What's Your Shooting Sports Story? [National Shooting Sports Month 2018]

What's Your Shooting Sports Story: National Shooting Sports Month What’s Your Shooting Sports Story? [National Shooting Sports Month] My story is probably a lot like yours. About two-thirds of current American gun owners grew up in a household where guns were present. My dad kept a .410 shotgun locked up in the closet. My Grandpa kept good care of his dad’s Belgian-made Browning Automatic-5. The first gun I was ever given was a single-shot Winchester .22 made in 1967. It, like the heirloom Browning, had belonged to my great-grandfather.I would bet a lot of that sounds familiar to you. Many animals have been harvested, many coke bottles have been plinked, and many clay pigeons have been shattered with “granddaddy’s gun”. It’s a...[ Read More ]