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Strike Industries has been around since 2011 and has spent the years since producing some of the most innovative and affordable accessories for the most popular firearms on the market today. Whether looking for an all-in-one red dot mount for your handgun, upgraded small parts for your favorite AR or AK, or a lightweight free float handguard Strike Industries has you covered. Their accessories are also available in a wide variety of eye-catching colors to let you build a rifle that doesn't just handle great but looks great as well!

There is a dizzying variety of handguards for the AR-15, but nothing quite like the MegaFins. Each handguard is machined from lightweight aluminum and balanced to provide excellent strength and ergonomics.

For the AR-15, they offer the MegaFins and Strike Rail handguards. The MegaFins series features integrated flip-up front sights and your choice of KeyMod or M-LOK slots across seven faces of the rail while maintaining a full-length top rail to run your favorite lights, sights, and night vision set ups. The new Strike Rail reduces weight further by interrupting the top rail and eliminating the complexity of an integrated sighting system. Both rail systems are available up to 17-inches long to cover the bases for any build.

For the HK416, they offer the incredibly lightweight CRUX 9-inch handguard. At just 9.8 oz, the CRUX is one of the lightest rails available for the HK416 but is heavy on features.

Innovative accessories can make or break the style and function of a custom rifle build. From forward assists and takedown pins, to highly effective muzzle brakes, rail accessories compatible with both M-LOK and KeyMod handguards, and more, you'll be able to strike hard, strike fast, and look good doing it.

Installing or removing an AR-15 or AR-308 dust cover can be one of the most frustrating parts of any build, unless you have an Ultimate Dust Cover. Molded from lightweight, high-temperature polymer, the UDC is available in a variety of colors and patterns, but most importantly offers the easiest installation possible. Simply set the spring, depress the plunger, and press into place. Removal is just as simple, just depress the plunger and the dust cover can be quickly removed. The Ultimate Dust Cover can also be adjusted to provide more or less tension, allowing it to be arguably the quietest port door on the market. Thanks to the strong polymer construction, the UDC will never corrode, rust, fade, or deform, and features an internal True Seal lip to better protect your rifle from the elements.

You can also add some subtle style to your AR15 with the AR Forward Assist. The unique engraved design provides a fantastic aesthetic boost. Each one is machined from high-strength carbon steel and properly heat treated to provide a life-time of service. They're available in your choice of MIL-SPEC black, chrome, or gold chrome to provide an appropriate level of flair to your favorite build, whether you're starting a new build off right, or upgrading existing or worn components.

The Cobra and Fang trigger guards share a unique feature from which they get their name. The front of the trigger guard is a "fang", acting as a guide for faster and more consistent magazine changes. In addition, both the Fang trigger guard Cobra trigger guard models offer glove-friendly extension for all-weather shooting. Machined from lightweight aluminum, both are excellent options for your rifle.

Enhanced ergonomics, high strength construction, and even a raised lip to divert back gas away from the shooter, their AR15 charging handles are an affordable upgrade to any AR-15. Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and polished for smooth operation, they are available in a variety of durable hardcoat anodized finishes to add much needed style to any build. The extended charging handle latch makes one handed rifle manipulations a breeze. They even make a latchless charging handle for true ambidextrous use.

No matter what parts or accessories you're looking for, Strike Industries provides an excellent selection of affordable and stylish components to not just improve the performance of your rifles but enhance their aesthetics as well. Every component is designed to improve some part of your firearm's handling, and it's all done at prices that are hard to beat.

The three chamber Triple Crown Comp features an aggressive, multi-purpose design that noticeably reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise. When rapid fire follow-up shots are the name of the game, the 1/2x28 Triple Crown will make you feel like a king.

The Checkmate combines an effective single chamber muzzle brake with an offset top port and aggressive prongs to reduce felt recoil and enhance muzzle stability for right-handed shooters. Despite the large side ports, the Strike Checkmate comp offers surprisingly low muzzle flash. It is available in 1/2x28.

An effective muzzle brake doesn't have to be overbearingly concussive. The King Comp features precisely angled side vents designed to disrupt side blast and muzzle flash. The clean aesthetics and crowned muzzle of the Strike King Comp are available for 5.56 and .308 caliber rifles.

Muzzle brakes and compensators make guns significantly louder. The blast kicks up dirt and dust, making shooting from prone and unconventional positions difficult. The concussion annoys everyone else at the range and can make communication between fellow shooters next to impossible. Enter: The Oppressor. Compatible with most Strike Industries muzzle brakes and compensators as well as the Ferfrans muzzle brake, the Oppressor blast shield quickly installs over your favorite brake and comp to tame the side blast and redirect it down range away from the shooter.

Based on the classic Type 89 compensator in use by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, the Strike J-Comp is an effective two-chamber compensator that mitigates felt recoil and muzzle rise without an excessive amount of concussive blast or muzzle flash. The J-Comp is available for 1/2x28 or 14x1 LH threaded firearms.

Keep your target in sight without annoying everyone else on the line with the Venom flash hider. Based on a proven 4-prong design, the Venom almost entirely negates muzzle flash. The eye catching, aggressive aesthetic is sure to enhance your build as well. For anyone with a 14.5" barrel looking for the perfect muzzle device to permanently pin and weld, the Venom is pre-drilled to make the job easier. The Venom 4-prong flash hider is available for 1/2x28 or 5/8x24 thread patterns.

Their stocks follow the same design concepts as the rest of their product line: Enhance the shooting experience and look good doing it.

Strike Industries PDW stock represents the pinnacle of ultra-compact PDW systems. Collapsed, the compact PDW allows greater maneuverability in close quarters or vehicular operations. When needed, the rapid deployment system instantly springs to the extended position for greater stability. This drop-in solution has been carefully engineered to provide flexibility, allowing the use of standard bolt carriers, while retaining reliability. A low footprint shoulder weld increases comfort and controllability while the included rubberized cheek rest creates a comfortable cheek weld.

For the unapologetic minimalist, the Pit Viper stock is for you. Designed for Strike's 7-position advanced receiver extension, the Pit Viper's skeletonized, low-profile design weighs just 4 oz. Machined from tough 6061-T6 aluminum, it is available in your favorite colors including black, flat dark earth, blue, and red.

LINK accessories put the battle between KeyMod and M-LOK to rest by being fully compatible with both. Want to try your Curved Foregrip on your favorite M-LOK rail but have it mounted to a KeyMod? No problem, because the CFG works on both. The Angled QD Sling Mount, and LINK rail sections are fully compatible as well, giving you the flexibility to swap accessories between your favorite builds.

Customizing your Glock is one of the greatest perks to owning one. The same simplicity of design that gives them their legendary durability and reliability also makes upgrading or changing out parts a fast and easy process that anyone can do. To make it even easier, there is the Slide Plate for Glocks. Machined from tough aluminum and finished with a variety of eye-catching (or subtle) colors, the slide plate's unique design allows you to depress the striker for easy, tool-free disassembly. You can also help reduce wear on your favorite 3rd generation Glock handgun with the SI Shock Buffer, that reduces felt recoil.

Want to add a red dot, but don't want to send your slide off to be milled, or spend hundreds of dollars on an aftermarket slide? The G.U.M. Universal Mount is just what you need. With drop-in installation, the G.U.M replaces the rear sight and is fully compatible with most popular reflex sights on the market. To make working on your Glock handgun even easier, pick up the Glock All In One Tool. This lightweight, pocket sized tool features all steel construction with a pin punch, base plate removal tool for magazines, and even a front sight removal tool, all contained in a compact folding package that weighs just 2.6 oz.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message at info@primaryarms.com or call us at 713-344-9600.

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