal opinion on Glock pistols, they have unquestionably achieved world-wide notoriety and widespread adoption by civilians and professionals alike. Since the introduction of the Glock 17 in 1982, many other companies have sought to improve upon the polymer frame design and offer their own versions of the idea first set forth by Gaston Glock...[ Read More ]

Builder's Corner: The Bazooka Green Build

Builder: Keith G., Primary Arms Customer Service Assistant Manager It all started with a gold sharpie, and a conversation with a coworker who likes to enable me when I have ideas for new builds. I had an Aero Precision receiver set and a handguard that were Cerakoted in a bazooka green color. Why that color? I cannot say specifically, other than the fact that it looked like the old plastic army men toys we all used to have growing up and I thought that would be cool. But also, really ugly and a good conversation rifle. So, I set out to build an ugly AR-15, all bazooka green, just for the heck of it. Then I talked to Colin, who is never short on ideas – some of them are even good! My ugly build was about to reach truly epic levels ...[ Read More ]