Foxtrot Mike Products 5" Ultra Light Barrel 9mm AR Pistol with Glock Style Magwell - Shockwave 2M Brace - Primary Arms Exclusive

Manufactured by Foxtrot Mike Products
Manufactured by Foxtrot Mike Products
10 Reviews
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Foxtrot Mike Products is at it again with another 9mm AR pistol exclusively built for Primary Arms. For those wanting an even smaller and lighter pistol, this build features a short 5” barrel with a 1:10 twist rate. The FM Products blast diffuser extends past the 5.5” M-LOK handguard and directs all the excess gas and concussion of your shots forward instead of the sides, making this much more enjoyable to shoot at indoor ranges. The upper and lower receivers are machined from billet aluminum allowing for a greater degree of customizability for look and function. The magazine well and upper receiver feed ramps have been machined for use with Glock magazines, yet it is still compatible with standard AR-15 parts like a trigger, pistol grip, and safety selector. The integrated magazine release is much larger and easier to reach than the Mil-Spec alternative allowing for quicker magazine changes. Utilizing a Standard T-style charging handle, you can swap it out for whatever you want. Foxtrot Mike is building some of the most popular AR-9s on the market and Primary Arms is proud to offer them directly to you.

  • Mil-Spec charging handle
  • 5” barrel chambered in 9mm
  • Billet upper and lower receiver
  • Glock compatible magazine well, receiver, and bolt
  • Enlarged magazine release
  • Blow back recoil mechanism
  • Blast diffuser muzzle device
  • Mil-Spec AR-15 lower parts kit
  • KAK arm brace
  • 1.3" internal diameter handguard
  • 5.5" M-LOK handguard

This blowback 9mm pistol comes with a smooth pistol length buffer tube and buffer/recoil spring combination tuned to reliably cycle a wide variety of ammunition. The heavy 9mm bolt also helps to increase dwell time and reduce bolt bounce ensuring safe and smooth feeling action. An additional feature with this model is the included KAK Industries pistol stabilizing brace. Featuring 5 positions of length adjustability. Makes your AR pistol much more usable whether you are shooting one handed, braced against your cheek, or pushing forward against a sling. Feature rich, high-quality, and affordable, Foxtrot Mike Products offer cutting edge solutions utilizing the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes available.

Manufacturers Note: FM Products does not support the following items, using these may void the lifetime warranty associated with our uppers;
  1. FM Products does not support Aluminum Cased ammo. Blow backs have a much higher pressure spike in the chamber than a handgun.  Using Aluminum cased ammo in a blow back PCC is dangerous and will void the lifetime warranty of an FM Products Upper Receiver.
  2. FM Products does not support import magazines besides OEM Glock magazines.  We recommend Magpul, OEM Glock and ETS magazines only.
  3. FM Products does not support Spikes Glock style lower receivers. The LRBHO requires consumers to modify the FM Products upper, to make egress for the Spikes LRBHO. The FM Products upper is cut to the Colt spec, therefore we have no plans to deviate from that.  Modifying your FM Products Upper to accommodate a Spikes Tactical Glock style lower will void the lifetime warranty on our PCC Uppers.
  4. We only recommend Sylvan magwell adapters, as they require no modifications or adjustments to work properly. FM Products does not support Stern Magwell Adapters as they require regular adjustments to work properly.
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Barrel Length5.0
BrandFoxtrot Mike Products
Caliber Gauge9mm Luger
Frame SizeAR Pistol
Weight6.44 lbs.

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Great Pistol


I had problems with the magazine I first got.
<br>I love this pistol easy to handle very accurate, easy to clean.
<br>I really recommended.

Primary Arms Rocks


I don't usually bother with leaving reviews but wanted to for both FM products and PA. Bought a similar FoxtrotMike Ar-9 to this. Love it. Excellent quality, runs great, zero issues. Also, PrimaryArms = great company and great customer service. Came back and ordered a bunch for my next build. I've told others and will be back.

Great firearm.


This is a well made, robust 9mm. I installed optic sights front and rear. Fed 300rds and not a glitch. Hit black on 8in target at 25yds right out of the box.


by -

Out of the box, 300 rds. Not a glitch. Clean, lubed and another 300 rds, flawless. Less kick than a Ruger 9mm take-down rifle I have. Only observation was waiting a month to get one.

Awesome Little Subgun

by -

This FM9 is the best bang for your buck! It has been well designed, thought-out ,and manufactured. I love it! I spent the same amount on the gun as on a Vortex Spitfire, SB PDW brace, CMC trigger, and a Phase 5 hand stop. It's an awesome subgun! All of my friends love my setup, and one of them has a FM lower too. Save your money and upgrade to a Foxtrot Mike. I highly recommend it.

Awesome little shooter for the money.

by -

Just took this thing out for the 1st time and I'm pretty impressed. 250 rounds brass (wwb) and 250 rounds steel case (monarch) and it ran without a hiccup. I had dropped in a Forma Tactical Hammerhead and couldn't outrun the gun with the trigger. Surprisingly accurate and almost no recoil.. Its a blast to shoot.



Good gun no jams

FM 9mm 5’

by -

Great firearm, small easy to shoot. Went through 100 rounds without an issue. Very little kick. Great for home defense and the range.

Great PCC Pistol!

by -

Great build quality and performance. Not sure why these are not more expensive. The receivers are nice thick billet. Only gripe is the grip, which can be swapped out for something nicer for 15 bucks. I've bought 3 of these now and have had great experiences with all.

FM9mm 5’ and PA

by -

Great platform and great service