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CMMG .22 LR AR-15 Conversion Kit - Bravo - (3) 25-Round Magazines

Manufactured by CMMG
SKU: 22BA651
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Manufactured by CMMG
60 Reviews
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The CMMG .22 LR AR-15 Conversion Kit offers instant drop-in adaptability from .223/5.56 to .22 Long Rifle. Perfect for training new shooters or to save money at the range plinking with inexpensive .22 LR.

NOTE: For best results, CMMG recommends use with a rounded hammer and 36 grain copper plated round nose bullets.

  • CMMG Bravo stainless steel bolt carrier group
  • Compatible with most AR-15s chambered in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO
  • Includes (3) 25-round magazines
  • Right side eject model

Designed for use in AR-15s chambered in .223 Remington, .223 Wylde, or 5.56 NATO, this drop-in kit replaces your existing bolt carrier group. No other changes are required to allow your AR to accurately and reliably fire .22 LR with the supplied magazine. To switch back, simply swap the CMMG Conversion bolt carrier group with your original and you're good to go.
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Caliber Gauge.22 LR
Magazine Capacity25
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Better than expected

by -

Was a little concerned based on reviews of issues with PSA uppers. I had no such issues regarding fitment. I did have one FTE on about the third round I shot with this kit. After that, absolutely no issues. I loaded each of the three magazines with 10 rounds just to cycle each and verify operation of the mags. No issues whatsoever. Shot about 100 rounds total of Federal, High Velocity, 36 Grain, Copper Plated Hollow Point, 1260 fps at muzzle, 1000 fps at 100 yards. I really like this thing. I figure it will be paid for in less than 500 trigger pulls.

100% reliable

by -

This kit works great. All the magazines have been 100% reliable, I've had one failure to fire and that was the ammunition not igniting. Only other thing to note is that this did not fit into a knights armament barrel, dunno why the geometry is different enough that the conversion kit could not fit passed the locking lugs in the barrel extension. However I do not fault CMMG for this and it fit perfectly in my other AR's.

Awesome product

by -

Quality product. Tried it in 3 of my AR’s. 1st was a build. Spike’s barrel, Texas AR upper. Had 3 jams at different times. Appeared the round wasn’t following the feed ramp and vertically jammed between the bolt face and chamber. Cleared and went back to running. Never happened again. Ran excellent through the old Colt A2 and then the AR pistol the best, even with a 10.5” barrel. Groups were amazing. Didn’t adjust any of the optics, due to being tuned to .223, but the groups were tight and constant at 25 yards on paper. Once determined where the groups were hitting, compensated and then hitting bulls, all using EoTech with no power. Used copper and plain lead round nose, high velocity Winchester and CCI. Very pleased with the product. Will recommend

This thing is fun!


Works really good in both 5.56 chambered AR's. Doesn't in my 223 wilder. Lots of fun. Good way to familiarize people with the platform.

Great .22 conversion kit

by -

After my first 100 rounds this kit works flawlessly, great job CMMG and Primary Arms for their fast shipping.

Great Conversion

by -

Got this conversion kit in today. Tried it without lube and it didn’t function very well. Doused it in oil and tried again zero issues. It shoots 2-3” groups at 25 yards pretty easy and functions with a variety of ammunition types. Shot around 200 rounds of mixed ammo. I am very pleased and would highly recommend


by -

With ammo prices right now, this kit is a must! Had one failure to eject out of 300 rounds. Great training tool for any ar15, and just plain fun!

Happiest man in town!


Have not received my Buffer Buddy yet but went ahead and tried it out. Copper plated Federal value pack (550 rds/box) fed thru without failure to fire or extract at all. Didn't feel any blow-back. Went thru more than 200 rounds. The mags were easy to load until close to twenty, then stiff as heck. Just loaded 20 each figuring they would ease up with use so I'll leave them loaded and check later. So much fun I came to write the review before cleaning the firearm. Happiest I've ever been without a woman. Plinking with my AR for a penny a shot is gonna give a Marlin lever gun and a Ruger 10/22 a much needed break. Can't say enough. Great product!!!

Me like!!!


Bought the EXPO ARMS STANDARD AR-15 CHARGING HANDLE to with this conversion. Dropped them both right in my .223/5.56 Wylde receiver and away I went. Shot 50 rounds like nothing today setting up my new AR build. After firing 20 rounds of .223. So happy with my purchase and Thank you Primary Arms!

Great product....wish I had pulled the trigger(pun intended) on this a while ago

by -

This is a well built conversion kit. This allows you to easily convert your 556 barrel to shoot .22lr. The conversion is easy, simply remove your BCG and replace with this. Makes shooting your AR platform much cheaper, during these times where 223/556 ammo is around a dollar a round. In my area, I can still find .22LR fairly inexpensive. 250 for about 40 bucks. I will caution that after about 400 rounds, you may want to pull the conversion kit out and wipe the feed ramp as .22lr is a dirty round. Definitely only use copper plated ammo with a standard or high velocity variety. Of the 400 rounds I fired with it, approx 3-4 failed to eject. I would suspect this was caused by the inconsistency of the round itself and not the conversion kit. Out of the box, a good lubrication is necessary prior to installation. Also, after firing the 400 rounds of .22, I put my BCG for .556 back in and fire 5 rounds. This helped clean up any fouling left in the chamber.