FailZero EXO Coated M16 / AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group - Black

Manufactured by Fail Zero
Manufactured by Fail Zero
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Not all Nickel Boron is created equal and FailZero is the undisputed pioneer of Nickel Boron technology. When failure is not an option, you can depend on FailZero.

The M16 Bolt Carrier Group is fully assembled and drop-in ready for most MIL-SPEC upper receivers. All critical parts are coated with EXO Nickel Boron technology providing permanent dry lubricity, extreme durability and increased wear and corrosion resistance. This patented Nickel Boron coating will reduce friction and improve the overall performance of your rifle.

The carrier is finished with a black Teflon topcoat offering non-reflective properties.

NOTE: Wear will expose the Nickel Boron coating beneath the black Teflon topcoat at points of contact such as ramps and rails. Non-wear areas, exposed during operation will remain black.

  • M16 cut carrier with anti-reflective black topcoat
  • Magnetic particle inspected
  • Live fire tested
  • EXO Nickel Boron treated parts include:
  • Bolt, extractor, bolt carrier, cam pin, carrier key, and firing pin
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Bolt FinishNickel Boron
Bolt MaterialCarpenter 158 Steel
BrandFail Zero
Caliber Gauge5.56 NATO
Carrier FinishNickel Boron with Teflon Top Coat
Carrier Material8620 Carpenter Steel
Carrier StyleM16 Bolt Carrier
High Pressure TestedLive Fire Tested
Magnetic Particle InspectMagnetic Particle Inspected
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to

Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews


Fail Zero M16 EXO Bolt Carrier Group - No Hammer - Black


Great props to PA especially to John.I had bought spike's nickel boron BCG took it to the range after two rd it jammed sent it back to spike's they send me a brand new one took it to the range again after 20 rd it jammed again. so i called John told him the story he said send it back to me for a refund. I asked Him what he would recommend he said he has the Fail Zero in all his gun's so i bought one. It came in too days looks awesome put it in my BCM took it to the range shot about 200rd ran like a champ no problems at all. Love the black look so thank you John very much and thank's to PA!!!! You have a customer for LIFE!!!!

Perfect so far

by -

I will say the previous review helped make my decision for this BCG. Used this for a brand new 300AAC build in which I haven't tested yet but my initial impression is worth 5 star review so far! Looks and feels is 5 star and the EXO coating exceeds any of my previous NiB carriers.

Zero fail

by -

So, I’ve been testing this for about 5 mouths now . Very smooth , great cycling. I’ve put probably 3 thousand rounds on this bolt career . Steel ammo ,and brass ammo and no problems at all so far . I’ve ran 1200 round through it to test the durability , with out cleaning the bolt and still it works great. Will always buys this bolt career for future builds.

Awesome bcg


Great bcg. Operates flawlessly and looks amazing!!

Fail Zero. It's in the name.


Purchased Fail Zero after pin on extractor from a PSA bolt broke and caused malfunctions after 200 rounds. The Fail Zero BCG functions, it's reliable and has far exceeded the BCG it replaced. No malfunctions. No failures. It cycles perfectly.

The black coating is not durable

by -

Machining of BCG is good, but the black coating easily comes off on any exposed/defective areas. Mine has multiple defective spots within the coating and these spots with gentle rubbing/cleaning easily removed the black coating. Also read the note that states the black coating will come off at the contact areas. I.e. create exposed/defective areas that will continue to chip and erode thru normal cleaning.

Fail zero or failed once

by -

The coating on this bcg is really nice. I was really excited to see how it performed, but after 3 rounds it was obvious that the gas key was leaking. The leak was so substantial that the bolt could not travel far enough to load the next round. On further inspection I could tell that the front Allen screw was damaged during manufacturing. I tried 2 other bcgs and they functioned perfectly. I give it a three star rating because the coating and staking are exceptional, but this should not have made it past QC.



Very easy to clean, carbon wipes of easy.

300 rounds and no problems


I purchased this from Failzero a few months back and like the title says I put 300 rounds through this in my Franken rifle and I’ve had no problems. I like the nickel boron finish, I like the black teflon(at least I think it was teflon?) coating that some people have a problem with because it does wear in certain spots. My criticism of the bolt carrier group is that it doesn’t have as aggressive staking as I would like. I talked to one of the representatives from failzero about the staking and they said if we steaked it any more than they do the disruption in the metal tends to crack and flack the nickel boron exo finish. My suggestion to combat this is maybe don’t have the gas key coated in the nickel boron and coat it with something else. I’ve seen videos on YouTube where failedzero nickel boron bolt carrier groups gas keys have had problems because the screws get loose and it fails to seal. Though mine has not had this problem yet.

Good Finish

by -

There are so many to choose from and it can come down to reviews to help make a choice. I will clean up extractors, polish bolt faces, and polish barrel extensions as part of a build. This bolt needed none of that and the finish allowed carbon to be wiped off with a paper towel soaked in BoreTech. I'd prefer a Young Manufacturing NM carrier, but they are hard to find and have gotten to be $$$.