Blue Force Gear Mag NOW! Pouch - Triple M4 Mag – MultiCam

Manufactured by Blue Force Gear
Manufactured by Blue Force Gear
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When law enforcement and military speak the folks at Blue Force Gear listen.  Just like they have with the Blue Force Gear Mag NOW! Triple M4 Mag pouch.  Offering a much-improved version of the classic bungee pouch The Mag NOW! Uses molded rubber pull tabs instead of sewn-in webbing.

If you think this tiny modification isn’t important, try yanking a mag out of a traditional pouch when you’re in a hurry.  What usually happens is that you end up being forced to take your eyes off the action as you fumble with undersized webbing tabs that are often facing different directions.

Not cool.

One of the many great things about the Blue Force Gear Mag NOW! Pouch is the molded tabs sit on top of the magazines in a consistent location every time, keeping the draw the same each time, and rapidly improving loading efficiency and speed.

  • Tabs: Molded Rubber “Pull Tabs”
  • Material: Ul-TRAcomp® With MOLLEminus™ Front
  • Access: Stackable
  • Capacity: Three M4 Magazines (Polymer or Metal)
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Constructed of durable Ul-TRAcomp® With MOLLEminus™ Front, the Blue Force Gear Mag NOW! Pouch is designed in such a fashion to make it “stackable” with other MOLLE pouches and is 6 MOLLE columns wide and mounts on any MOLLE platform.  It’s even sized to fit across an armor carrier such as the PLATEminus, PLATEminus 2, or Lightweight Modular Armor Carrier (LMAC).
This version of the Mag NOW!

This version of Mag NOW! is a triple which holds three full size M4 Mags, but Blue Force Gear also produces a single Mag NOW! which holds one mag.  An added feature of the Mag NOW! is that the tension and the length of the bungee straps are easily and quicky tightened or loosened just by adjusting the knot on the back side.

A perfect way to mag up and stow and carry those magazines whether they’re loaded or spent.
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