CMC Triggers AK Elite Modular Trigger - Traditional

Manufactured by CMC Triggers
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Manufactured by CMC Triggers
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The CMC AK Modular Trigger is a true drop-in match grade trigger for your AK, self-contained and easy to install like CMC’s AR-15 triggers. A trigger pin retaining plate is included to make installation and removal for cleaning easy. The housing is made from 7075-T6 aluminum and Type 2 anodized. The hammer and trigger are made from 8620 tool steel, and the disconnector from S7 tool steel. All steel components including the integral pins are hardened to 60 Rockwell. Tensioning set screws bear against the trigger guard rivets to lock the housing firmly into place. The engagement surfaces are tuned and polished, giving a slick single stage 3.5 lb pull that breaks cleanly and consistently. The trigger is shaped traditionally for a factory AK look.

  • AK trigger bow style
  • Ultra-crisp trigger
  • Glass-smooth break
  • Minimal lock time
  • Positive trigger reset
  • Easy to install
  • Made from 8620 alloy steel, S-7 tool steel, and 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum
  • 100% Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty!

Your AK is special. Different. Optimized. From the stock to the handguard to the optic to the muzzle device, you’ve carefully chosen each piece to complement each other, working together. Don’t let down the rest of that awesome build with a long, heavy, gritty trigger. CMC has your solution. No slop, no grit, no excuses. Give your AK a trigger that AR shooters will envy, only with the CMC AK Modular Trigger.

With roots in aerospace manufacturing, CMC is perhaps best known as the producer of the original drop-in precision trigger for the AR-15/10 platform. CMC Triggers are dedicated to crafting the finest parts and accessories for law enforcement, our military, and civilian use.
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BrandCMC Triggers
Drop InDrop-In
Manufacturer.CMC Triggers
Total Pull Weight3.5 lbs
Trigger BowCurved
Trigger StyleSingle Stage

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews


Stay Away


***Would not allow bolt to close***
<br>I installed mine in a Saiga, and on reassembling the rifle, the bolt could not ride over the hammer what so ever. Due to tighter tolerances you will have to dremel down to make it work.
<br>If you're using a Krebs safety, you may have to upgrade to their full auto safety because the old one will not work. The rifle WILL FIRE on safe.
<br>It does give it an AR(ish) trigger feel (not as clean but a quick reset) but it's not worth it, even at the sale price.

AK pistol and AK rifle install review.


Purchased two for mini-Draco pistol and a Hungarian AK rifle (both stamped, not milled receivers). AK pistol install required grinding off 1/8" across rear part of aluminum trigger housing to fit in receiver. Rifle install required no mods. BE WARNED, lots of little springs and parts will go flying if you are careless (do it inside a shoebox or something similar). Needlepoint awl pick tools come in real handy. Other reviewer is correct about bolt not riding over hammer if you tighten rear set screw too much. If adjusted, works fine without a hitch. Safety MAY require replacement (mine didn't) as it will bind on right rear trigger housing area (grind down a few thousandths to make it work on back right housing area where safety makes contact). If you do not do this, safety does not have full range of motion. In that case, other comments are correct: will fire on "safe" necessitating purchase of different safety lever. Trigger quality/function is EXCELLENT. Night and Day difference.

Nice trigger buy CMC should let ya know you will probably need a new safety

by -

Good trigger if found on sale but you should keep in mind that you will probably have to go to Krebs to get a safety made just for this trigger group or obtain a full auto safety and possibly have to modify it somewhat. A better all round buy is the trigger group made by JGL

buy a dremel

by -

Rifle is Arsenal SGL31. lots and lots of dremel work for proper function. CMC go back to the drawing board or add a rotary tool to the package. Quality is great fitment is junk