Forward Controls Design Joint Muzzle Device Wrench

Manufactured by Forward Controls Design
Manufactured by Forward Controls Design
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Forward Controls Design's Joint Muzzle device Wrench takes the complexity out of changing out AR-15 muzzle devices. Billet machined from 4140, the JMW is a double sided muzzle wrench that has a 3/4 wrench with a 0.23 thickness that works with the standard A2 compensator, and on the other end has another 3/4 wrench  with a 0.20 thickness. The slightly thinner end is designed to interface with a multitude of different muzzle devices.

Fits: Dead Air's Keymo, Key Micro suppressor mounts, and Surefire suppressor mounts.

  • Machined from a billet of 4140 steel
  • 3/4 wrench end with .23" thickness
  • 3/4 wrench end with .20" thickness
  • Compatible with a wide variety of muzzle devices

The Joint Muzzle device Wrench is designed to be used with a torque wrench on 1/2 drive. To aid in applying the right amount of pressure, the JMW's recommended torque values  (20 to 30 ft/lb) are engraved on the wrench.

Forward Controls Design has a simple mission: make user-centric and purpose driven AR components with ergonomics as the primary feature. This is reflected in their practice of letting the shape of a design be driven entirely by function, which also creates an aesthetic part. FCD is located in Pacific Palisades, CA and proudly produces their products in the U.S.A.
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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And NOT Crush My Shims


As the title implies, I had a run-in between a big-name AR parts company’s wrench and the shims for a KeyMo flash hider I recently installed. Is it a huge deal to have shims with slightly crushed edges? I don’t think so, but I can see how it might get under someone’s skin. Bottom line: like everything put out by the genius minds at Forward Controls Design, the JMDW is easy to use, well-made, well-finished, and a great tool to have. It fits flawlessly on my 1/2” drive automotive torque wrench and absolutely DOES NOT MOVE while torque is being applied. And would ya’ believe it? No more crushed shim edges!

Joint Muzzle Device Wrench - Perfect Find!

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I have been needing something like this for so long! I am installing/removing/changing muzzle devices weekly and often use shim devices/peel washers/etc. when installing a muzzle device. Quite often, I cannot use a regular armorer’s wrench on the muzzle device flats as most of these wrenches are too wide for the application. This is the perfect answer to that! This tool allows you to apply torque to those hard-to-access wrench flats we so often encounter when working on muzzle devices. The product is simple, sturdy and nicely designed! If you work on barrels/muzzle devices, this is a MUST HAVE in your tool line-up!

FCD Joint Muzzle Device Wrench

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Excellent quality and construction, and as always the best prices and shipping costs are found at Primary Arms.

Solid product, Solid company

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What else can you say about Tiger and Forward Controls. They give you what you need even when you didn't know you needed it, and the products are made to last. Combine that with the customer service and logistics operations of Primary Arms, and you've got yourself a winner.