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WIN THIS RIFLE PACKAGE! [Anderson AM-10 .308 And Accessories!]

Primary Arms Staff

7/15/2019 11:14 amwww.primaryarms.com

This Giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our winner, Joe E. in Texas! You can view all current and past giveaways on our giveaway blog page.

If you’ve been a reader of the Primary Arms blog or an email list subscriber for any length of time, chances are you’re familiar with our Builder’s Corner series. We take some of the interesting and unique builds from around the office and break them down to give you an inside look at the what, how, and why behind real builds from Primary Arms team members. We still have a ton of awesome employee builds to show you in the months to come on the Primary Arms blog. However, we are taking things up a notch… and we think you’ll be excited about it.

Throughout 2019, we will be building and showcasing some really cool rifle builds, purpose-built by our in-house experts for a multitude of uses and we’ll be giving each one of them away. That’s Right. Every month, you’ve got a shot to win a custom-built rifle made with parts, accessories, and optics from Primary Arms and other top manufacturers you love. We’ll tell you how to win at the end of this article. Get ready for an awesome year of builds that will feature some of the newest and hottest products on the market today. To kick off this series of Build Profiles and giveaways, however, we are doing something a little different.

Our good friends Max Rowe and Buck Buchannan from Just Kill’n Time TV were in Southeast Texas filming a swampy, muddy, muggy, good old-fashioned hog hunt. The kind this part of the country is famous for. They asked us to come along.

Max and Buck helped us outfit one of the Anderson Manufacturing AM-10 .308 rifles that they use on their show to be featured for this first Build Profile of 2019. We’ve taken the incredibly reliable and innovative AM-10 with RF85 technology and optimized it for hunting and putting some meat on the table. Let’s dive in and break down this rifle.


The JKT TV guys love this rifle and use it for every hunt they film for the show. We think it’s pretty cool too, for a few reasons. It comes fully assembled with American made products – many of which Anderson crafts themselves, like the Knight Stalker flash hider. Also, Anderson is the only firearms manufacturer licensed to use the high-tech RF85 process. RF85 is a metal treatment process that has been used in a lot of different applications, from race engines and drivetrains to cutting tools and ball bearings. It’s not a coating or lubricant, it’s a characteristic imparted into the metal as a result of the treatment process, and it reduces friction by 85%. Anderson’s use of this in their rifles allows them to run smoother, faster, and more reliably with less need for maintenance.

Another reason to buy a complete .308 AR pattern rifle from a manufacturer like Anderson is that you know all the parts are designed to work together. When building an AR platform rifle that is chambered in .308 Winchester, the lack of standardization across the board between manufacturers can lead to compatibility issues if you don’t do your homework beforehand. When you buy a rifle like this, you don’t have to worry about parts compatibility or tolerances.

Even though this rifle has been outfitted for a hog hunt with the guys from Just Kill’n Time, the reality is, this AM-10 is a do-it-all large pattern AR. The .308 cartridge is known for its ability to ethically harvest any common game animal in North America. It’s also got nearly three quarters of a century of proven service in combat to stand on. Have there been hot and new cartridges brought to market to compete with .308 Win? Absolutely, and you can read more about that in our blog, 6.5 Creedmoor vs. .308 Winchester. But, .308’s availability, cost, and performance keeps it a favorite of many the world over. This rifle, chambered in a capable cartridge like .308, and combined with these upgrades listed below make for one awesome pig popper.

Here's what Max and Buck have to say about the Anderson AM-10 Rifle:

As many of you know, we have a plethora of choices when it comes to the rifles we take to the field to hunt with. We use the MSR because we believe in exercising our right to carry any gun we choose, and the MSR platform is easily field-repairable if there is a function issue. Many of you probably know that our MSR of choice is the Anderson Manufacturing AM-10 in .308 caliber, RF-85 treated. The proprietary RF-85 treated models are known the world over as the “The world’s ONLY no-lube rifle.” A bold claim, but one we have proven time and time again with 1000’s of rounds, and hundreds of miles of back country as the test. Use it, abuse it, get out your soap and some water, clean it, and do it again next month. That’s why, when someone says let’s go hunting, the AM-10 is on our back.


To take this rifle from fresh off the gun rack to ready to harvest some hogs, we added some pretty awesome upgrades. Let’s start with the optic. Riding on top of this Anderson AM-10 is our SLx6 3-18x50 rifle scope. The ACSS HUD DMR 308 reticle is the perfect fit for just about any hunting or tactical application, and the first focal plane construction means all the ACSS features stay true at all magnification levels. The HUD DMR reticle features bullet drop compensation, wind holds, moving target leads, and three different methods to range and confirm target distances. At low magnification, the brightly illuminated center chevron and horseshoe are fast to acquire suddenly-appearing targets. As you scale up through the magnification levels, the advanced features allow for unparalleled precision. Bullet drop compensation extends out to 1000 yards, with horizontal ranging capabilities built into the BDC ladder. Wind holds extend from the sides of the ladder for 5 and 10 mph full value winds. Moving target leads are incorporated out to 600 yards. Ranging can be done vertically on a 36” average sized target, horizontally across a target width of 18”, or using the ranging circles which correspond to a ten-inch circle at a given distance – or roughly the size of the vital area on medium-sized game. Using common loads, all the math is done for you and built into the reticle. It’s the hallmark of the ACSS system. This scope will get you on target faster and increase your first-hit probability -- a perfect, versatile, and capable hunting optic for this build. These optics have been flying off the shelves, so pre-order yours today!

