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Streamlight Frequent Asked Questions

Since 1973, Streamlight has been almost synonymous with “duty light”. From police cruisers to fire trucks, their heavy duty and bright lights have been consistently used to push back the darkness and blaze light onto the situation. However, they are not content to simply rest on their past successes, instead working to adapt and improve their lights to meet the needs of nearly every profession. Whether producing industrial lights that are safe to use in potentially explosive atmospheres, hand held lights for every day carry and use, or weapon lights for those in the line of duty, this hands-on company uses their real-world experience to innovate and offer the best lights available, whatever your needs.

The TLR-1 is the standard by which many people hold weapon lights. The intuitive ambidextrous toggle switch, tool-free quick mounting system, and durable aluminum housing with IPX7 water resistant rating all come together in a compact and powerful package at home on nearly any handgun with an accessory rail. Powered by a pair of common CR123A batteries, the TLR-1 is available in variety of configurations and brightness options. The standard model features 300 lumen output while TLR-1 HL models bump that to a blinding 1000 lumens, while also offering a debilitating strobe function. The TLR-1 provides excellent flood area lighting with decent throw, optimizing towards close quarters situational awareness over long-distance target identification. When mounted to long guns, the TLR-1 can be equipped with an optional remote switch door and tape switch allowing for convenient activation.

The TLR-2 brings everything you love about the TLR-1 series of weapon lights and throws in a laser aiming system for good measure. The TLR-2 is powered by the same CR123A batteries as it’s laser-less cousin and features a convenient rear-mounted toggle switch allowing the user to quickly and easily select light + laser, laser only, or light only modes. The TLR-2 is available in a 300 lumen or 1000 lumen model with standard red, daylight-bright green, or night-vision ready IR lasers integrated to meet nearly any shooter’s needs.

The TLR-7 is a low profile and compact tactical weapon light with a smooth, snag free design perfect for your favorite compact or full-sized handguns! This small but mighty light throws an exceptional 500 lumens of bright white light in constant on or with a debilitating user enabled strobe function. Peripheral light has been optimally balanced to ensure no corner is left in the darkness. To prevent accidental activation and save batteries, the TLR-7 even features a safe off feature! At just 2.4 ounces, you won’t even notice the light mounted to your handgun.

Everything you’ve come to know and love about the TLR-7, now with a bright red laser sight for even faster target engagements! Just like the TLR-7, the TLR-8 weapon light is powered by a single CR123A battery and features a tough IPX4 rated aluminum body. A rear mounted toggle switch allows users to quickly select light + laser, light only, or laser only modes, while a safe-off feature on the bezel prevents accidental activation and preserves batteries. This compact 500 lumen weapon light comes in at just 2.6 Oz, so it won’t weigh down your handguns either.

Getting a quality light on a sub-compact carry gun used to be next to impossible, but not with the TLR-6 weapon light. Designed to be as compact as the guns they mount to, the TLR-6 puts out an impressive 100 lumens and features an integrated red laser for not just rapid target identification, but rapid target engagement as well. The lightweight polymer housing is contoured to mount directly to the trigger guard of your sidearm and is powered by a pair of CR1/3N batteries (included with your light). The TLR-6 is available in a variety of configurations to fit nearly every one of the popular sub-compact handguns available on the market today, including the Glock 42, Glock 19, SIG Sauer P238, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, and more!

Do you need a little bit more light than the TLR-6 series, but don’t have the rail space on your compact handgun for a full-size weapon light? The TLR-4 weapon light is just what you’re looking for! Weighing in at just 2.81 Oz, the TLR-4 can be mounted to the shortest handgun accessory rails yet pushes out an impressive 170 lumens of bright white light. Even better it features your choice of green or red laser just like the TLR-2, offering a solution for wicked fast target engagement even in low-light scenarios.

A carbine is only as good as far as you can see, so when it gets dark get a light dedicated for a carbine. ProTac Rail Mount 1 is an exceptionally compact tactical light throwing 350 lumens a full 240 yards in a package that weighs just 4.3 oz. This compact light features an integrated M1913 picatinny rail mount for easy attachment to your favorite carbine and includes both a standard push button tail cap and multi-function remote tape switch for out-of-the-box flexibility. The smallest of the ProTac Rail Mount series, the dual-fuel capable light can be powered by either 2x CR123A lithium batteries or a common AA to make sure you always have light when you need it.

Like it’s smaller brother, the ProTac Rail Mount 2 features a durable aluminum body with integrated mount and included multi-function tail switch. At 5” long and just 5 Oz, the RM2 is capable of throwing a blinding 625 lumens of bright white light 325 yards, allowing for positive identification at range. It’s no slouch in close quarters either, providing enough flood lighting for clearing buildings or vehicles especially combined with the optional user-activated strobe feature.

The largest of the ProTac Rail Mount line, the RM HL-X is still a lightweight and compact weapon light coming in at 6.4 Oz and less than 5.5”! That little bit of added size and weight comes with new heights of light output. The RM HL-X pumps out a blistering 1,000 lumens of light fueled by your choice of 2x CR123A or a single 18650 rechargeable battery and can reach out to over 363 yards! Just like the rest of the Rail Mount line, the RM HL-X features an integrated rail mount and includes a multi-function remote switch.

