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Yankee Hill Machine is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality firearms components at an affordable cost. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of what they can manufacture while simultaneously making products that rival other premium brands. Products like the YHM Turbo 5.56 sound suppressor which offers optimal decibel reduction with a durable construction and comes in at half the cost of other suppressors on the market. Yankee Hill is not only dedicated to the innovation required to survive in the firearms industry, they are dedicated to the customers that are using their products.

They ensure that every customer receives a quality product by inspecting every part that leaves the facility with state-of-the-art inspection equipment and procedures that adhere to strict military standards. Their company is made up of experts from many fields, from the firearms industry to manufacturing and engineering. This allows them to take on any task at hand whether it be building a new rifle or designing an effective muzzle brake to go on it.

Yankee Hill Machine is known for providing quality products and the way that they can accomplish that is by manufacturing as much as possible in house. Through rigorous hands-on quality inspections, they ensure that every product is to the highest standards before it reaches your door.

The answer depends on your preference.

The Phantom Muzzle Brake has five upward facing ports to reduce muzzle climb. The bottom of this brake is solid to eliminate dust signature when shooting from the prone position. The Phantom also comes in two different styles. One features an aggressive front end and the other has a smooth, snag-free design.

The Slant Muzzle Brake offers more than just a recoil reduction. It also acts as a compensator with upward facing ports to eliminate muzzle rise for staying on target and shooting fast. This muzzle brake and compensator hybrid also comes in a variety of different sizes and thread pitches for attaching to different caliber rifles like 5.56 and .30 caliber. This hybrid muzzle brake performs well and looks great while doing so.

For those looking for a muzzle brake with a little more aggressive aesthetic, the Annihilator muzzle brake definitely fits that definition. It has six forward facing spikes because, well, why not? It also has plenty of porting to vent gas outward and reduce felt recoil. Like the phantom, the bottom is closed to make it easier to shoot prone without kicking up dust.

Yankee Hill offers flash hiders with effective designs that simply reduce the bright muzzle flash from the end of the barrel. These flash hiders are great for use when shooting in low light conditions where the flash of a discharged round can sometimes be bright enough to inhibit your vision. They also do not have the concussion effect that muzzle brakes generate and make for a nicer experience when standing near or behind the shooter.

The Phantom flash hider is one of the oldest and most popular products YHM offers. It has an aesthetic like an A2 flash hider but can be had with popular aggressive designs with multiple forward-facing prongs. The five port upward facing design effectively reduces the muzzle flash and the aggressive end cuts can be used in hand-to-hand situations.

For those looking for something even more aggressive, the Annihilator is also available in a flash hider design. The sharp six prong design can also be used in hand to hand if the situation ever arises. Instead of five ports, the Annihilator has six surrounding the entire circumference which help to eliminate up to 99% of muzzle flash. This design also does not require timing to the barrel and it will be effective from any position.

YHM manufactures a large variety of barrels for all the popular calibers in many different configurations, so you can easily build your dream rifle.

From 5.56 NATO with diamond flutes to 300 Blackout with a medium profile, you can easily find the right barrel for you and the right muzzle device to go along with it. Their barrels are made from high quality chrome moly steel and feature durable Melonite finishes.

They also offer multiple barrel kits, so you can buy all that you need in one purchase, like the gas block, tube, and muzzle device.

With some suppressor manufacturers selling suppressors over 1,000 dollars, YHM decided to step in and offer high quality sound suppressors at half the cost. The Turbo 5.56 silencer comes in at less than 500 dollars and even includes a QD muzzle brake suppressor adapter. The Turbo features a welded baffle design that eliminates the need for a tube which reduces cost and increases strength. They also offer The Nitro; a .30 caliber suppressor that can shoot anything from 17 HMR to 300 Ultra Mag. This highly versatile sound suppressor also comes with a quick detach mount and multiple end caps for compatibility with different calibers.

Just like the rest of their products, YHM manufactures their own rails and handguards from the SLM competition free float handguard to a standard two-piece quad rail. Whether you have the need for M-LOK or KeyMod slots on your handguard, you can find the right one for you. The Black Diamond features a full length picatinny rail and multiple M-LOK slots while the SLR utilizes KeyMod. The SLR also features a slanted design to match the Slant muzzle brake for a unique look.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message at info@primaryarms.com or call us at 713-344-9600.

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