Expo Arms X Mega Arms Forged Stripped AR-15 Lower Receiver

Manufactured by Expo Arms
Manufactured by Expo Arms
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The AR-15 Forged Stripped Lower Receiver is the foundation of your build. This receiver accepts MIL-SPEC components as well as a variety of aftermarket parts, so you can truly customize your rifle. Precision machined from a 7075-T6 aluminum forging, this AR-15 lower is protected by a MIL-SPEC Type III Class 2 hardcoat anodized finish. Built to extremely precise tolerances, these upper receivers go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure they are built to high quality with a premium finish.

  • 7075-T6 forged aluminum
  • Type III Class 2 hardcoat anodized
  • Accepts MIL-SPEC parts
  • Manufactured by Mega Arms

Expo Arms offers top-quality MIL-SPEC AR-15 components at rock bottom prices. Made in the U.S.A. and covered by Expo’s Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects, material or workmanship problems, and even normal wear and tear!
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BrandExpo Arms
Caliber MarkingMulti-Caliber
FinishHardcoat Anodized
Receiver Material7075-T6 Aluminum
Trigger Pin DiameterMIL-SPEC .154
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews


Top notch receiver's


I was skeptical about this receiver but I noticed that it was made by mega arms who make some very high quality parts. I have receiver's from sons of liberty gun works and this has the same deep black finish and extremely tight fit as those. I am 99.9% sure solgw gets their receiver's from mega, especially when you see their m76 handguard it's just a mega wedgelock. This expo receiver has a real nice magwell flair as well. Buy with confidence, these receiver's are among the best. Just realize the anodizing is darker than most milspec and has a slight sheen to it, so match it up with expo, solgw, mega or Rainier arms upper if you want a perfect match and tight fit. If you want to see how the fit is check YouTube "solgw receiver sets "

Great Reciever!

by -

This receiver is awesome. I was needing a new one to start another build and saw that this one popped up. I didn't realize what I was ordering at first, I just needed a lower.
The finish on it is great, very thick anodizing and its very dark as well. There's no machine marks anywhere and has a very clean look. Everything was the correct specs. The cutout on it is a M4/M16 cut, (low shelf), whatever you want to call it. I was able to get my hands on an Upper from Expo as well to match it. And the fitment between them is extremely tight and no gaps. It matches up perfect with my SOLGW receivers too. It's actually seems identical besides the brand markings.
It's made by Mega Arms so you can't go wrong. It's a high quality receiver with an affordable price tag. If you're looking for a receiver to start a new build with, this is perfect! You will not be disappointed.

Expo Mega


This receiver is so nice, I used the mega arms receivers building my personal rifle. Soon as I got the Expo arms lower we paired it up with a ZEV forged upper and its beautiful. Expo arms has a top of the line receiver as is why I bought all of them.



This is the receiver I just built a rifle with and the ZEV forged upper is a nice match. Type 3 looks good .If these come back in stock they will go fast.

One of the best lowers you can get!

by -

These are the same Mega Arms forged lowers that have become famous, just with an Expo rollmark, but do still have the Centralia, WA stamping! They are undoubtedly some of the best forged receivers on the market and OEM for some of the higher end brands. These are possibly the best deal you can find for them, and you deal with Primary Arms as a plus!

Mega Arms Lower


These are fantastic lowers. Deepest rich black anodization, right tolerances, everything fits perfect, and even an M16 pocket. Will be sticking with these lowers whenever in stock!

100% Recommend


Bought this receiver to put with an Expo Arms upper receiver for a 300 blackout build and I couldn’t be more happy. Tight fitment with their upper receiver (I can’t speak on other receivers as I haven’t tried). Forged 7075 aluminum is the best imo, and the receiver seems very well made to spec and durable. I’ve used mine for about a year, and am very impressed, especially for the price! I would 100% recommend this lower receiver. Also, Primary Arms has excellent shipping and customer service.

Great quality and finish


Has held up really well and had that deep black, almost powder coat looking rough yet glossy finish, that it seems Mega has. Also, the finish on mine has held up really well, where the Zev upper I have (that matches perfectly) must have had been from a bad batch because it came off very easily. Love this Expo /Mega lower and looking at their upper too. Highly recommend

Great receiver, but...

by -

Have bought 2. Will probably by more. Zev/Mega is an amazing company.
PA adds in a rear tensioning screw to come with the receiver. It was missing from my most recent one. So far I have talked to 6 people about it. 4 promised to address the issue and call or email me, 1 was the original manufacturer, and 1 was a complete idiot.
If I had to deal with PA's customer service more regularly, I hands down, would not do business with them.

I was happy to speak to you about those lowers and get this cleared up. Please keep an eye out for the order we are sending you.

PA Followed Up

by -

Update to prior review.
PA did follow up after posting the negative review regarding my customer service experience. The rear tensioning screw is no longer included with the receiver. Was a nice touch while it lasted... The individual I spoke with did send me a couple to make it right. My opinion hasn't changed on the product. Solid, great value. Would buy Expo Arms receivers as sets if they include the same dry film lube as BCM uppers. Just remember to add a tensioning screw to your order.