Darkness lurks all around us. Even with the sun shining bright everyday life often puts us in the position of wanting a little more light than what is ambiently available; whether that’s finding that part you dropped under the shelf, working under the hood, or even just rooting around the basement. When the sun goes down, a good light can let you see where you’re going, what you’re doing, spot wildlife, or identify threats where you would otherwise be stumbling in the dark. With these handheld flashlights you can harness the power of the sun in the palm of your hand!

The ProTac family of lights covers an impressive array of tactical flashlights that all meet the same standards of durability and reliability while packing as many lumens into the smallest packages as possible. Whether you’re looking for a compact light that will comfortably fit in a shirt pocket yet still throw 350 lumens down range, a lightweight belt light that’ll still push 1000 lumens, or a tough rechargeable duty light to keep in the vehicle that’ll rival the sun at 3,500 lumens, there’s a light in the ProTac line that will suit your needs. To further sweeten the deal, not only are they surprisingly affordable they’re also backed by Streamlight’s limited lifetime warranty.

That said, a light that you aren’t carrying doesn’t do you any good, so pick up a light that makes every day carry easy. The Stylus Pro Pen Light is a sleek, compact, and incredibly lightweight pen light that takes up no more pocket space than marker at just 5.3” long. It’s a tough little light too, featuring a durable aluminum body with MIL-SPEC finish it is IPX4 rated for water resistance and tested with drops up to two meters for impact! At just 1.64 Oz, the Stylus Pro is still throwing an impressive 90 lumens of light over 60 yards yet maintains a 6.5 hour run time on just a pair of AAA batteries. To top it off, it’s even available in a variety of stylish colors including blue, red, and silver.

A full thousand lumens cut through the darkness everywhere you look with the ProTac HL headlamp. Powered by common 18650 lithium ion rechargeable batteries, this powerful head lamp can be charged on the go thanks to the included micro USB cord, ensuring your light is ready to go when everyone else’s lights go out. The 90-degree tilting head can be easily adjusted to provide light exactly where you need it, while three brightness settings offer a variety of options to suit your situation. The ProTac HL headlamp is IPX4 rated for water resistance and tested for up to 2-meter impacts.

A blisteringly bright light can be unnecessary in a lot of situations, and detrimental in others. For the outdoorsman, the Enduro Pro headlamp is perfect. While fully capable of pushing 200 lumens of bright white light over 100 yards, the Enduro really shines thanks to its combination of red and white LEDs, allowing for night-vision preserving red light as well as easy to navigate white light. IPX4 rated for water resistance, the Enduro also weighs in at a scant 3.4 Oz, making it exceptionally comfortable for long-term wear.

Convenient pushbutton controls and multiple lighting configurations make the Trident headlamp a versatile option. Capable of outputting 80 lumens of bright white light to an impressive 138 yards, the versatile Trident is equally at home lighting your way through the woods or working on gear in a tree stand. A single green LED has been added in as well, offering a lighting option that will help maintain your night vision without spooking game. At just 5.5 Oz, the Trident is as light as it is handy.

Want a lot of light with no bulk? Look no further than the Bandit headlamp. This ultra-compact headlamp weighs in at just 1.3 Oz, yet offers a full 180 lumens of bright white light at the push of a button. IPX4 rated for water resistance, the Bandit can be easily attached to the brim of your hat or worn with the convenient included headstrap, and includes a 5” micro-USB cable for on-the-go charging.

Whether working under the hood of your weekend project, taking a walk after dark, or even moving through a burning building, having a clear and bright light source while keeping your hands free isn’t just a convenience: it can be a necessity. The right light, where you need it can improve morale in a bad situation and save lives, as well as simply make around-the-home tasks less frustrating. Whether you want a headlamp for the garage, an emergency lantern in case the power goes out, or a rescue beacon for that worst-case scenario, look no further.

Compact, lightweight, and incredibly durable, the Siege line of multi-function lanterns simply can’t be overlooked. Powered by powerful and efficient LEDs, this lantern offers a host of flexible options, from the folding ergonomic carry handle, rubberized base, or top and bottom mounted D-rings, allowing you to place, hang, or carry the lantern wherever you might need to bring the light. Available in your choice of 200 lumen model powered by AA batteries or 340 lumen model powered by D-cell batteries, the Siege Compact Lantern is a great option for endurance lighting.

Capable of putting out a 115,000-candela beam lighting up to seven and a half football fields away, the Waypoint Spotlight is perfect for any time you need a LOT of light with a lot of reach! Powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, the Waypoint is fully waterproof, impact tested, and even features an integrated stand for hands-free scene lighting. The three modes allow users to get exactly the right amount of light for their needs and are easily selected by the rear-mounted toggle switch. To maintain comfort over long periods of use, the Waypoint has been perfectly balanced to reduce strain. When you need light with reach, don’t miss out on the Waypoint.

Of course, things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes you find yourself in need of help. The Sidewinder Rescue is the life-saving beacon your rescuers will be looking for. This lightweight light features a 185-degree articulating head, allowing the uni-directional lights to angled where you need them if used for navigation. Slide the omni-directional diffuser in place and any of the 4 LEDs (White, Blue, IR, and Green) will be visible from nearly any direction! The Sidewinder can be easily mounted to your gear or equipment, and is powered by a pair of common AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries. Assembled entirely in the U.S.A., this beacon is IPX7 waterproof rated and meets MIL-STD-810F durability ratings.

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