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Founded in 2003, TROY Industries has used Stephen Troy’s unrelenting focus on quality and innovation to push his company to success. Using his experience in law enforcement and military deployments has allowed his company to innovate practical and effective firearms and accessories. These innovative products have been tested and proven by military and law enforcement units in the worst of real-world conditions and come out on top, setting TROY apart as the standard for many of the world’s top military arms producers. Whether you’re headed to the sandbox or finishing your next build, their BattleReady firearms and accessories are the rock-steady edge you’re looking for!

Whether for law enforcement, the military, or Joe down the road, TROY Industries line of experience driven designs and battle proven hardware are an excellent choice. With high-quality BattleSights, ergonomic handguards, effective muzzle devices, and ambidextrous components, all precisely machined from top-grade materials it’s easy to see what the fuss is about. Shop now and see for yourself!

The BattleSights line of back-up iron sights are available in a variety of options and colors, but regardless of configuration they’re all built to the same uncompromising specifications. Precision machined from tough 6061-T6 aluminum with an anti-canting stainless steel mounting system, these iron sights are the combat-proven go-to option for many shooters. All BattleSights are available in foldable versions that stow down to less than a half-inch in height, clearing the way for your favorite primary optic’s sight picture. Also, many models are available with Tritium-powered illumination on both the front sight posts and surrounding the rear aperture, so low-light shooting with iron sights is not only possible, but fast and intuitive.

While most BattleSights are built for flat top AR-15 / M4 / M16 style rifles and match the same sight plane as traditional fixed iron sights, they aren’t a one-size fits all solution for every rifle or carbine. For firearms with a raised rail, look no further than the Micro Sight Sets. Perfectly suited for service rifles such as the IAR, SIG Sauer 556, or HK 416, the Micro Sight Sets are available in FDE or Black and with or without Tritium. The sight sets offer your choice of M4 front with Di-Optic Aperture rear or HK-style front with round aperture rear sights.

Built to the same rugged standards as standard BattleSights, the Special Operations Compatible Carbine sights provide the same durability in a package that’s 45% smaller when stowed. Ultra-light and ultra-compact, the SOCC sights feature easy, tool-free adjustments for zeroing with rock solid mounting you’ve come to expect from TROY. The SOCC Low-Profile Sights are sold separately with your choice of the M4-style front sight or dual-aperture rear sight.

When transitioning from long-range to short-range targets or transitioning to iron sights in the event of an optics failure, offset sights can drastically reduce the time necessary to acquire and engage targets. Offset Battlesights can be configured for left or right-handed shooters, and fold flat to reduce the risk of snags when not in use. The Offset BattleSight Sets are available in Black or FDE with your choice of M4 front with Di-Optic Aperture Rear or HK-Style front with standard aperture rear sight.

The M4 front sights feature the familiar Y-shaped protective ears found on traditional American iron sights from the M1 Garand to the latest M4/M16 rifle. The front sight post is compatible with standard A2-style posts and sight tools, making elevation adjustments and upgrades a breeze.

The HK-style front sights use a rounded protective hood that matches perfectly with the traditional aperture rear sights used on the M4/M16 family of rifles. This circle-in-circle sight picture is fast, effective, and proven, while reducing snag chances.

The Round Aperture rear flip up and fixed sights are equipped with a traditional dual-aperture setup that is instantly familiar to anyone who has trained with the M16 or M4 carbine. The large round aperture provides fast target engagement inside 200 yards, while the smaller aperture enhances focus for more distant targets. A shielded windage adjustment protects your zero.

Available as either fixed or folding sights, these rear sights are equipped with their optically engineered Di-Optic Aperture setup that is designed to provide instant acquisition with standard M4-style front sights. The two settings are designed for up to 300 meters and up to 500 meters, with extensive field testing to prove the concept. Like the other models, a shielded windage adjustment keeps your zero protected.

Back in the dark days before standardized accessory mounting systems like M-LOK and KeyMod existed, nearly every manufacturer had their own proprietary mounting system, compatible with their accessories and their handguards only. The Alpha-series of handguards was one of the first to feature a modular system with industry support, leading the way for KeyMod and later M-LOK to standardize the industry. Since then they have expanded their line of handguards to include options for the AR-15 as well as the AK-47 and AK-family of rifles offering enhanced ergonomics and the freedom to mount the accessories you want, where you want, without the unnecessary bulk of a quad rail. For ease of installation, their free float handguards are fully compatible with standard MIL-SPEC AR-15 barrel nuts.

Building off the success and popularity of their trendsetting Alpha BattleRail, TROY now offers free-float BattleRail handguards in M-LOK as well. Both the original Alpha rails and M-LOK BattleRails install in just minutes to MIL-SPEC barrel nuts and are available in a variety of lengths to meet the needs of most any build. Machined from lightweight yet tough 6061-T6 aluminum, these low-profile handguards offer a snag free design with full-length top rail and accessory attachment on 7 surfaces! These free-float AR-15 handguards are available with your choice of ALPHA ½” cooling hole mounting system or Magpul’s M-LOK mounting system to suit your preferred aesthetics or accessory needs.

The Special Operations Compatible Carbine concept works to remove unnecessary weight and bulk to create a lighter, more nimble rifle and their SOCC BattleRails fit those concepts perfectly. Utilizing their snag-free mounting system compatible with MIL-SPEC AR-15 barrel nuts, the SOCC handguards are sleek and narrow to reduce snag points and enhance ergonomics. Available in lengths from 7.6” through 15.125”, these exceptionally lightweight and ergonomic handguards are a dependable upgrade to your favorite build.

If you prefer the AK platform, Troy Industries also makes one of the best AK handgaurds on the market. One of the biggest drawbacks for the AK platform in any caliber is the incredibly short handguard. While distinctive, this short handguard makes extended grips and stances designed to optimize recoil management practically impossible, not to mention the mounting of lights, lasers or vertical foregrips. To help bring the AK to the modern era of shooting doctrine, they created Bottom Rail Handguards. Available in two lengths, these modular handguards install easily to most stamped receiver rifles and provide not just additional real estate for your hands, but a low-profile mounting system for your favorite M-LOK accessories. The deceptively titled Short handguard offers 10” of rail space, while the Long handguard rivals many AR-15 handguards at 13.5” and places an extra M1913 picatinny rail section just beyond the gas block.

Not everyone has the time, tools, or inclination to assemble an upper from scratch, but still want a high-quality upper with top-of-the-line features. If that’s you, choose from a lineup of complete uppers. Whether you’re looking for a short 10.5” pistol upper, 14.5” carbine, or soft-shooting 16” mid-length, these uppers are fully range ready in your choice of 5.56 NATO or 300 BLK. Equipped with flip-up battle sights and AR-15 cut bolt carrier groups, these uppers are test fired to ensure they are fully functional, so that you only need to drop one onto your favorite complete lower, load a magazine, and go!

Aluminum handguards get hot, fast. Whether running rounds down range or simply sitting in the sun for a few minutes, they can rapidly reach the point of being too hot to touch. Protect your hands with Squid Grips! Available for both Alpha BattleRails and M-LOK attachment systems, Squid Grip rail inserts are composed of a proprietary rubber offering exceptional heat resistance and durability. The squishy texture provides additional all-weather traction and grip on the handguard as well, making them an excellent upgrade. Squid Grips are sold in packs of 7.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message at info@primaryarms.com or call us at 713-344-9600.

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