Max and Buck got a first-hand look through this scope, let's hear what they thought:

We spend days, sometimes weeks working to get the right shot at the right animal. When the camera guy says now take him NOW, we don’t have time to mess around with target acquisition problems with second-rate optics. We need to SEE! We need a clear concise ranging system, adjustable ocular, clear and illuminated reticles, and easily adjustable windage and elevation turrets that work and work fast.

While testing out the Primary Arms SLx6 3-18x50 FFP ACSS HUD DMR on a hog hunt recently, we realized this scope hits the mark with all the key features we always wanted in our optics but didn’t have. You never even have to take your eye out of the scope to use all of its features. Another superior optic from Primary Arms! We also got the chance to put the all-new Primary Arms GLx4 Series of scopes to good use, and they sure do live up to the hype. You can bet these will be on our AM-10s this fall.


This next accessory has us really, really excited. Our new Primary Arms ECS scope mounts are no joke. This one-piece cantilever scope mount is constructed out of USA-made 6061-T6 anodized aluminum and high tensile strength alloy steel. Three high-strength M5 T25 Torx drive bolts clamp the mount to the picatinny rail with over 6,500 pounds of force. These bolts are accepted by Grade 12.9 knurled press nuts that are permanently press-fit into the scope mount body. The main body and top caps feature a small relief cut so the scope tube remains locked in place without getting pinched. We’ve managed to keep them incredibly lightweight and we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty with every model. Look for these to be available later this year.


Since this is a hog hunting rifle, we added some game-spotting power to the front end of this upgraded rifle. A green LED light is ideal for a hog hunting application as the green light is less intense and won’t spook the hogs or any other varmint you might be targeting. Additionally, in low-light environment as your eyes have adjusted to the ambient light, a harsh white light could negatively affect your vision and ability to take a clean shot. The green LED remedies that as well. This Streamlight TLR-1 Game Spotting light throws its illumination out to 380 yards, and the cone shape allows for a bright center beam with ample edge illumination for situational awareness and getting on target quickly for those fast movers. We’ve offset the light with a Weaver offset adapter, so your support hand is in the perfect position to activate the light using either the constant-on, or momentary-on modes


Heading out to a blind can require covering a lot of ground, quietly and comfortably, before settling in for a long sit. We’ve outfitted this rifle with a Blue Force Gear heavy duty padded sling to keep the weight of the rifle evenly distributed across your shoulder and upper body, so long walks to the blind aren’t so cumbersome. These slings are some of the best on the market; developed by Larry Vickers and built to exacting specifications. The highly durable Cordura webbing and closed-cell padded section give this sling a sturdy feel, perfect for the often-adverse conditions of the field. For the best in versatility, we’ve attached this sling to the rifle with a GG&G Quick Detach side sling attachment, just forward of the optic on the top rail, and the GG&G Enhanced QD swivel to match. These heavy-duty components will stand up to any abuse you can throw at them and keep on ticking.

This rifle is a perfect representation of how you or anyone else can take an off-the-shelf .308 rifle and turn it into one of the most versatile and capable hunting long guns in your gun safe. Truly this rifle is ready for anything – just ask the guys at Just Kill’n Time TV. They swear by the Anderson AM-10 and we are very grateful for the opportunity to have joined them for their hunt to see the rifles in action out in the field. If you want to follow along with all the action from JKTTV, check out their Facebook page, their YouTube channel, or watch them on TV – on the Hunt Channel from January to March and on the Pursuit Channel from July to December.


This month, we’re giving away this rifle via our Primary Arms Online and Primary Arms Instagram accounts as well as our Primary Arms Facebook page. It’s incredibly easy to give yourself a chance to win. When the posts go up announcing this giveaway on our Instagram pages, make sure you follow @PrimaryArmsOnline and @PrimaryArms, like the posts, and tag one friend in the comment section. To enter on Facebook, just be sure to “Like” the Primary Arms page, like the post, tag a friend in the comments, and share the post to your friends as well. Contest ends at 11:59pm CST March 31, 2019. On Monday, April 1st, a winner will be chosen at random. Exclusions do apply. Entrants must be sure they are abiding by all local, state, and federal laws to be eligible to win. The winner is responsible for all FFL transfer fees and applicable taxes. Any prize winner must be able to legally own a firearm and must go through the legally required background check as a condition to receiving the prize. If the winner's local or state laws restrict firearms or for any other reason the firearm cannot be shipped to the winner, Primary Arms will award the winner $1,850 in credit to use at PrimaryArms.com (estimated value of the prize).

We hope you’re excited for this Build Profile and rifle giveaway series throughout 2019, and as always, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your firearms products, parts, and accessories, our dedicated customer service team is standing by to help you. Just give us a call at 713-344-9600, or email info@primaryarms.com.