Bravo Company Manufacturing AR-15 Extractor Spring Upgrade Kit

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The Bravo Company Manufacturing AR-15 extractor spring upgrade kit is designed to increase reliability and shootability for AR-15 short barreled rifles, but will also increase reliability for 16 inch and 14.5 inch carbines. This kit includes the BCM extractor spring, constructed from high quality chrome silicon, a Crane Ind. mil-spec O-Ring, and a black extractor insert. The chrome silicon construction of the Bravo Company extractor spring is heat treated to relieve stress and shot peened for added strength. The increased strength of the BCM extractor spring means the O-ring is likely not necessary, but it is included for redundancy. Perfect for upgrading a rifle or for keeping a spare on hand in case of emergency.

  • AR-15 compatibility
  • Designed to increase reliability in SBRs
  • Also improves performance in 16" and 14.5" carbines
  • Heat treated and shot peened extractor spring
  • Mil-spec standard black extractor insert
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BrandBravo Company Manufacturing
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No more stuck cases!


I got a stuck case one time while shooting cheap wolf steel ammo. Put these cheap little upgrade on all of my ARs and no issues since. A must have!

EASY AFFORDABLE FIX for weak extraction

by -

Problems with stuck cases?? weak extractions using crap ammo? These are a must have have that go in all my BCG's, i keep spares on hand. I build my rifles to run reliably using any kind of ammo, so i know there's not going to be a failure. To do that, these are a must!

Definite A+

by -

I put 200 rounds through it yesterday and not one problem. This is definitely a small but crucial part of any BCG. I highly recommend this product. As a bonus Primary Arms had it shipped in no time, as always.

Always needed.

by -

This is a addition to the upsss kit you need to have just incase . Nice product quality and price!

Makes a big difference!

by -

This little parts kit works wonders on your extraction odds!!!!

Good thing to have extras in your gun tool box

by -

Was having issues ejecting steel casing . Put this little unit in bolt carrier problem 100% solved


by -

Wanted to upgrade my bolts. Good fit. Easy.

An Essential Upgrade for Short Barreled Rifles

by -

This is similar to the upgrade the military had to make to Colt BCG's for the MK18 Mod 0 and Mod 1 guns in order to ensure reliability. I haven't found a need to do this on longer guns, but it doesn't hurt and these kits are easy to find making extractor spring replacements on well worn guns easy.

If you are running a short barreled rifle or a pistol build, this is basically an essential upgrade for basic milspec bolt carrier groups.

grate product

by -

Works like expected in my AR's

16” AR was poopin out the shells

by -

I was at the range sighting in a PA 1x6 and noticed that when ejecting the shells instead of the 1pm path (had also changed to slightly heavier buffer to test to fix this while was at the range) that the shells were pooping out right on the range table. Got home to clean and noticed the ejector spring looked smashed and I had no movement in the extractor. Changed out with the new BCM kit and worked as mentioned in other reviews. Fixed the ejection of the shells (throwing instead of pooping) and the buffer fixed the path to 3pm. I also did not use the O ring.