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Nine Line Frequent Asked Questions

In the U.S. military, ”Nine Line" an emergency medical evacuation (medevac) request for a soldier who is wounded on the battle field.

Nine Line Apparel was founded by Army Captain Tyler Merritt. He graduated from West Point and went on to serve in the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

Tyler built Nine Line with his wife Angela and brother Daniel to provide Americans who refuse to apologize for their patriotism a lifestyle brand that reflects their values.

Clothing brands value your business. But does their business share your values?

Unlike some popular clothing brands, Nine Line Apparel is unapologetically patriotic and supportive of the Second Amendment. The company was founded in 2012 by Army Captain Tyler Merritt, a member of the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The “Nine Line” in their name symbolizes the battlefield distress call.

Nine Line Apparel is a values-based organization. Their number one objective is principles instead of profits. Those principles include making as much of their products as possible right here in the United States.

Founder Tyler Merritt is an outspoken champion of American patriotism. He regularly appears on national TV as an articulate defender of the flag, the national anthem and the values upon which this country was founded.

Nine Line has its own 501(c)(3) non-profit to help build houses for veterans. The Nine Line Foundation support soldiers and their families to meet financial needs.

The company works in the tradition of American entrepreneurialism, but not at the expense of American jobs and values. Can’t say that for all apparel companies.

You can see the values reflected in their t-shirt designs. Nine Line Apparel gives you the tools to stand up for national pride at a time when it is under attack.

Nine Line Apparel is almost entirely made in America at their facility in Savannah, Georgia. The company worked hard to make sure as much of its manufacturing as possible is done in America. It’s part of their mission not only to make shirts that express national pride, but to show it through their actions by creating American jobs.

Cotton grows in the pods of the cotton plant and is filled with small, sticky seeds. A machine harvests the raw cotton and pulls in even more contaminants: sticks, burs and other impurities.

Removing this debris takes multiple steps that become increasingly refined along the way. The more you can refine the cotton, the better it will feel on your skin and the longer it will last.

The first stages of refining cotton include using centrifugal force and tumbling. But to remove the smallest impurities, you have to do a lot more.

Combed cotton is just what it sounds like. The cotton is literally combed through to remove short, protruding fibers and leave only longer fibers that are softer and less prone to breaking. The process creates a luxurious cotton used in premium apparel.

Ring spinning takes this a step further. The cotton yard is spun in a specially designed process that softens the cotton and straightens each fiber.

The result is an extremely high-quality t-shirt that is comfortable and built to last.

This goes back to Nine Line Apparel’s military roots. The company was founded by veteran Army Captain Tyler Merritt, a member of the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

U.S. Army uniforms show the flag as if it is flying in the breeze while the person wearing it moves forward. This symbolizes the onward advance of battle.

In fact, Army regulations require that the blue field of stars on the flag be placed in the highest position of honor. So yes, if the flag is on a wall, that means the top left. But if the flag is on a moving object like a person or a vehicle, the front is actually the highest position of honor.

The tradition goes back to early Army history when a standard bearer would be sent into battle carrying the flag. His rapid forward momentum would cause the flag to flutter backwards, serving as a patriotic inspiration for soldiers heading into battle.

Some Nine Line apparel is only available in limited quantities, so if you see something you like, grab it now before it’s unavailable!

For women’s shirts, check the tables below to see how the shirt sizes correspond to standard women’s sizing.

For the men’s t-shirts and hoodies, you can measure your chest at the broadest part. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor so you don’t accidentally take too long of a measurement. Then use this chart to determine your size.

Men’s T-Shirts

Size: S Chest to fit: 33-37”

Size: M Chest to fit: 38-41”

Size: L Chest to fit: 42-45”

Size: XL Chest to fit: 46-49”

Size: 2XL Chest to fit: 50-53”

Size: 3XL Chest to fit: 54-57”

Men’s Hoodies

Size: S Chest to fit: 35-36”

Size: M Chest to fit: 37-39”

Size: L Chest to fit: 40-42”

Size: XL Chest to fit: 43-45”

Size: 2XL Chest to fit: 46-48”

Size: 3XL Chest to fit: 49-51"

Women's Relaxed T-Shirt Size Chart

Size: S Fits sizes: 2-6

Size: M Fits sizes: 6-10

Size: L Fits sizes: 10-14

Size: XL Fits sizes: 14-18

Size: 2XL Fits sizes: 18-22

Women’s Tank Top Size Chart

Size: S Fits sizes: 4-6 Bust: 35-36

Size: M Fits sizes: 8-10 Bust: 37-38

Size: L Fits sizes: 12-14 Bust: 37-38

Size: XL Fits sizes: 16-18 Bust: 42-44

Size: 2XL Fits sizes: 20-22 Bust: 45-47

Nine Line makes most of its products right here in the United States. The company’s manufacturing facilities and headquarters are in Savannah, Georgia.

The people who built the company: Army Veterans Tyler and Danny Merritt, who are brothers, and Tyler’s wife Angela. They have a team of dozens of employees who help operate the manufacturing, shipping and accounting processes required to get you cool shirts.

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