Ferfrans CRD Modular Concussion Reduction Device and Muzzle Brake - 1/2x28

Manufactured by Ferfrans
Manufactured by Ferfrans
25 Reviews

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With the amount of aftermarket parts being built for the AR-15 and M4 weapon systems continually increasing, it can be very difficult to decide which upgrades you want to use on your rifle. One of the common complaints of about the AR15 is the concussion it creates when firing and can be quite annoying when standing next to one at the range. The new Ferfrans CQB Modular Concussion Reduction Device (CRD) is designed to reduce concussion while also reducing muzzle climb. This is a two-piece muzzle brake with a quick detach mount for the CRD that acts as a shroud over the brake to mitigate concussion. Not only does the CRD reduce the concussive forces to the side of the shooter, it directs sound forward to make for a better shooting experience. The Concussion reduction system is a great way to reduce the effects of the high pressure 5.56 ammo while also enjoying the benefits of recoil reducing compensator.

  • Muzzle brake – Fully effective reduction in muzzle climb and recoil
  • With CRD attached – Slight reduction in muzzle brake effectiveness but massive reduction in concussion.
  • QD mount for the Concussion Reduction Device
  • Designed for AR-15 rifles with 1/2x28 thread pattern
  • Made from steel with black oxide finish

The Ferfrans Modular Concussion Reduction Device and Muzzle Brake System won’t add much weight to the end of your rifle as it comes in at a total 10.4 ounces and a length of 2.28 inches. Where this muzzle device really shines is on short barrel rifles (SBR) or AR pistols because the short barrel allows for more gas and unburnt powder to leave the barrel at a faster rate resulting in a louder more concussive force. Indoor ranges only increase this effect and make the CRD an invaluable tool.

The Ferfrans company is a relatively new name in the American firearms industry, however they are making a strong start with the release of their CQB Modular Muzzle Brake System for AR-15 and M4 rifles. They also develop rifle systems and accessories for law enforcement and military in California, such as a rate reducing device for full auto rifles. They are making a name for themselves by moving to the commercial side of the market and producing high quality products.
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Suppressor MountNon-Mount
Thread Pattern1/2 X 28
TypeMuzzle Brake / Blast Shield
Weight10.4 Oz
  • Ferfrans Concussion Reduction Device Modular Muzzle Brake System CRD- Primary Arms
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Ratings & Reviews

25 reviews


Two month lifespan


After two months of light use (removed the outer device about 10 times and put around 100 rounds through it), the "outer concussion reduction piece" of the system has broken and will not rotate into the locked position. Essentially a very basic brake, with a non useable paperweight that costs $170. When it was operable it worked as advertised.

Ferfrans Muzzle Brake/CRD


Customer was responsive to my question, & my order was delivered within a few days. Mounting without a problem.

Exceptional Quality Concussion Reduction Device


Ferfrans has been around the block for a while, manufacturing quality firearms for select military and LE groups. I believe the CRD is the first product they've offered for sale to the civilian sector and it does not disappoint. Maintenance is quick and easy. There is a considerable amount of tolerance when attaching the device, so I have not experienced issues with the device getting stuck. There have been several major players who have introduced their own version of a QD blast reduction shield to the market. While those devices do channel the blast forward as advertised, what they don't offer is the ability to essentially convert the brake into a compensator due to it's ported design, which is what separates the CRD from the rest of the pack. Overall, if you're in need of a muzzle device that retains most of the capabilities of a full-on muzzle brake while greatly reducing side blasts to tolerable levels, you'd be hard pressed to find a muzzle device as effective as the CRD.



First let me say PA is by far the best place to shop. Great prices but even if it wasn't, I would still purchase from PA cause of there fast shipping & customer service. The product is everything it says it is. I will warn you though it has some weight to it but for myself that's not an issue at all, actually it helps my shooting.

Works as advertised!


Fitment is straight forward and quality is outstanding. Does what it suppose to do.



Great experience, my rep was very friendly and accommodating. I would definitely come back and have already referred some of my friends to the site.

Exceptional service


I can't provide a review of the product I purchased because I haven't made it out to the range yet and I have no doubt the product performs based on many reviews. I can say that I am a repeat customer because these folks run their online processing/fulfilment quicker and faster than some of the larger names out there. Very impressed with their response and will definitely continue to be a repeat customer.

Really interesting muzzle brake/flash hider


I have it mounted on a 7.5 barreled AR and while theres nothing that can really control the inherent flamethrower ability of a short barrel, this does a good job. Looks and feels really sturdy, the outside portion of the brake locks onto the main brake locks strongly with no wobble. Give it a try.



I put this on my 16" AR-15 and it works amazing, easy to put on easy to clean and does a great job on muzzle control lift and the CRD allows you to make better follow up shots

Quality product


I've not had a chance to shoot with it yet, but it's a quality built item. Shipping through the US postal service took longer than expected.