How a Rifle Scope Works: A Comprehensive Guide

Optics is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the firearms world, empowering marksmen to hit their targets faster and more reliably from almost any distance. Once relegated to specialists, rifle scopes are now commonplace for rifles of all kinds, including those meant for hunting, competition, and tactical/defensive use. So, how exactly do rifle scopes work, and what advantages can they bring to the user? In this article, we’ll cover the basic mechanics of rifle scopes while detailing their core functions and features. We’ll also discuss how modern rifle scopes have evolved, contributing to their meteoric rise in usage and innovation. What is a Rifle Scope? A rifle scope is a telescopic firearm optic th...[ Read More ]

How to Fix an AR-15 Collapsible Stock to the Buffer Tube

From wanting a more stable stock to needing a fixed stock depending on where you live, there are several reasons you might want to fix your collapsible stock. While there are plenty of options for fixed stocks on the market, they may not be your favorite. So how can you fix your favorite collapsible AR-15 stock?We will go over some common methods, including a step-by-step guide, to fix your collapsible AR-15 stock. How to Fix an AR-15 Collapsible Stock to the Buffer TubeOne can permanently fix a collapsible stock in a couple of different ways. These methods include pinning the stock to the buffer tube with a standard roll pin or buying a device that restricts the movement of the stock, which is often much more effortless.Products like the S...[ Read More ]

Quick And Easy AR-15 Upgrades

One of the biggest advantages of the AR-15 platform is the ease of working on it. With just a handful of tools and a few hours of video research, even a novice can turn a box of parts into a functional rifle. Many of us find the process of building, tuning, and customizing our rifles to be both a fun and rewarding experience. But, despite the AR-15's simplicity, home gunsmithing can take some preparation. The biggest hindrance is often a lack of specialized tools. AR-15s might not require a hydraulic press to build, the way AKs do, but some tools are still required. A lot can be done with just an armorer's wrench, but to build a complete rifle, you'll also need a torque wrench, vise, receiver block or bar, Allen keys, punches, and sometimes...[ Read More ]

How To Accessorize Your AR-15

Unboxing your first AR-15 can be like staring at a blank canvas. You know you want to put something on it—it’s practically demanding it—but how do you know where to start? There are thousands of AR-15 upgrades and accessories out there to choose from. Some of them, like IR units for use with night vision devices, are made for a specific purpose; others are very broadly applicable, like triggers. Looking at the plethora of options, it can be hard to tell what to get first. On a rifle straight out of the box, the sights are often simple, the trigger no better than Mil-Spec, and the controls may be basic. If your new rifle includes standard furniture like an A2 grip and waffle stock, you may also want to upgrade those. Few of us have the budge...[ Read More ]

Home Defense AR15 Build

IntroductionYour home is your refuge, and if you’ve got to defend it, you deserve every advantage that a rifle can offer.With a wide aftermarket and broad variety of ammunition, AR15s are a top choice for any kind of personal defense. Despite rumors, the 5.56x45 cartridge is not too powerful for home defense. With purpose-made ammunition, you can achieve low interior penetration—even lower than pistols or shotguns. When you factor in the AR15’s low weight, excellent balance, and simple manual-of-arms, its effectiveness shines when navigating corridors.But to get the most out of an AR, you must configure it to meet the challenges of its environment. Defensive carbine setups are often more complex than they appear, as the intricacies of close...[ Read More ]