How a Rifle Scope Works: A Comprehensive Guide

Optics is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the firearms world, empowering marksmen to hit their targets faster and more reliably from almost any distance. Once relegated to specialists, rifle scopes are now commonplace for rifles of all kinds, including those meant for hunting, competition, and tactical/defensive use. So, how exactly do rifle scopes work, and what advantages can they bring to the user? In this article, we’ll cover the basic mechanics of rifle scopes while detailing their core functions and features. We’ll also discuss how modern rifle scopes have evolved, contributing to their meteoric rise in usage and innovation. What is a Rifle Scope? A rifle scope is a telescopic firearm optic th...[ Read More ]

How To Mount a Scope [On Your AR-15]

Rifle scopes have come a long way in the last decade. New materials and ceaseless engineering birthed stronger, more reliable scopes that survive even in the toughest conditions. Even so, every scope, no matter how expensive, shares the same weak point: the mount. For any rifle setup, the most common point of failure for an optic is the mount. If a mount isn’t set up properly, the question isn’t if a scope will slip—it’s when. It could be at the first trip to the range, or it could be in the middle of a crucial 3-gun stage. Either way, a busted scope mount is a critical failure that can quickly end a good day. Mounting your scope doesn’t have to be a painful process. To help, we’ve prepared a guide to cut down on time at the workbench and g...[ Read More ]

Primary Arms Optics Best-Seller Spotlight

When Primary Arms began selling red dot sights over a decade ago, our mission was simple: to offer the best quality optics to our customers at the best possible prices and back them up with outstanding customer service. That mission has never wavered. The result of that mission for you, our valued customer, is unmatched value for your dollar. That value has made Primary Arms one of the fastest growing optics manufacturers in the world. We love what we do, but truth be told, we do it all for you. Bringing you the best in quality and value is what drives us, and when we make something you love, we’ve accomplished our mission.We’ve come a long way from those early days selling red dots. In the years since, we’ve added a complete lineup of rifl...[ Read More ]

Red Dot Hacks [The ONE Zeroing Tip You Need To Know]

Red Dot Hacks: The ONE Zeroing Tip You NEED To Know New gun-owners, and even those who have been shooting a long time, can easily get confused and frustrated when trying to sight in their rifles. It’s not quite as easy as it seems like it should be. We’ve got the answer for you, though. Here’s the simple, easy to remember hack that’ll save you time when sighting in your red dot sight. MOVING THE POINT OF IMPACT You’ve probably seen that, on any rifle optic, there will be a direction marked on the scope turrets. Usually little arrows placed next to a U for “Up” and an R for “Right” on the elevation and windage knobs, respectively. This indicates where your point of impact will shift when you turn the turret in that direction. That’s the ONE...[ Read More ]

Scope University: Red Dot Sights vs. 1X / 1.5X Prism Scopes

WHAT YOU SEE SHAPES WHAT YOU’LL GETThe red dot sight dominates the American rifle market. It is impossible to know how many red dot-equipped carbines ride along in police cars, are carried by soldiers on patrol in faraway lands, and bust clay pigeons and ring steel at shooting ranges every weekend across the USA. Red dots are so popular that it is possible they outnumber all other scope types combined, at least on modern semi-automatic and military rifles. But the red dot isn’t perfect, and it isn’t the best optic for every shooter. The red dot plus magnifier combo battled the low power variable optic in this Scope University article, and now it must defend itself again. A new class of compact, lightweight 1x prism scopes are coming hard to...[ Read More ]